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If you have a passion for photography & don’t know how to start your career as a photographer, having a helping hand is always like a cherry on top. Now you’ll ask – How do I decide what to follow & what not to? 

Well, that’s an easy one. In this digital age, when everything is available at a click, finding a solution to all your problems can be the biggest savior. It’ll save you from the pain of searching all over the internet & also the most precious one – time.

Hence, we bring to you a bunch of photography blogs to help you stay ahead of your competitors & also offer in-depth knowledge against your doubts. 

These are the top 30 photography blogs we recommend you to go through to understand photography in its entirety & also strengthen your concepts. In times when being competitive is not an option, staying updated certainly adds to your performance. Select a few of them & visit them regularly to stay updated about what’s new in the world of photography & the industry.

For easing the process of selection, we will be categorizing them into 4 categories namely – Educational Photography Blogs, Photography Blogs By Famous Photographers, Inspirational Photography Blogs, and Photography News, Events & Reviews.


  • Educational Photography Blogs
  • Photography Blogs by Famous Photographers
  • Inspirational Photography Blogs
  • Photography News, Events & Reviews

TIP: Choose 4-5 photography blogs in each category as per your preferences & requirements and follow them regularly. 


For a novice, having a good hold of the basics is mandatory. These photography blogs are to understand the various concepts of Photography. If you are a beginner or someone who wants to gain expertise in new techniques, these blogs will certainly help you.


  • Digital Photography School
  • Creative Live
  • Photoblog
  • Chiiz Blog
  • ISO by 500 px
  • Photo Focus
  • DIY Photography
  • SLR Lounge
  • Photography Axis


Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is one of the best photography blogs for beginners. This is one of those photography blogs that hands over solutions to all your problems related to photography. I’m sure you’ll find it really interesting & helpful. 

From what is photography to how to do it to elaborating on varied gears available, this website has it all. They offer daily tips for all photographers, beginners to professionals.

Additionally, this blog has free tutorials covering almost all aspects of photography. With ebooks to courses on various aspects like How to become a photographer in 21 days, they’re the handbook to creating stunning photographs.


Creative Live Blog

Creative Live has one of the most interesting photography blogs in varied areas of Photography. They are also one of the most creative photographers that provide a variety of content. For instance, they offer courses in photography from the beginners to the professionals & even for diverse photo-editing tools. The classes conducted here are very specific like How to become a Wildlife Photographer

One aspect that is fascinating about this blog is the varying content. From monetizing your skill-set to making the best of your art to enhancing your craft skills, they offer insights into all of them. They also have free classes on a variety of topics. Furthermore, the cherry on top is the community they’ve built online for the interaction of like-minded people.



This is a blog that voices various photographers with distinct niches. They are enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge they’ve acquired over the years with experience. They disseminate their techniques in photography blogs that can be helpful for photographers of all types. These are home to heterogenous content starting from inspiring young minds in the field of photography to reviewing gears.

The biggest plus point is – you can start your own photography blog on their blogging platform & interact with the people who share your passion. This will consequently help you grow in terms of viewers, appreciators, and suggest better tips.


Chiiz Blog

Needless to say, the blog you’re going through right now, is also a great platform to learn from. This blog is an amalgamation of a variety of items related to photography & similar aspects. Reviewing movies, tips & tricks for photographers from beginner to professional, and product analysis are some of the sharpest arrows in their quiver.

Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to learn more by conducting workshops, events & tours. A summary of these events held in the past is penned down on the blog too. One of the most interesting things is the information they provide for various contests being held online so as to compete and realize what you’re missing and what needs to be worked upon more.

ISO by 500px

ISO by 500px

They feature some of the craziest, interesting pictures & intriguing behind the camera stories. Some of the most inspirational photographers post their work here. Thus, you’ll get to learn the thought process & creative insight that goes into clicking ‘the perfect shot’. From tutorials to collections of mind-blowing pictures, this blog provides it all.

If you’re looking for a blogging platform for photography, to not only share your artistic skills but also earn from it, this is the blog you’ve been looking for. They encourage photographers to post their work & showcase their photography skills.

Monetize your art today!



This is a blog that has all the resources regarding photography, gears, reviews stacked. They offer tutorials & guides on a variety of products required for post-processing which can be a huge challenge, for beginners especially. And what can be better than learning distinctive tips from the best people in the field via webinars? I’ll tell you. Nothing!

Podcasts are released regularly for encouraging the listeners. Along with that, you also have the opportunity to buy exclusive products from their store and participate in the amazing contests conducted here.

It is a great platform for people who wish to start their own photography business as they offer all the helpful information you’ll need to begin with.


