Makeup, check! Light, check! But that one photographer friend of yours is not in a mood to click your picture. In situations like these, clicking a selfie comes as a rescuer. However, getting a perfect click is not that easy?


Clicking a perfect selfie is an art which needs to be mastered by everyone. Therefore, here we are presenting 7 tips to make your selfie come out perfectly.


  1. Light is the king!

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Perfect light and a perfect picture go hand in hand. This classic rule is also applied when it comes to clicking a selfie. As the photography rule says, the light should hit the object, therefore stand to face the light and get a perfectly bright picture without any shadow. Taking advantage of natural light is always a smart choice as it works like a face filter and makes you look glowy. So don’t stop your hunt before you get the perfect light for your selfie.


  1. Find the best Angle.

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As light is the king, angle is the queen. Holding the phone in a right position makes a lot of difference while clicking a selfie. The best angle that is preferred while clicking a selfie is to hold the phone to a side rather than in front of the face. Keep your chin down, camera up and you are ready for the click.

  1. Check the background, Twice!

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Just imagine, you are in your room, wearing your favorite dress with the accurate amount of light and you are about to click a selfie but then the realization hits you that your room is a mess and you stop!! That is what a sad ending to a good storyline sounds like!

The background is usually sidelined during a selfie as the entire focus is on the face, but in reality, the background plays a major role in making a selfie perfect. Keep your background either very simple or something extraordinary, but make sure the background is not a mess.


  1. Expression matters.

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Either smile it out or pout it out but have an expression while clicking a selfie. Try not to exaggerate your expressions.  Always keep in mind, the more natural you will appear, the better picture will come.


  1. No Limits, Just Click!

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Another tip is to take a lot of selfies. It doesn’t matter if it counts up to 500. Click from different angles with different expressions so there is a wide variety to choose from. Before selecting that one picture to upload make sure you have gone through each one of them because you don’t want to regret that there was a better picture to upload.


  1. Editing is the key

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Editing and filtering the picture a little bit never hurts. Just make sure that the picture looks natural. Tune the temperature, contrast, use a filter and you are good to upload your selfie.


  1. Have fun clicking!

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Last but not the least, enjoy to the fullest while you are clicking a selfie. Don’t stress during your selfie adventures. Try different techniques, play around with your expressions and you will get your ultimate perfect selfie.


Written By: Shivantee Bhattacharya

Sitting with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, Shivantee finds her solace in books and words. Trying to reach the world through literature and metaphors, she feels that the fictional world is the best place to live in and thus, connects every real-life situation to the fictional world.

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