I hope everyone is having their time of the year, during the quarantine. As we all had a wish at the end of every Sunday, that “what if every day was a Sunday”. Well, your wish just came true! We never realized how that wish turned into a nightmare, where everyone is playing the big bosses at their own places. Except for the only fun you are having is binge-watching Netflix and the only punishment is work from home.

It looks like your morale is degrading day by day and the only thing you are doing to boost is eating excessively. Trying new recipes is just your way of showing how much you miss that street food or a good brunch with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter what the location is, there’s a photographer in everyone hidden behind each snap. There’s just one thing you don’t have, the tricks to capture a picture. Quarantine and photography? Yes, you are right. All you have to do is say yes and I’ll show you how, deal? Let’s begin! 


Let me introduce you to the 9 ingredients for doing photography during lockdown! I am going to talk about how you can photograph yourself? Who can be your model? How can you make time for photography with your busy schedule? How to click a series of pictures at home and more..

This is a blog based on the research of photographers across social media. I can guarantee that you will find the answers at the end of this blog. Even if you think you know all the points, why end up on this page? So since you are here now, in the middle of drinking your morning tea or having a lunch break or trying to plan to do photography for tomorrow. Let’s start finding your answers. 


“Let the eyes smile” Photo Courtesy- Juilee Sawant

Who can possibly turn out to be a better model than you, yourself! Everyone has a gift of having good eyes, smile, hair, jaw, skin etc. You know your camera well, so you know how it can turn out well for you. You don’t have to give directions anymore because you know it and hence you will avoid making mistakes. If you cannot be your own model, you can always ask your sibling. Since quarantine is about comfort, wear sweatshirts or anything comfortable doing the very basic thing at your place. Maybe dress up for the events you cannot go because of quarantine.

“Quarantine Met Ball 2020 be like” 

Julia Roberts recently posted this picture of herself in the washroom wearing a beautiful ruffled black and white gown by Elizabeth Stewart with a drink in her hand cheering to the Met Ball of 2020 which is canceled because of coronavirus. She showed people that nothing can stop her from wearing the perfect outfit she planned to wear for the event. She turned out to be an inspiration for everyone that it doesn’t matter the situation. You can always find a way to make things cherish you.


“Come find me” Photo Courtesy- Aksha Shetty

Everyone seems upset about not having a good background besides their window or the lights aren’t working for you and then you whine about how you are not able to socialize anymore. Maybe everything isn’t a setup anymore, you don’t have to always organize things to form a setup. Sometimes you can just find it under the blanket or a curtain. 

“Knowledge is where you are” Photo Courtesy- Mayur Mestry

But a question: what about non-living things? I heard you and I have a solution for that too. Just align the books in a step format and create a circle like structure and place your camera in between the book. Then lay the object just in front of the books leaving some space for the sunlight and click! Also, you might have to edit it to make it look better. It’s not necessary to always have books as your background. Sometimes it might not suit a particular theme. You can use a colorful paper, draw a shape in between and cut it. Then place it in front of your lens and the object in between the shape. Dry leaves can also act as a substitute. 


“Old, bold and gold”  Photo Courtesy- Mayur Mestry

I believe there’s beauty in everything, the patterns, lining, structure, colors, etc it could be anything, Not necessarily everything you photograph turns out to be glittery and glossy. It can be a collection of something old, what do you remember? I guess most of them had this activity in school days of showing the best out of the waste project after vacations. Have you ever collected different types of leaves and kept it between books? Or maybe a collection of different types of rocks? If not this, then have you ever collected coins? I have heard that most of the parents have had a poor box since childhood with a collection of coins from their generation. 

Well, whatever it is, you can use it for photography, I am sure everyone has a thing for collecting something or the other. Girls? Haven’t you collected barbie dresses, I am sure some still have it, it’s the best treasure you ever capture. What about the guys? I am sure you have a pack of cards just lying in your room, so what are you waiting for? Let’s start shooting!  


The water splashing when you drop an ice cube, the tiny droplets trying to hold on to the leaves when you water the plants, after bath scenarios with few droplets rolling down your cheeks and holding on to your eyelashes, playing Holi with balloons filled with water etc you can all imagine this but it’s time to capture it.

“I would drink if it was tea” Photo Courtesy-Mayur Mestry 

The trick of this photograph: take a rock, tie a rope, place the rock in the glass, then pull the rope and then click repetitive photographs. 

Note: The drink is not a real beer, it is a mixture of water, tea powder and Dettol hand wash. Sometimes you don’t need an actual drink to suffice your photographs, substitutes like paint can also work. 

More tricks of this type of photography:-


“When the egg is about to break” Photo Courtesy-Saleem Khawar

Take a balloon, then add some water in the balloon and tie it. “Note: you need two people for this photograph.”  Let one person hold the balloon and be ready with a pin. In the meantime, the photographer must be ready with the camera on continuous shots mode. Once you are ready, let the one holding the balloon blow it with a sharp object and you the photographer must click right when you hear the noise. Then your photograph will turn out something like this. 