DIY Photography

As the name itself suggests, it is a ‘Do It Yourself’ kind of blog. They have a separate DIY section, which is a distinct feature, that has a long list of things that can be done by you at an individual level to either up your game or sort out small issues in your equipment/ photography procedures with no or negligible help required.

Besides, they also have a dedicated section for the news & updates in the world of photography. In a world full of pictures, it’ll help you get the taste of everything. For beginners, this blog is the teacher you’ve been searching for, all your life. It is one of the best photography blogs with an extended knowledge base for all the to-dos & can enhance your skills in the fastest & most efficient way.


SLR Lounge

This blog is majorly a learning platform. From beginners to professionals, it has something to offer to each one of them. It has various tutorials for all levels. The limelight for this blog is hogged by the styles of photography it covers i.e. Fashion, Wedding, Astro, Aerial, Travel, Underwater, etc.

Further, as it is a workshop-based site, it helps you master your desired techniques using the easiest methods of learning. It offers workshops around the aspects of a wedding, business, and others. Another wonderful feature is the Educational Ambassadors. This provides an opportunity to interact with the best in the field & have your queries sorted.


Photography Axis

Photography Axis focuses majorly on three aspects – Nature, Birds & Wildlife.

Govind Vijayakumar, the man behind this blog, has captured the beauty of various picturesque scenes in the three areas. A photographer whose niche is nature is surely traveling a lot and a photographer is no less than a traveler. In fact, they go around the world not only for their love to travel but also to capture the unseen side of the planet.

On the blog, he shares his photography experiences accumulated all through his career. Although he majorly writes about photography & the skills related to it, he also reviews various camera gears and provides editing tutorials, tips & tutorials.


A lot of photographers have contributed so much to the industry that over the years, they have become a brand in themselves. From wildlife photographers to fashion photographers to street photographers, almost all styles of photographers have a blog to help beginners & to motivate people to follow their passion for photography.

The photography blogs mentioned below are not only a source of inspiration for an individual but also can help you understand various intricacies that these experts have acquired with the experience of years.


  • Chase Jarvis
  • Richard Bernabe
  • Joe McNally
  • Andy J. Scott
  • Where’s Jay
  • Asilda Photography
  • Humans of New York


Blog by Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is an American photographer & entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of Creative Live. He travels across the globe to capture exclusive images for various projects and his blog. He’s a visionary artist who makes his blog even more enticing to go through.

He writes about his experiences at various photoshoots and sometimes interviews the subjects of his shoot and other professionals for his blog. He also has a weekly podcast where he discusses photography with experts in various aspects and interviews adept photographers to inspire and motivate the budding photographers. Furthermore, he has 3 books published to his name.


Blog by Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe is a known name in the photography industry as his work has been a part of many known platforms. The blog provides an insight into a photographer’s life and varied perspective of the world. He has an evident passion for photography & writing and his blog is an example of it. It is an amalgamation of the two and is the distinction of this blog. 

Firstly, he travels a lot to capture images from all aspects of life. Later, he pens them into words for his blog, with a unique touch of his writer’s perspective. His work has been published and used in many cultural & travel magazines and news too.


Blog by Joe McNally

After shooting varied photography assignments in more than 70 countries, this award-winning & legendary photographer has made a name for himself in the photography industry. His clients are mostly international brands with editorial or commercial projects. Additionally, he has shot for noticeable magazines too.

This blog is one of the most versatile ones you’ll come across. It has portfolios on the theme of fashion, healthcare, athletes, and many more. Alongside this, he offers a number of workshops for everyone. Lastly, you’ll find anecdotes from his journey & tips and tricks for photographers of all levels. 


Blog by Andy J. Scott

Capturing fashion in a timeless mode is what Andy J. Scott attempts at. He certainly has set the trends in the industry with his skill & the eye for a perfect shot. Apart from a variety of fashion shots on his blog, you’ll find his portfolio & projects that can be a source of inspiration and ideas for the new-comers.

Although he’s more into fashion photography, he has a knack for Portrait Photography. He has also directed videos for various songs and other purposes. If you’re into Fashion Photography, he’s a must to follow. He too has a long list of international clients.


Blog by Jay Dickman

Jay Dickman is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. Although, the Pulitzer Prize is not the only feather in his cap. He has also won several awards in the World Press International Competition. In addition to these, he also is a photographer for the National Geographic Channel. He captures pictures from all walks of life. One distinctive point is his skill in underwater photography.

In the pool of pictures, his blog will provide you with information about various workshops you can attend and also about his travel experiences across the globe. For people with an interest in Wildlife Photography & Under-water Photography, shouldn’t miss his blog.


