You must have heard about photo editing software and the numerous privileges they provide to embellish your images. Belonging to the same category but way better in performance, we have ‘LIGHTROOM’ which helps you import, organize, manage, and process your images. Lightroom is a photo management and photo editing software, combined into a single tool. It covers the majority, if not all, of the image manipulation tools you’ll most likely need. However, Lightroom is much more than a photo editing software.

It’s a beast of a program that aids creative minds to create amazing photographs. In this article, we’ll tell you about ‘5 Hacks that make Lightroom Easy.’

  1. Brush brings the magic

brushes in lightroom

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Have you been taking full advantage of Lightroom’s brush tool? Most users tend to transfer images to Photoshop to apply local edits. What these people don’t realize is that Lightroom can accomplish many of the same tasks. When applying large, encompassing edits or filters, the brush provides some control. Using the erase mode, it’s possible to essentially mask out select Adjustments. Selecting the Auto-Mask option can even help with getting around complex edits, making it possible to apply natural-looking improvements.

  1. Make the most of the presets

Lightroom Presets

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Instead of starting from scratch with each image, you can make your own presets to save you a few steps in the initial editing process. You will need to make slight adjustments on these images, but applying one of your custom presets will save you quite a bit of time during the process.  Better yet, it’s more convenient to save a number of presets at a time to your computer and keep them handy for any scenario that may arise.

  1. Split-toning is breathtaking

Split Toning in Lightroom

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It’s popularly known as the retro effect among smartphone photographers and Instagramers. Split toning is basically the process of adding color to shadows and highlights on an image. Since two different colors are chosen, one for highlights and one for shadows, it’s termed as split toning. Scroll down to the split toning panel on the right sidebar and you will see that there are hues and saturation sliders, two each for shadows and highlights. Initially, it might be confusing, as you try to dabble with these four sliders along with the balance slider in between but when you get the hang of it (and you will), you will see just how your pictures will transform into a better version.


  1. Panoramas add to the perfectio

    stiching pictures into a Panorama in Lightroom

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Who doesn’t love a good panorama? Creating one in Lightroom is as easy as selecting your desired images, right-clicking, and selecting the Photo Merge option. Panoramas help minimize the distortion that comes with using a wide angle lens. With Lightroom, you can further enhance your shot with the Boundary warp slider. Better yet, even after stitching, you retain the RAW file, allowing users to make global edits to the entire composition rather than making individual adjustments piece by piece.

  1. More catalogs, less time

Organizing by catalogs in Lightroom

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There’s nothing more infuriating than Lightroom running slowly. To maximize its processing, create separate catalogs for each category. Making a new catalog for each session will help prevent Lightroom from being bogged down in its speed. If you had every single image from every session in one catalog, Lightroom would be pulling from that one catalog that contains thousands and thousands of images. Having a catalog with that high of capacity will slow down the software and make editing a nightmare. Instead, remember to make new catalogs for each type so Lightroom is only pulling from that catalog instead of a catalog with every other image in it.


We hope that these tips and tricks help you save your time and after all your hard work you get your bewildering images ready to fetch thousands of likes on Instagram.

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