Do you have a predilection for photography? Do you want your own studio? Do you have a space that you can turn into a studio? Most of us think that we can have a photography studio only when we have achieved a certain level of fame and success, but a home studio is a great option if you’re a photographer trying to establish your business. However, before setting up a home studio, make sure you have a setup that will meet the expectations of your clients and give them a great result.

Here are 7 ways that will help you create your own home studio –

  1. Look for a dedicated space

Spacious studio

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The most important thing before setting up a studio is to look for space and clear it out. It could either be a guest room or an unused room in your home. A dedicated space is not only important for accommodating your photography gear but also to keep you away from all those distractions that you face while working. A personal space is also essential for the clients to avoid the subtle tension and awkwardness in the room. It might seem difficult to arrange this space initially, but it is completely worth the effort.

  1. Basic equipment

equipment for home studio

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You don’t need high-end studio and photography gear to start off with your home studio; a good camera and some lighting are enough to get you going. Work hard and focus on your clients’ requirements and the technical execution of the photographs that you are capturing.

  1. Add light modifiers
light modifiers

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Light modifiers like flash blenders, umbrellas, beauty dishes and many others can be used as artificial light sources for your studio. You’ll need to buy these easily accessible modifiers to achieve amazing light. One can also use the window light i.e the light that comes through your window as the natural light assuming the window is in an ideal location.

  1. Use beautiful backdrops
backdrop accessories

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Try building various unique backgrounds using the leftover materials. Displaying colourful artwork and hanging curtains and fabrics of various colors high up on your wall will enhance professionalism and upgrade your studio.


  1. Add some props

stusio Props to enhance your final output

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At times, the photos captured in a home studio appear to look similar. Adding new elements to the photo can spice up your portraits and make them different from the rest. You can either purchase the props from a store or you can find them all around your house- it can be anything from an empty photo frame to balloons to furniture or accessories.


  1. Invest in a printer

Invest in a printer

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Owning a printer along with capturing photographs is like an icing on the cake. You can easily please your clients if you have your own printer by instantly producing the prints.

  1. Showcase your best work

Showcase your best work

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Show off some of the best work on your studio’s walls. Showing your clients printed photographs leaves a really good impact on them. Let them fall in love with the work you have done and impress them by the large prints. You will be able to build a good reputation in front of your clients which will further help you grow your business at a very fast pace.

All these tips will help you set up a home photography studio and deliver the professional photographs that every client is looking for.



writer: Urvi Bareja

Urvi Bareja grew up in New Delhi, India and is always fascinated by literature and photography. In her spare time, she enjoys eating good food and watching web series.



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