Blog by Anastasia Petukhov

Anastasia Petukhov is a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery Program. On her blog, she talks about the insights of her creative process from the beginning to the end. She has also put up various portfolios on her blog for the photographers to be encouraged for being as creative as possible.

She also shares her experiences with a variety of camera gears. One exclusive addition from this blog can be how the technological advancements affect the art before, during & after the process. No matter what is your niche in photography, this blog is highly recommended to understand the creativity behind everything captured.


Blog by Brandon Stanton

A few years ago, Brandon Stanton started photographing random New Yorkers on the streets. Along with this, he talked to them and made it a point to write them down. Later, he began posting these photographs online with a storyline that was authentic.

Over the years, his brand has grown manifolds. His venture has become a success story, so much so that similar photography blogs for various cities & towns have come up. He himself has traveled to around 10 countries with the same agenda and posted the stories. And he has also done a few series that talk about people with a special characteristic or a similarity. 

He is a must-follow for all those who have a love for Street Photography.


Every once in awhile, we all need to look up to something or someone to stay motivated & get inspired to keep walking towards our dreams. Those weak moments can be overcome by looking at the following blogs. Follow them for a high dose of creativity.

Push yourself harder!


  • 1X
  • Feature Shoot
  • The Photblographer
  • Loaded Landscapes
  • Resource Magazine
  • The Photo Argus
  • The Fashion Camera
  • Minus Manhattan
  • The Satorialist


1X blog

It is a magazine-type blog site for viewing curated images & to inspire everyone by going through the images posted by upcoming & established photographers. It is a platform that helps you become a recognized photographer. With the distinctive features of forums, tutorials & critique, this site is set apart from the rest.

They offer memberships & books for a better look into the world of photographs. As an addition, they also announce a Photographer of the week, which is done by conducting contests, to showcase the enthralling art & promote brilliant photographers. A magazine is also published in order to help the members get as much exposure as possible.


Feature Shoot blog

Creative Photographers working in the social & environmental fields are featured here. They offer pieces of opinion that resultantly open up reflections of your own about the photographs and objects. They organize online exhibitions for photographers to increase their exposure and reach, which in the digital times, is a must.

Their blog covers a lot of genres of photography like Portrait, Street, Documentary, Fine Art, Still Life, etc. They have a dedicated column of opportunities which contains various ways of photography at the simplest of places & with the simplest of things. You’ll also find interviews with various artists from the industry.


Phoblographer blog

This blog is a depiction of the psychology behind creative photography which is also its tagline. It wishes to create a bridge between technology and creative photography. From talking about the variety of gears available in the market to review almost every technology available in the field of technology, this blog covers it all.

It also updates you on the latest updates & has a separate column for those who wish to be inspired or motivated to keep walking on the path to their dreams. They have a feature section that talks about equipment that is the best in their category.

For the ones who lack the technological edge, this blog is a boon.


Loaded Landscape

The name of the blog speaks for itself. It covers everything you need to know about Landscape Photography. They’ve segregated the pictures using the filter of destinations. They vary from Niagara falls to various National Parks & even the Grand Canyon.

From using the most simple language to offering information for all levels of photographers, this blog is the simplest to use & explore. They offer a range of presets & courses that can be really helpful for beginners. They are available on the blog site.

Even if you’re not yet into Landscape Photography, what is the harm in learning a new style of photography, right? *smirks*


Resource Magazine blog

This blog is a compilation of interviews & experts in various creative industries. They cover not only photography but also the implements of photography in the lifestyle of an individual are included. This amalgamation is necessary to know as; using photography in our everyday lives makes one understand the varied thought process that goes in as a photographer.

They have a wide range of tutorials that make the tricks of photography available to everyone. The contribution of experts is not only an inspiration but also provides exclusive insights into the industry.


The Photo Argus blog

A blog that helps resurface your love & passion for photography is always worth the time & effort. The Photo Argus is one such blog. With no stone left unturned, they talk about almost all the aspects of photography. They also mention various resources available on the internet with no or negligible costs for budding photographers.

They have a section with blogs written in a variety of locations. Tips & tricks for shooting in varied locations are all available here. Additionally, they have designated blogs written by famous photographers for motivating and inspiring everyone out there.

If you need inspiration for photography projects, this is the right place. Log on to this website & drown in the knowledge of photography projects.


The Fashion Camera blog

The name of the blog has fashion in it and it clears the first question of what this blog specializes in. It is a blog that has all the aspects of Fashion Photography covered. From behind scene pictures to photography tips, this blog is a complete package.

It also provides presets for Lightroom & has a book to its name. Although the biggest highlight of the blog is the Editorial section which has pictures of various models that have been shot exclusively for a varied client base. To make it easy for others to know the equipment used, a picture of them with intricate details has been attached.


