Add elements of Quirk and fun in your lockdown memoirs! Get inspired by the following interesting lockdown activities with Fujifilm Instax Pictures.


When the lockdown will get over and you will have tales to tell, narrate on how you turned your house into a warm home! Share how spending time with love of your life created a memoir of lifetime; sing how indulging in the activities together strengthen your bond. Narrate on how adorning your houses with the pictures of togetherness made your home a nest of love– recite how you found your soul’s song amid these pandemic storms.


Yes, there might be a halt to all the outdoor travel and activities like concerts, sporting events, schools, extravaganzas, adventures, soirees and vacationer hot spots due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19.  Nevertheless, there isn’t a halt to the activities that can create a lively environment at our home sweet home. Yes, the millennials, home-makers and other populace are not caged indoors in fact, now they have time in their lives to do the things you always wished to do.  It is the time when they can trend on social media and merry away with some real experiences in their houses only.


Staying home brings an opportunity to help them to fulfil one’s long-awaited whims and fancies. You can develop a new perspective and lifestyle by spending quality time with family and hence creating memories of a lifetime.  Memories like adorning homes, learning to cook your favourite food item, read your long pending novel, creating a healthier lifestyle, exercising, meditating, restyling your wardrobe and then adorning those special nooks at home, blogs and albums with the best of lockdown memories.


We have listed a few suggestions to help you make your time worthwhile – Here you go!




We all are always engrossed and are under pressure to meet the various deadlines ranging from assignments to exams. This is the best time when you can spend quality time with family members and cherish these moments. Playing Ludo, carrom board or some board games are some of the ways where the whole family can get involved together. Ah, do not forget to capture these wonderful moments with Instax Mini 11 that clicks and delivers images instantly.



It is the best time for all the art lovers to delve into their thoughts and create something creative. Gather all your paint brushes lying unused since youthful days. You can also use plastic spoons, visiting cards or your hands for painting a masterpiece. There are many websites/vlogs that recommend some useful painting ideas especially curated for the lockdown days. You can set aside an hour every day and experiment with these ideas. Painting can be a therapeutic activity as it calms your mind when you focus on painting. Also, You can create something with leftover material or by painting the wall of your bedroom in a whimsical way. Actually try to replicate something you see on Pinterest. You can also indulge and raid your Instagram account with gorgeous pictures of your home. 


A home that resonates hues of surrealism, love and positivity will certainly invigorate senses.  Yes, it is the best time for all the homemakers to turn into art lovers. It is a time to create something creative to deck up the wall with. Whether, it is creating something with leftovers or by painting the wall of the bedroom in a whimsical way. Further, one can add lights to Instax picture collage and then raid your Instagram account with dazzling pictures of your home.




For those who like to stay fit and connect with Mother Nature. This is the best time to indulge in some exercising and meditation. Exercising and mediation are probably one of the most relaxing and de-stressing activities of all time.  Contemplate trying lying down with your eyes closed, palms up while concentrating on your breath. Or spend 20 minutes sitting cross legged and repeat a soothing word to yourself in your head. Try out at-home aerobics or yoga videos. Consider downloading a fitness app with curated workout playlists. You can exercise and get clicked so that you can keep these memories forever. You can adorn your favourite corners for further inspiration!



While the nature outside is healing, you do your part by healing your inner well-being. This can be done by beautifying your abode with the hues of greens. You can paste Instax pictures on the plant pot and can make your green- a piece of nostalgia. So, don’t brood, just stay home, plant a seed and watch your green friend grow with grace. Let your home exude tranquility, abundance and peace with hues of greens.



During new year’s, we all make resolutions and make promises to ourselves and are never able to finish it by the end of the year because of our hectic schedule. During this time, we can fulfill one of our promises of finishing a novel, so get on and find you a warm corner and catch up on some reading. You can subscribe so that you never run out of reading material.Do not forget to club it with a nice hot cup of coffee and capture the moment of staying home with your Instax camera.



