Every genre of photography requires certain skill sets to highlight and emphasize the object of interest. But when we talk about fashion photography, there are always certain rules that apply to highlight not only the person but also their outfit and accessories. Here are some noteworthy points that will get you shooting for fashion magazines in no time.

Always create a counterbalance

chiiz fashion

Photo by: Meiji Nguyen

Every image credits its composition to balance. Not too much negative space, not overcrowding. However, if at all, you are required to place your subject at unusual angles or places, you can always create a counterbalance. To maintain the rhythm required, sometimes additional objects or subjects need to be introduced to the frame.

Make your photos Vibrant

When your clothing is in block or poster colors, a great way is to have highly colorful and vibrant photographs. This demands attention and catches the eye immediately, and among several other photos, a person will subconsciously only always look at these first, and longest.

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Thom Kerr

Remove all noise

Another good idea is to eradicate any and all background noise, just the opposite of the previous trick, where we create a lot of it. Sometimes, when one wants to highlight just one particular aspect of any fashion, this trick works wonders. When a person looks at the picture, they automatically only pay attention to the model, and even more so to what they are wearing. The eye does not waste time or get disturbed by anything else.

chiiz fashion

Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

Use props

Using props fills up an image while becoming a part of the subject itself. Umbrella, tea/coffee cups and Books are some of the most common props. They help give the models motion and helps them to pose effortlessly. The can also be used to create or justify a background.

Photo By: Meiji Nguyen

Generate Curiosity

Make the viewer wonder what the model is looking or doing. Why are they so happy? Where are they going? Why are they turned around? Creating a curiosity point makes the viewer look longer – to try and decode the unexplained. The picture above entices you to look at the ballerina longer to simply be able to understand her form.

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Ruslan Bolgov

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Give Expressions

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Vipin Gaur

Add emotions to your images. Is the model sad? Confused? Happy? Angry? Content? Give your subjects, emotions and expressions. This removes the ‘fake’ and ‘still’ aspect of your photograph, making it look more candid and thus, real. It also shows how the outfit or ornament looks even when you are not your best, or, in your most comfortable state – not posing.

Create a story

Make your model interact with the environment. This way you can make use of the otherwise noisy background. This is a step ahead from giving emotions and creating curiosity. This actually generates a story. The above image shows two women in a rather odd engagement. This puts them in actions. The image also makes sure that nothing is added at the cost of the subject’s fashion. You see them in comfortable positions and wonder what brought them there. Your eyes slowly move to each and every aspect of the image, looking at the details and objects within it. Now you know how fashion feels in real life. How it works and acts. Such a story trumps even the most vibrant images at times. Above all these, it is most important to be able to use the materials and situation at hand to create a scenic photograph. And always remember, if all else fails, go with your instinct.

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Meiji Nguyen

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About the Author: Ruchi Kapoor is an enthusiast and an observer. She makes a note to write down about everything she finds interesting and funny. She practices as an Architect and believes that she can take the best photographs of the built environment; which she calls ‘man-made art’. She is a realist and dedicates her resources to doing instead of dreaming. This quality of hers is what makes her write about the realities of our world, instead of fiction, and this governs how she perceives others and how others perceive her.

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