Minus Manhattan blog

It is a blog run by the Creative Strategist of Tumblr, Chase Turner. He has a love for capturing the essence of American metropolitan culture which can be an inspiration for you to capture the character of your home city.

The site is a collection of his astounding clicks. With nothing more left to say or express, he has the skill to leave you speechless just with a look at his pictures. With nothing more than these pictures posted on the blog, Turner has proved that your art is your expression and nothing else can ever be of equal parameters. Not even words.


The Satorialist blog

This is run by Scott Schuman who is an American blogger. In addition to being an award-winning blog, it provides a glance at the Fashion Photography industry. It’s a simple blog with photographs of men & women models. 

He has published 4 books of photographs that depict fashion on the streets in the most subtle way. The distinction of this blog is the presence of tags along with pictures. No long blog posts. Just pictures to hype your confidence and inspire the fashion photographer in you.

 If Fashion Photography is your thing, you should certainly follow this blog.


Staying up-to-date with the happenings in the photography industry is a must. If you lose one opportunity, your competitors might take over all your efforts. To stay competitive, keep an eye on the following photography blogs.

Stay connected, stay updated!


  • Petapixel
  • Fstoppers
  • DPReview
  • Photoshelter
  • Photography Life


PetaPixel blog

For the latest news, gossip & updates of the photography industry, one should follow PetaPixel religiously. Furthermore, they offer tutorials for photographers varying from beginners to advanced levels. Following this blog will certainly help you to get detailed insights into the industry.

The setting apart feature of this blog is the option “Send a Tip”. They also provide you with the real reviews about the photography gears categorized by month & year.


Fstoppers blog

This website is stacked with all the latest information on photography. Offering a variety of tutorials, this blog is a complete package for learning photography tips and hacks. With discrete groups for different genres of photography, the discussions have been made easier & simpler.

They have an online community of photographers where one can interact with like-minded people of the same genres, grow their skills as a photographer, and enhance their art. As part of the community, a “Photo of The Day” is chosen to encourage other members & inspire them.


DPReview blog

DPReview stands for Digital Photography Review. It is a top-rated website for reviews of cameras, gears, and other equipment. Not only this, but it is also recommended for all those who are not familiar with the technicalities of the camera & its equipment. They have articles on printers as well as photography doesn’t end at capturing but a good quality print of the image is the completion of the task.

A distinct feature you’ll observe here is the tab of sample pictures. This is the section that contains images captured by the different cameras available in the market. This can help you if you’re planning to buy a new one.

Reading authentic reviews is always helpful. Thus, this website is highly recommended.


Photoshelter blog

On this website, you’ll find photography blogs written by professional photographers. In addition to insights by the professionals themselves, you can also browse opinions & reviews by varied photographers. This site offers you podcasts, guides, and business-related information. In addition to this, they also have free resources like guides & SD/CF/XQD databases.

Their biggest distinction is easing the photography workflow. They provide a free trial for this. It is basically a platform for photographers who host, display & sell their photographs with them. This means monetizing your skill, enhancing your contribution to the industry & making your skill speak for itself.


Photography Life blog

With up-to-date news, this website offers very concise content about the photography industry. They also have the latest reviews on the various gears, lenses & cameras. The feature that distinguishes this site from others is the “Photo Spots Index”. This has a listing of various spots that are aesthetically pleasing for photography. Although photography is not meant for certain spots there, certainly, are spots that are sweet spots for photographers.

They have a forum for discussions about varied topics in the heads defined by the administrator of the site. One can learn photography in a variety of genres like Beginner Photography, Landscape Photography, Portraiture, Wildlife Photography, etc.


Beginning to follow your passion would not be easy but we hope this list will help you overcome the hurdles with ease. We wish you a great time exploring these photography blogs and learning new things every day. This list will certainly add a lot of quality to your content & enhance your skill-set.

Although, a compilation of the photography blogs that should be on your priority list can never end as it varies with individual tastes and preferences but some blogs are hard to ignore. This list has them all. If you want to add more blogs to the list, mention them in the comments below & help your fellow photographers learn better.

If you are new to photography, master it by attending various live online workshops regularly by us on our Events Website. Also, head to our Blog for more such tips and tricks about photography. You can subscribe to our digital magazine through Magzter or Issuu to delve into more organized and well-furnished photography content. And if you think you have learned a lot and you want to give it a check, then, proceed to our Contests content, participate there and win astounding prizes.

About the Author:

, dances to the beats of music. She has completed her graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar. She is very passionate about expressing herself in various forms like poems or blogs and wishes to grow as a writer one day. You can follow her on Instagram.


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