With Saturday and Sunday arriving each week, we are quite sure that you are out of options on how to spend it. But then, waking up on a weekend and curling back to bed with a documentary to watch definitely sounds relaxing and gaining knowledge at the same time, right?

Documentaries teach a lot about cinematography and have the power to enlighten someone with information. If a photographer genuinely wants to improve his/her skill, watching a documentary related to photography will definitely help them in doing the same.

So here we are presenting 7 documentaries you can watch for fun learning while enjoying the weekends.


  1. Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

This documentary deals with the work of a nanny, Vivian Maier who was obsessed with photography but at the same time with privacy. She took 100,00 photographs and is one of the best street photographers.


  1. Bill Cunningham: New York (2010)

This documentary shows the chronicles of an eighty-year-old Bill Cunningham who has captured local fashion of New York. A pioneer street fashion photographer, he has spent his entire life in capturing the fashion.

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  1. War Photographer (2001)

This movie is about James Natchway who is a photojournalist and has captured some moments of global conflicts. Very passionate and courageous regarding his work, James has uncovered the raw reality and brutalities of war. His lense has captured death and violence which gives a very strong message about the war without saying any words.


  1. Born into Brothels (2004)

Based on the lives of Sonagachi’s prostitutes, this documentary reveals the lives of the children living in the red light district. The movie is very inspiring and has won the Academy Award for the best documentary feature in 2005.


  1. Brief Encounters (2012)

This documentary has brought life to the mesmerizing photographs based on Gregory Crewdson’s dream. Shot over a decade, Brief Encounters is a brilliant work of creativity.


  1. Baraka (1992)

This movie is a bucket of expertly captured scenes of human lives, culture, traditions and nature found around the globe. Filmed in 23 countries, this documentary depicts an amazing work of photography.


  1. Visual Acoustics (2008)

This movie shows the life and career of world’s greatest architectural photographer, Julius Shulman. This movie is a must see for all the photographers who are seeking to learn about composition.


Written By: Shivantee Bhattacharya

Sitting with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, Shivantee finds her solace in books and words. Trying to reach the world through literature and metaphors, she feels that the fictional world is the best place to live in and thus, connects every real-life situation to the fictional world.

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