An Instagram Blogger shooting a video. Image Courtesy – Chiiz

Instagram Influencers are popular due to their stunning pictures & they seem to be flawless and beautiful in almost all of them. Ever wondered how? Well, in some cases, the individual is pretty and photogenic, and in the rest, Lightroom comes to their rescue.

For a beginner hearing, he/she has to use Lightroom (hereafter referred to as LR) to edit their pictures, which might be undeniably scary. But with the help of an update – Lightroom CC, you can now edit your photographs on your mobiles like a pro.

Today, in this article, I will list down the best LR Presets for Instagram Bloggers. Ready to dive in?

Let’s go!


  • Instagram Lightroom Presets
  • Why Should These Presets be Used by Instagram Bloggers?
  • Choosing Lightroom Presets
  • Editing Pictures With Lightroom Presets
  • Top-Most Instagram Presets to Up Your Feed Game!


Among the ocean of questions in your head, the most prominent one would be – What exactly are these presets? To answer that question in the simplest terms, it’s editing pictures with just one click. In other words, it;’s like employing professional filters to your photographs. Distinctive presets add different aesthetics to the images/group of images being edited.

Precisely, no worrying about the editing process taking hours & being a complicated procedure.

Below are a few examples of changes Presets make to the photographs:

A before and after editing image. Image Courtesy – Chiiz

A view of the sky before and after editing. Image Courtesy – Chiiz


We’ve all edited our pictures to enhance the photograph’s quality or highlight a particular thing for once in our lives. This translates to careful, hours-long editing to reach the correct contrast & brightness. Even for a seasoned Lightroom user, it can be time-consuming.

With Adobe Lightroom Presets, editing is completed at the click of a button. This not only fastens your work speed but also enhances the quality of the edited picture.

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

Instagram bloggers need to have a consistent feel of the feed to convert general visitors to followers. It is easier to maintain a cohesive sense by using the same preset or a set of similar presets. As a result of which, you’ll have consistency in your pictures & additionally, it would also guarantee high-quality images.

One of the most under-rated advantages of presets is that they teach you how to use Lightroom. By applying a preset, you can see what editing was done to reach the end look. Over time, these settings can be understood & learned to create a preset of your own to add your pictures’ uniqueness.


You’ll agree that choosing what we don’t like is more comfortable than what we want. To understand the kind of Preset that you like, you need to list the ones you don’t. For this, the feature of saving your posts on Instagram helps a lot. 


Save the images you don’t like, for whatever reasons, from your feed. This will make a collection of those edits you don’t like much. (Using the Instagram Save feature unconventionally is what makes you unique.)

Following this, try to find out what it is about the picture that you don’t like, for instance – color, contrast or brightness, etc. After this, all you’ve to do is keep in mind what effects to avoid while editing  & you’ll end with pictures that you admire & also that maintain a certain mood in your Instagram feed.


Firstly, Lightroom should be updated to Lightroom CC Desktop (version 1.4 or later) and the Lightroom mobile (version 3.3.0 or later). Sign in using your Adobe ID.

Next, after the presets are installed in Lightroom CC Desktop (they come with instructions), they will be updated in Lightroom Mobile. Make sure Lightroom CC is synced by clicking on the cloud button.

With the Presets synced, open the picture you wish to edit by selecting from the photo library. Once the image is selected, from the dropdown menu, click on Edit. Then tap on the Preset Button to open the list of presets.

Select the preset you wish to apply. If you like after effects, keep it or else press the undo arrow and choose another preset. Repeat this till you finalize the look & then click on the tick sign to close the preset menu without saving the image.

If you wish, you can tweak the preset settings according to your requirement. You can also adjust the settings for the photo like the contrast, brightness, light, shadow, among many other options, to make the final changes.

Finally, to save the image, click on export & bam you’re done! Share the picture to your library or Instagram Stories of Feed or wherever you wish to.

Isn’t this easy & fast? *“I told you so” look*


Image Courtesy – Chiiz

To ease the process of selecting presets of your choice, I’ve divided them into two categories.


  • Presets by Famous Instagram Bloggers
  • Presets that are Trending on Instagram


Following the presets of famous Instagram, Bloggers can help you create a feed similar to them &, resultantly, enhance your reach and engagement.

Below are a few Instagram Influencers that have discrete presets that magnify the aesthetics of their Instagram feed.


  • DoYouTravel’s Cool & Crisp Presets
  • Elsa’s Wholesome Life Colorful & Vibrant Presets
  • Jaci Marie’s Dreamy Pastel Presets
  • Phil Chester’s Clean & Simple Presets
  • Maddy Corbin’s Minimalist Presets


Jack Morris has set a standard for all the travel bloggers with the constant stream of dreamy destinations & travel inspirations. With 2.7M followers on Instagram, his feed is the reflection of #travel goals.

Screenshot of @doyoutravel

He has various presets under the umbrella of a pack of 5 presets that represent distinctive destinations like Greece, Morocco, Bali, Tahiti & Egypt. You can edit your pictures at one click with these unique & memorable presets.

The collection of his presets named Master Collection, which contains 42 presets or individual presets, can be bought depending on your requirement from his website.


Ellie Bullen, a plant-powered food blogger, five makes healthy living look like no-one ever can. Her Instagram feed is full of vivid colors, bright whites & dreamy shades that’ll instantly make you love them.

