The world is going digital and so are artists the world over. Digital Art, including digital photography, is a rage among the upcoming artists. The traditional artist, too, is taking a liking towards it especially after the availability of various easy-to-use software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk, Lightroom, etc. A tool that has immensely enhanced the usability of this software is Graphic Tablets. These tools are highly efficient, and one brand that has made a strong mark over the last 3 years is XP-Pen Tablets.

XP-Pen started its journey in 2005 in Japan and since then has been deeply involved in the research, design, and development of pen tablets. With a presence in 45+ countries and strong global following, XP-Pen launched operations across India in 2017 and has rapidly become a favorite among both upcoming artists and professionals alike.

We did a quick survey to understand what makes XP-Pen tablets tick and the reason for their almost-sudden popularity. Here’s what we found out: 

Available In All Sizes

Whether you are a newbie in the field or a professional with years of experience, XP-Pen has something for everyone. 

The drawing tablet varies from 4X3 inches to 11X6 inches whereas drawing display comes in the sizes of as small as 11.6 inches to 22 inches.

The products are divided into 3 categories Star, Deco & Artist for beginners, Intermediate & professionals respectively where the features vary as per the requirements of the customer.


Robust Yet Attractive Design

XP-Pen tablets are a lethal combination of robust, built-in quality and attractive design making sure that it looks great and works even better. 

Be it the innovative red dial or the LED lights on the new Deco Pro series or their feather-weight styluses, XP-Pen tablet sure make a pretty sight.


Best In Class Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure Sensitivity refers to the responsiveness of the stylus to pressure of your stroke. Higher the pressure sensitivity, better it is as it replicates a pen to paper feel.

All the XP-Pen graphics tablets come with a best in class pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels pressure sensitivity providing you with increased accuracy, control, and fluidity for the finest sketches and lines.

xp pens graphic tablet

Customization At Your Fingertips

Most XP-Pen tablets come with customizable shortcut keys. They’re handy while working as you can easily access commonly used functions like zoom, brush size variation, brush tool, hand tool, etc.

PAN India Customer Support

One of the biggest deal-breaker while buying any product is poor customer support but with XP-Pen you can be assured that even your minutest query will be resolved in no time. You can contact XP-Pen support team via a toll-free number, email, website chat or any social media platform. They’re generally quick in their responses and are loved for this by customers. 

One Year Replacement Warranty

Yes, you read that right – Replacement Warranty. If anything happens to your product within a year you are eligible for the replacement of the product.

Maximum Compatibility With All Major Software

XP-Pen tablets are compatible with all the major software including 2D & 3D. The list includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Sai, Autodesk Maya, Corel Draw, Krita, ZBrush, 3D Blender, Microsoft Office etc.

Introducing Android Support

XP-Pen Tablets recently introduced Android support in a couple of their products and we expect more to be coming. This makes sure that you can draw, edit, make notes etc on the go.



One of the major draws for XP-Pen Tablets is that you get premium features and superior quality without burning a hole in your pocket. The tablets by XP-Pen are very budget-friendly and they also offer a very good range. The drawing tablets range from INR 3,499 to INR 15,000 and drawing display range from INR 29,999 to INR 63999. 

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  • I’m using Xppen Tab since March 2018. Trust me guys this is the best tool for photo editing. Waiting for a new one shortly.

    Vivek Agarwal
  • Good for the price.

    Raman Verma
  • Can you publish an article on comparing basis two top pen-tabs? So that I can decide accordingly?

    Samir Ghosh
  • Hi, I’m from Manipur. I want to use XP-Pen. Can you guide me what will be the best option?
    I never use pen tab earlier. But really want to experience pen tab as heard about it’s advantages.

    Dijmni Pukhrambam
  • I have started my experience with XP-Pen Star04. Express keys create confusion, else the product is amazing.

    Simran Raj
  • There are some issue with deco3 app. Can you resolve the problem?

    Ganesh Ramamurthy
  • Hi! I just wish to give you a huge thumbs up for the
    excellent information you’ve got right here on this post.
    I’ll be returning to your website for more soon.


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