Interview With Partha Chakraborty

Partha Chakraborty Partha Chakraborty is a wildlife photographer from Maynaguri, India. Apart from wildlife photography, Partha also loves capturing other genres of photography that includes macro, landscape, street, creative and many more. He is an active contributor to Chiiz magazine and contests and has been the winner of NCRPL contest among others. Akriti Bajpai from Chiiz talks with Partha about…

Hyperlapse: Creating Motion Shots

Hyperlapse, also known as moving timelapse, is a technique in time-lapse photography that allows the photographer to create motion shots. In its simplest form, a hyperlapse is achieved by manually moving the camera a short distance between each shot. The first film using the hyperlapse technique dates to 1995. The first film using the hyperlapse technique seems to have been…

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