“Fruit ninja comes to reality” Photo Courtesy-  Jordi Koalitic

For this type of photography, you have to place the knife first and soak the oranges in water. Then, hit them against the knife to get this shot. The picture has covered everything: the juicy pulp, reflection of orange on the knife and perfect background. You can use avocado, lemon or mangoes instead of oranges.    


Everyone has a different routine but the most common one is to EAT, SLEEP, WORK, REPEAT! Even when there is time now, we are too bored to try and make a room for photography. But what if we mix both? Without stressing too much on details. You are guessing it right, let your routine be a part of your photography. You don’t have to be ready with anything, it’s already on your desk. Books, files, paperwork, pen, pencil, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc whatever it is, it defines you, your work, your likes. Capture it like it defines your daily routine.  

“What’s your to-do list after quarantine?” Photo Courtesy-Juilee Sawant

This is me, writing a blog for you, researching the topic so you can save yourself some time. I know! Your welcome! I have done my part of showing you that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or model to take a picture during the quarantine. Just be the best you and the missing pieces will sit right on their places.

Remember something? Insatiable series, Patty’s speech. Not a big fan of the series? Well, I am, so she says in the speech to be the real you, it doesn’t matter if you feel that you don’t fit in with the crowd. The ones who fit are just trying to be someone they are not, just be you even if it takes someone to hate you. Why would you even consider a person who does not accept you? I would be pleased to see many people sharing their routine just tag #chiiz #chiizdotcom.

Well, that was a good pep talk! I am waiting right here with you having my breakfast dipping parle G in tea, writing blogs for chiiz magazine, making time for my own hobbies etc.  Hope to hear from you soon. XOXO Chiiz’s Girl. 

So, we all have some hidden talents, hobbies or anything but it’s your thing and none can separate you from it. Have you heard about the one-second challenge? Wherein people post the one-second story of their monthly routine. Since you are stuck with another month of quarantine, why not make one?

One second every day is really less to ask, isn’t it? Why not make one. This video needs a variety of photographs, not the same cup with different drinks. You need a list, and trust me watching the major fail for video. I have accumulated the things you need to put in your cart. Trust me they are not the questions of a slam book.


“The polaroid story” Photo Courtesy- Etsy.com 

The most asked question during your interview, do you have any hidden talents? What if your talent is something you cannot show people? Like writing a blog, that is just boring for the person because writing differs from person to person and the interviewer is already judging it by your English. You can just post a picture of your work or how you get the idea. Like in the “Little Women” movie, the writer wrote about a character named Joe, who watches cinema to gain perspective on her writing.

So you should capture things that make you write and inspire your story. Like polaroids, it’s not the pictures, it’s the people in the polaroid which make you write. It will be a different type of photography and when you post it, you can write YOUR POLAROID STORY.

“Nothing can stop you from dancing” Photo Courtesy- David Perkins 

Now talking about the well-known talents, like painting, dance, sports, etc. you can capture the Bharatanatyam poses or painting something.

“Your last game” Photo Courtesy- Akspic.com 

For sports, like if you have talents like basketball or football you can always post it like this picture, that you work all day and the only reward you have is free time but nothing to do with it when you cannot do the things you love to do. 


“Old is (Parle-G) Gold” Photo Courtesy- Janhavi Sawant

It’s time to try your favorite recipe, not a good cook? Who is there to judge you anyway. You cannot order in quarantine because it involves the risk that the person who delivers and cooks might be a positive patient of coronavirus. Maybe there will be a day when you have to live with it, but not so soon. I am sure cooking for yourself invites less risk. Jort down the list of items that you don’t use often for your main meal, like all-purpose flour or biscuits. You can always make a mug cake in a minute in your microwave.

“Rise and shine with Marie lite” SourceLalit Sawant

The food gives taste to your photography involving colors, which makes them so tempting to eat. Food photography can be the best way to release new feed on your photography page. As tik-tok users are increasing I am sure the photography pages have also started rising, as the people are now craving for the meals outside, you can always tempt them with your photography and eat it with satisfaction. It can be basic stuff like biscuits, oranges, junk food, Maggi, etc. 


“Celebrities living a normal life” Source- Cole Sprouse 

Daily chores are something the responsible children are stuck with. This quarantine is like mother’s day, making her happy by helping out at home. Daily shores include washing vessels, washing clothes, clean furniture etc. Let’s make this a fun task for you, why don’t you post it? I am serious, don’t believe me? Recently, Cole Sprouse, the Cody from our Disney show, “Zack and Cody”,  posted this picture of himself sitting in a frontloading washing machine. It’s fun to see that even celebrities are living a normal life like us, doing their own things and posting it on social media. Posting pictures doing the daily chores is not embarrassing at all as even the richer people have no option but to do it by themselves. 


Not every family is similar, they have different members of different age groups. But for a few families, even their pets are like a family for them. The best thing about a pet is they are candid in whatever they do. It’s really difficult for the pets to explain that you cannot take them for a  walk anymore as they might get prone to the disease. So, while you play with them or feed them always keep them happy and click a picture of them. Showing that even pets can stay happy at home.  


