For capturing extraordinary images one does not need to have a costly camera, your phone camera is enough. Shocked to hear this? But this the truth. You can click excellent shots through your phone camera if you follow certain tips. Now the question arises what are those tips? We are here with 13 mobile photography tips which will help you to get magnificent shots just by your phone. So this weekend, use your phone to capture your memories forever!

Clean Lens, Better Image

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Just like a clean mirror leads to a clear view, similarly a clean lens leads to a clear, sharp image. We usually keep phone inside our pockets or handbags and it is natural that the lens will get dirty. A dirty lens stops the light from entering the camera and thus leads to bad quality of the image. Therefore clean the lens before shooting.

Light is the key for photography

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Light is an important aspect of a good capture. Looking for a perfect light is what one should do at first. When it comes to perfect lighting, natural light is considered the best for photography. Sunrise and sunset are the golden hours for capturing great shots. When shooting indoor, try to keep your subject in such a way that light falls on it. Instead of using the LED flash of your phone use light coming from the window or lamps. Once the light is good, you are ready to click.

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Instead of Zooming, Use your legs!

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Mobile phones usually don’t have an optical zoom lens in them. So whenever, you zoom an image through your phone, it just simply crops the things around it and keep the focus on the subject. Now, this can be achieved while editing as well. So if you want to zoom the image, go towards the subject and then click it. Well,  a little walk for capturing a good shot won’t hurt a lot!

Play with Angles

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Angles play a requisite role when it comes to mobile photography. There are hundred of angles that can be used to capture that one subject. Different angles give a different point of view on your subject and also defines how you see your subject. Lay down on the ground, sit on your knees, climb on a fence or tree, try as many as possible to get your favorite shot.

Don’t forget the Composition!

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Even phone photography needs a good composition to get a good image. Using the grid makes the rule of thirds easier on the phone. The grid helps to keep the horizon straight and at the same time is good for capturing portraits in front of famous landscapes. Symmetry, leading lines, colors and other components of the composition should be kept in mind while capturing images through mobile phone.

Don’t Shake that Phone

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If you want to become a good phone photographer, blur images are definitely a big NO. To avoid blur images, use the volume button on your phone to click the image. For snapping moving objects, use the burst option. There are certain apps, for example, Camera+ that doesn’t click images until it detects that you are stable for the snap.

Focus is important

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Tap and focus. Select your theme and the subject you want to highlight and then focus it manually. Auto-focus usually doesn’t work when the subject is behind the glass or there are two subjects to be focused on. Manual focus gives you the desired result, as you know your subject better than your camera. There are camera apps which allows you to have manual focus.

Set the Exposure manually

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Adjusting the exposure manually, allows you to have more control over the images. A photograph’s exposure determines how light or dark image will appear when it’s been captured by your camera. Phone camera apps also allow setting the exposure manually. So instead of just focusing on the subject and snapping it, also set the exposure to get a good image.

Use Add-on lens

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Phone camera usually has a single lens. Nowadays, some phones are also providing dual rear camera but having few add-on lenses will be a great way to switch your shooting adventure. Add-on lens gives your shot a different perspective. There are four add-on lenses that are commonly used. They are: macro lens, telephoto lens, fisheye lens and wide-angle lens.

Use Reflections

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Mirrors, water bodies, glasses, puddles can be found everywhere and thus can be used as great reflectors. Now, search for a reflective surface and place your subject in different angles or in direct comparison to the reflection and let light make amazing visuals. Use this as an advantage for your mobile shot.

Third party apps are useful for mobile photography

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Apart from the built-in camera app in your phone, go for the third party apps. There are many apps which give you the access of adjusting the white balance, setting your own shutter speed/ISO, fine tune the focus manually and do a much more. Find your favorite app and go clicking.

Edit, but Wisely!

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Editing can make your image look perfect. When it comes to mobile photography, there are many editing apps that can quickly edit the image. Editing the images wisely can make it look more interesting, but always remember not to over edit the image. The more natural it will look, the more it will appeal to the viewer’s eye.

Quantity matters

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Who said you can just click one or two images. Click as many as you like. Capture it from different angles, change distance from the subject, change the exposures and keep on clicking. Take anything that you feel is worth to be captured forever. And remember, it’s always good to have options once you are editing. You don’t want to sit and think, “Oh! I should have clicked one more”.


Written By: Shivantee Bhattacharya

Sitting with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, Shivantee finds her solace in books and words. Trying to reach the world through literature and metaphors, she feels that the fictional world is the best place to live in and thus, connects every real-life situation to the fictional world.


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