Photography is the depiction of the world around in a thousand forms. It comes down to one word: vision. Photography magazines are the best depiction of that vision.

Call it vision or imagination, it is the ability to envision a final result in your mind, and then to create it with your tools at hand.

Photographers often take much longer, if ever, to create decent images. They have been misled into worrying too much about trivial issues like noise and lens sharpness or the issues of light, color, composition and gesture. Best way to learn something is to read about it and same goes for photography. The basic step is studying the shots with their details and the best place for it is a photography magazine.

Here are ‘5 GRIPPING PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINES WHICH WILL TAKE YOU TO THE WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY’ and make you fall in love with photography all over again.

1) Chiiz Magazine

photography magazines cover

Chiiz is a first-of-its-kind photography magazines, devoted to descriptive photography. It features photographers and their unique and incisive stories from across the globe. The Magazine is technology venture that is creating an online ecosystem for photographers, models, stylists, fashion enthusiasts, travel enthusiasts and art lovers from across the globe. It is a 100 pager monthly magazine, which comes in print and digital version, with a focus on photography, fashion, travel, and travel stories. The magazine also publishes its blog on different photography ideas.

The Chiiz photography magazines are presented in a way that is never done before. The magazine is linked with the chiiz portal and the photos uploaded online also get the opportunity to be published in the magazine as well. The total print circulation of the magazine across the globe is around 40,000 per month with  more than a lakh digital subscribers. They are filled with most exciting story-telling images alongwith their descriptions and EXIFs as well, that would surely help you to understand where you need to start from.

2) Photograph

photography magazines cover

Photograph is a tiny magazine by comparison, about the size of a diary or journal. Photograph is based in New York, NY, and for good reason: this magazine is your guide to photography gallery showings in NYC. While there are photographer features, book reviews, and portfolio spotlights, all are only a page or so of writing followed by a page or two of photos. Photograph is published bimonthly and has an average circulation of 5,000 with an estimated readership of 17,500. A savvy reader could study each ad’s photos and use them for inspiration just as much as any feature article or portfolio spread. It is a niche magazine for someone curious about the world of fine art photography and where to see it displayed. The purchase price of $5 makes this a curious read every now and then.

3) Shutterbug

photography magazines cover

Of the mass-market photography magazines published in the U.S., Shutterbug featured the largest array of photos. Each article showcased amazing photography, either from an artist or from the readers. The magazine’s “Picture This!–Reader’s Assignment” has best descriptions of maximum iconic photos from all over the world. 

With a good balance of gear reviews, feature stories, and tips and tricks, Shutterbug holds your attention with good writing, great photos, and a polished layout. It is worth giving a read to.

4) Photolife

photography magazines cover

With a tagline that reads, “Your Guide to Everything Photo,” Photolife is another mass-market magazine, from Canada. The quality of the magazine’s printing is the first thing that beats its American counterparts. The paper stock is thick, and it has just the right amount of gloss to make the photos really pop. The writing is professional, the articles vary in style, and the photos are stunning from start to finish. Photolife is the first magazine on this list that seemed to have a high bar for including a photo. Not a single photo featured was a dud. I found myself studying several just to reflect on the photographer’s technique and choices. Kudos to Photolife for its outstanding photos.

5) Black & White

photography magazines cover

Black & White’s tagline reads, “For Collectors of Fine Photography,” and the magazine delivers on that promise. From cover to cover, Black & White features fine art photography from the past and today and as the title suggests, every photo is black and white.

The majority of the magazine focuses on artist profiles and reader galleries. You won’t find gear reviews or dedicated sections on technique or Lightroom. Profiles of artists are detailed and informative. Balancing interviews, storytelling, and biography, the artist profiles are well worth the word-count invested by the writer. Black & White offers a different perspective than almost every other magazine in my comparison. Ioffers the point of view of the photographer solely as an artist. The singular focus had me thinking about my photography beyond the weekend family session or engagement shoot.

Now, dear photographers, grab your favorite magazine and lose yourself in the creativity displayed in front of you.


Written By: Nishtha Goel

Youngest explorer of the team, an amateur writer with bubbling optimism, Nishtha’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious. A bibliophile at heart, she loves to travel miles, connecting with different people, in imagination as well as in reality.

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