“Concrete enough?” Photo Courtesy- Juilee Sawant

Capture the weather outside your window, birds, trees, empty roads etc. This picture is of a construction site, it shows that you don’t need the actual view of the sunrise or sunset. Even the things which block this view have a greater perspective of photography. It is a construction site photograph, which was captured during night time. It highlighted the empty steps which are still under construction. 


“Sleeping into fiction fairytale” Photo Courtesy-

Books are your real friends during quarantine, they have the story, the thrill, the characters you need in your life now. Of Course, you cannot go out but you can always imagine yourself living the stories you never had. The bookish people have bought a dozen books before quarantine and the non-bookish people are turning into one.

As a photographer, you might have read a number of magazines, the newspaper for reviewing types of current photography. Until now you never realized these books can turn out to be your wallpaper. Many bookworm people have posted a picture of themselves sleeping into a number of opened books on the floor, the trick is simple: just place all the books open and lie on it or place them on your lap or on your face, showcasing the cover or align books with specks or coffee etc. 


             “Outfit of the day” Photo Courtesy- Domino.com

How about playing home decor? I have seen many fashion bloggers redecorating their rooms with basic stuff like Komal Pandey changing the perspective of the house while literally arranging it differently. Try to accumulate spaces or just organize what’s messy. An organized drawer or closet always looks satisfying to your viewers’ eyes. 


Casa de Papel hitting photography” Photo Courtesy- Sheetal Bhanusali

*This point cannot be relatable if you don’t know makeup or painting or you don’t have anyone in your family so you can skip it.* While everyone is painting or drawing, there are makeup artists showcasing their creativity on social media. The recent series, Money Heist (Casa De Papel) is trending on Instagram, and mostly every makeup artist is trying the look of that mask on themselves or the other. It’s a great idea of taking a photograph of something trending.

But since this is something only people with actual makeup resources can do. I have something that’s basically like painting on your face (of course at your own risk) taking self-portraits of simple makeup across your forehead, below your eyes just like in the picture, you can use white paint or makeup and for the eyes instead of nude color, you can use pink and wear accordingly. (Colors can vary according to you). The audience just needs your effort and this type of effort for photography gives them a reason to follow you as a photographer and a makeup artist. 


“Sunday, every day feels like a trap” Photo Courtesy- Lalit Sawant

The recent social message is “stay home, stay safe”, and the picture quite gives a relatable view to our current situation. The jar is our home and we are stuck to stay safe at home, and even if everything around us seems appealing like the fresh leaves, it has its own consequences. Apart from this social message, it also tells us that we were whining about things we already had. 


Even without having yellows and blue, the black and white seem so simple, yet we notice everything in the picture. You can feel the picture, because as said, “black and white photography captures the soul in the picture”. Proving my state with an instance: India’s next top model had a task for the contestants to showcase their flaws and experience in a photograph. The theme was “Go black and white and show the real you”.

One showed the benefits of having a beautiful face turning into a nightmare by posing with a numb face. Black and white also hides the color complexion and people see more features of you than just the skin tone. 

“Time is running” Photo Courtesy- Juilee Sawant 

This photo shows that time never stops, people are going to grow old and we never know when fate will take our parents away from us. Black and white photography gives a story to every picture, good or bad, we did consider the emotions of the sad truth of life in this picture. 


“You, me and Coffee” 

When the milk mixes with coffee, the formation of whipped cream with blender, the relaxing yoga poses, etc have a process or a series of pictures to get the end result. The steps of “how to do this” can always be portrayed in pictures. 


I hope you have gone through the whole brief to some amazing tips & tricks, which you all can contemplate to make yourself more engaging at this hour of Quarantine. We would love to hear from you if you have used our tips and how well it emphasizes you. Please tag the Chiz Instagram page or the website and add #chiizphotographyblog or #chiizlockdownidea. If you like this article, you can also read this article on “19 tricks every beginner must know about photography”, which is written by Janhavi Sawant ( 🙂 Yeah, it’s me). It is mostly for beginners so that you avoid mistakes for lockdown photography. 

We also conduct Photography Contests and the winner gets featured with cash prizes. There is a special lockdown photography contest with exciting cash prices in the form of gift cards. If you won’t be able to register for this contest you can also participate in other contests. Apart from blogs and photography contests we also conduct photography workshops online. Talking about online, now it’s time to go offline. I am sure you got the answers with these 9 tips and tricks of lockdown photography. 

Stay home, stay safe, and slay photography! 


About the Author:

Janhavi Sawant is 21 years old and has completed her bachelor’s in BMS marketing. Currently, she is a Chiiz content writer intern. She is known for her imagination and creative writing skills. She wants to be a Graphics designer someday, for that to happen she is currently working on her content creation and learning different software. She has few hobbies like playing guitar, painting, and trying new recipes which play a major part in her strengths of being patient, creative, and organized.

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