There is a pause which can be resourceful too, yes this is an apt time to revamp your style game. You can experiment with fun style games with your children. Probably  you can recreate dresses by weaving old dress patches to your denims. Further you can match up your dress with Fujifilm’s Instax Quirky colours and then exhibit those quirky pictures on your instagram account. The Instax colours will perfectly sync with your Insta grid picture and then tada- a bunch of followers altogether! This is an era of digital influencer- why not create real time collages and then post it across?



There is no better best friend than your own dog. Spend this time with your pet, by feeding, grooming, bathing and training him. All this will not only bring him closer to you but also recharge you for the day and even make you feel happier than normal. Capture and print these quality moments with your pet with Instax SHARE SP-2 that instantly prints all the images from a smartphone.



It is a little upsetting for people who are not able to celebrate their birthdays or anniversaries. They can’t get going with their outdoor shoots– however, there is no reason to fret when they can weave those golden memories at home only. They can create a mural of pictures and then decorate it to add a quirky touch to their celebration. Instantly getting a picture of the celebration is another level of satiation for your family.




It is essential to keep our spirits alive while we are isolated at home and to find joy in our daily lives and meals which otherwise can be monotonous and if you’re a food lover with something to offer the collective, don’t be shy, experiment new and creative. Mix matches the spices, ingredients and then let the creative juice flow. Further make a vlog and then publish on your social media handles. Post it with amazing content.



Listening to the music can be a perfect antidote to ward away the stress for everyone as Harmonious music is one element to please a pressured mind. And now when you have time in your life then don’t forget to cherish your old school music list. Yes, this lockdown phase is a time when one can switch back to their favourite band like backstreet boys and to the genre of the song list when Leonardo was an apple of every girl’s eye.  You can pick up your caravan or an old forgotten music list on your phone. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life while staying indoors and then see how much peace you resonate.. An addition of dance with music can deliver additional amusement. 




Social media nowadays is brimming with fun activities and pushing us to try new and exciting things at home. From creating challenges videos, indulging in fun blogs and participating in the cooking contest out etc. Yes, to bring out and display your creative side out brands are coming out with some captivating challenges. For instance, Fujifilm Instax Camera has announced an engaging yet creative Instax Doodle Art Contest on its social media handle.  Also, there are a number of workshops in the market where you can lean varied subjects from photography to videography. 




If you have uncountable photographs on your smartphone, then this is a CAPTIVATING activity for you. All you have to do is click your favourite moments and then paste them out. Take any cardboard box like an old egg carton or a garment box to prepare your cardboard base. Once the base is ready, paste the photographs on it and voila! Your collage is prepared. You can add glitter, light strings or make doodles on the collage if you are in the mood for some quirky display. 




When you have kids – then staying at home can also be annoyingly endearing. So get ready to take a break from your regular routine, have some real fun with your kids and capture endless memories. With Instax pictures you can help them create their school project or an impressive greeting.  Further, children can get indulged in scrapbooking to bedroom decoration – and kids can add even more character and charm by adding personal messages on it. Also, you can go through your camera roll, pick your favorite pics from the past year and make a photo book or order framed versions online. 



Teaching children hand washing at an early age is a good way to inculcate this as a lifelong habit. Have your child practice counting or sing a song while they wash their hands, to make sure they do not rush. Try to get them interesting soaps. For instance – Soap or sanitizer that foams, changes colour or smells good can be exciting for kids as well. Also this will help you spend plenty of time with them. 

We all are going through an unusual phase in our lives, but the key positive side to it is that we actually now have the time to stop and ask ourselves how we feel about things and people around us.  It is time to contemplate how we can soothe our inner calm while getting resourceful. How we can weave this time into a beautiful memory lane – where we can revisit every now and then! Last but not least, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude, focusing on the here and now, and what encourages you to keep moving forward in your day-to-day life. This is sure to be a difficult period, but these are the challenges that define us as people, take it in a positive manner and bring out the best in you. 


Well, Chiiz is also back with some amazing things that all of you can share with us. You can share your Lockdown videos with us on We all can play this part at this emergent time of Corona. You can get back to us for any query. 

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