Screenshot of @elsas_wholesomelife

Elsa uses various presets to edit her tropical, vibrant food plates, flat lays & valiant adventures. If you wish to add these dreamy looks to your feed, you need to search no further. You can buy these Instagram presets from her website.


Jaci Mari is a popular Instagram Influencer. She has her feed aesthetically filled with pink hues & dreamy pastels. These pastel presets are a reflection of rebirth, rejuvenation & rebirth. Since they are less saturated, they create an effect of being light & soft in the pictures. 

Screenshot of @jacimariesmith

Jaci’s presets pack contains cool & warm filters, classic moody black & white for you to apply them according to your pictures and mood. Pastel Pack offered by her includes five presets to help you imitate her style of Instagram feed. These super cool presets can be bought here.


If you wish to keep things simple & easy, photographer Phil Chester’s collection of presets is for you. These presets are to ‘avoid trends’ and particularly described as depicting clean & earth tones.

Screenshot of @philchester

There is a distinctive freshness to them that differentiates them from all others and adds serenity in the most subtle forms & a certain amount of rawness to your Instagram Feed. Get your hands on the Instagram Presets offered by him here.


A collection of presets with five ready to go & affordable presets launched by Maddy Corbin. These preset work well with all varieties of pictures & as the name suggests – Minimalist, they do not have a visual impact on the viewer. Thus, creating an illusion of no or minimal editing.

Screenshot of @maddy.corbin

This is the best set of presets for people who aspire to have an Instagram feed with the most natural & simplistic pictures & tones as they can help you brighten your feed. Presets offered by this influential Instagram Blogger can be bought here.


Image Courtesy – Chiiz


  • Bright & Airy
  • Minimal
  • Avocado
  • Forest
  • Miami
  • Santorini


We all know how classics never get old. This preset is the perfect fit for this saying. It is majorly used by Fashion Magazines & in the Instagram feed of many Influencers. The aim of the preset is to divert the main focus on some colors & professional contrast selection that draws the attention of the viewers, making it simple & attractive.

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

This preset maintains a clean look while keeping the warm tones that make it easier to modify, if required, & eye-catchy for the viewers. Get a hold of this preset here.


This preset offers a minimalistic effect along with capturing the high class perfectly. To create a small parallel of comparison, just like an expensive piece of cloth is very simple, this preset is the same. 

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

It removes orange tint & gives the perfect tan skin tone. It has the power to attract attention due to its high contrasts. You get this preset here.


The Avocado Preset can provide a distinct look to your pictures in just a few clicks by adding a clean contrast with a bright bass tone. It also transforms the image from a standard image to one with deep dark green leaves & sharpens. These preset filters help amateur & professional photographers & editors equally by achieving a level of consistency, style & perfect mood in the pictures.

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

This preset is suitable for a variety of Instagram Bloggers like travel bloggers, graphic designers, fashion related, food bloggers, etc. Avocado Preset is also beneficial for wildlife photography & wedding photography. 

All in all, it creates what can be called a piece of art. To download this preset, click here.


A preset that can help you brighten shadows, tone white level along with soft retro toning is an absolute delight for some Instagram Influencers. It can transform your captures & give them a dreamy forest look in just a few seconds of editing. 

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

It is generally preferred by fashion bloggers, landscape photographers, adventure-based blogs but is a great choice for almost every branch of Instagram Blogger. You can download this preset here.


Miami Lightroom Preset helps you create a modern contrast effect with various natural tones & de-saturated colors. The skin tone is so adjusted to give an impact of a buttery smooth look. Remember the look you wish to have for all your friends forever kind of photographs? That’s precisely what this preset is about.

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

The collection of 11 creative presets under Miami Lightroom Presets is a well-balanced setting for all types of bloggers, from wildlife photographers to fashion bloggers, as it helps you achieve a look close to perfection. To get your hands on this preset, click here.


If you’ve been lucky enough, you’d have witnessed the distinct uniqueness of this Greece city yourself & hit the nail on the head about the vibes that this Lightroom Preset would add to your pictures.

Image Courtesy – Chiiz

The beauty of this city lies in its simplicity, which is addicting & astonishing at the same time. The city’s aesthetic is set by the white-colored buildings, enchanting views of the city, fascinating aqua colors & serene beaches. Download this preset here.


For a beginner, mastering Adobe Lightroom sounds scary, but with these Presets available, you can upload superb images and learn various settings on the Lightroom editing table. It’s like achieving two things while doing one. 

Try out these presets & let us know in the comments which one is your favorite. Also, if we missed adding any, mention them below. I hope this blog helps you to select the right preset for your Instagram Feed.

If you are new to photography, master it by attending various live online workshops regularly by us on our Events Website. Also, head to our Blog for more such tips and tricks about photography. You can subscribe to our digital magazine through Magzter or Issuu to delve into more organized and well-furnished photography content. And if you think you have learned a lot and you want to give it a check, then, proceed to our Contests content, participate there and win astounding prizes.


About the Author:

, dances to the beats of music. She has completed her graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar. She is very passionate about expressing herself in various forms like poems or blogs and wishes to grow as a writer one day. You can follow her on Instagram.

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