The colour and texture of birds’ plumage makes them fascinating subjects for photography, made all the more exciting by their fleeting and elusive nature. Bird photographers are competent to make their subjects look all the more alluring. I have seen many beginners trying to approach birds by running behind them, or trying to throw stones at birds in order to capture photos of them during their flight, which is totally wrong. In bird photography, nothing is predictable. With a lot of patience and practice, and the with the course of time, artists master the art of capturing our feathered friends. Chiiz Magazine is here with ‘5 BIRD PHOTOGRAPHERS WHICH GAVE THEIR PASSION A GLORIOUS FLIGHT’ to bring you closer to the world of bird photographers.


1) Ankur Moitra

A hobbyist wildlife photographer, Ankur Moitra feels photography to be a need in his life which is the urge to tell a new story everytime and in a different way. Born and brought up in Maharashtra, Moitra captures the wilderness in its most exotic forms. He is honoured with Nature’s Best Asia Awards 2018. He is in a collaboration with Discovery Channel, India and Animal Planet, India.

2) Himanshu Joshi

A singer, music composer, poet, writer, photographer and filmmaker, Himanshu Joshi is Greatly influenced by his uncle Mohan Upreti and mentor Sanjay Acharya. He has studied photography at MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Visualization and capturing real life moments in frames is an art and you either have it or you don’t. He compartmentalizes his thinking, and looks beyond the obvious while he uses his camera. His photos are a highlight of the moral teachings he has received as well. Himanshu tries to follow the lessons he learnt to the best of his ability.

3) Kallol Mukherjee

Kallol Mukherjee is a passionate wildlife photographer, story-teller, photographer. Since childhood, he considers his life as a canvas which is painted with different colours, extracted from nature, from life! A wildlife photographer from India, his major works are done on wildlife (birds, to be specific) and butterflies other than landscape and peoples. Despite achieving many national and international awards, he still considers himself as a learner. He has got his images published in leading nature & wildlife magazines of India and abroad as well.

4) Subhash Purohit

A Pharmacist by profession,and photographer by passion, Subhash Purohit has won 7 International, 4 National and 8 State awards in different photo contests worldwide. He carries his experience in almost every genre of photography. Capturing portraits, wildlife and macros in his camera tops his list. His works are a colourful depiction of the flying wilderness in its most beautiful way. His works are exhibited in Cyprus World photo exhibition and Wildlife photo publications as well.

5)  Suman Paul

A Website Designer, Font End Developer and also a Graphics designer by profession, Suman Paul follows photography as his passion. He has been qualified from Arena Animation. Currently working with Segmentico company at Salt Lake Sector V, Paul loves to click eccentric images of the chirping creatures around him. He is passionate with his art of capturing and when not with a screen, he is seen with a lens.

These bird photographers got to fly high with a little help from their feathered friends and now have attained a glorious height by themselves. Remembering these works, keep an eye on the sky and go capture the best of the flights.


Written By: Nishtha Goel












Youngest explorer of the team, an amateur writer with bubbling optimism, Nishtha’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious. A bibliophile at heart, she loves to travel miles and connect to different people, in imagination as well as in reality.

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