Wedding photography has its own passion and lots of glamour. Capturing the bride in her most chastity and the groom’s anxiety at the perfect time would not be easy if you as a photographer do not connect with them on the same plane they are. Wedding photography has lots of emotions associated with it. It is a memory of a lifetime for someone and for you obviously a great project as well. So here are a few tips which would help you to shoot the sparkle perfectly.


Picture By: Arya Das

  1. Get to know the client better

Understand their requirement. Don’t force your own creativity on them.

They have come to you through your work but they might have different expectations – so get that clear before going ahead. A mismatched client is where things go wrong the most.

  1. Practice

A lot of wedding photographers get lazy in the ‘off-season’ vacationing and chilling out, preparing for the 5-6 months of back-to-back photoshoots. Like any other muscle that needs training before a marathon, make sure that you are prepared to handle the job. New skills, techniques, upgrades – is a much-required gameplay these days. Nobody wants to see pictures similar to what you did last year.


Picture By: Sourabh Gandhi

  1. Keep a Backup Camera

Things go wrong when you least expect them to. Make sure you have a backup body – almost as good as your main camera, including a few spare lenses in a separate bag.

Make sure the camera has charged batteries, memory cards, and a functional multipurpose lens. I can’t stress more on the importance of backup camera bodies!

  1. Do not go for the gimmicks.

Content will always be the King. Every year, there is a craze which people follow. This year is the year of Flash-Modifiers and High-Contrast selective lighting with Grids and Gels.

Yes, it is great for that One shot, but your work ends up looking like everyone else’s work. If you want to stand out – you need to create beautiful pictures of the couple – irrespective of the technique.


Picture By: Avismita Bhattacharya

  1. Be Light on Post-Production

Get the shot right in the camera. Learn the art of changing the camera settings as and when you move from one location to the other. It makes you highly aware of the slight differences in different areas of a venue and makes sure you are always ready to click that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

  1. Get a Good Support Team

A trusted assistant can go a long way. It saves you the running between the locations & camera bags. Giving you the much-needed energy to last for 12-14 hours of wedding ceremonies. The assistant also should be able to help you with lights, stands, and lenses.


  1. Do not Over-Commit Your Dates.

Some popular photographers have the tendency to take up all the projects they can grab in a month without worrying about post-production & delivery. Most photographers work on the edits themselves and will end up with a huge backlog if you do not manage your dates properly. It’s okay to be greedy and do as many projects, but it’s wise to have enough breaks between two shoots.

In the end, it’s your passion and not a job that people do so that they can pay their bills.

Take time and enjoy each wedding shoot, prepare for it, spend time in post-production, deliver on time and take a break before taking the next project. It will help you in the long run.


Written By: Ramit Batra

Coming from an engineering background, and not falling in the 9-6 trap, Ramit Batra went on to study & make animated films. He got to work with UTV Motion Pictures. This taught him to be independent and take his own decisions, pursuing what he loves. He found his calling for Wedding Photography.

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