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Photography Tips with Tina Sokolovskaya

Tina Sokolovskaya stared with night clubs and ended up with Playboy Ukraine’s magazine. This isn’t just luck. It is when hard work pays off and Tina surely has her way with it. This Ukraine-based photographer now works with celebrities, famous artists, and singers all over the globe. Currently working in New York, Tina shares the tips and tricks of photography with Chiiz. Read on to see what she has to say!photographerTina Sokolovskaya- Photographer

1. Preparation

In my opinion, preparation is the most important part of photography. The most important advice that I can give you is to always prepare before shooting. It’s better to prepare ahead of time so that you do not waste extra nerves on the shoot. Form your team – make-up artist, hair stylist, stylist for clothes. Prepare references and make a mood board. This will help to visualize the idea. Always remember – every detail is important. Make a list of everything you need so you do not forget anything. I, as a photographer, always make myself a check-list – What camera should I take, what kind of lenses, flashes and ancillary things I need. The same list should be made by other team members.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

2. Locations

Always check the locations in advance. It is better to do this a day or at least a couple of hours before shooting. This way, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you have time to find a backup option.

photography tina

Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

3. Experimentation in Fashion Photography

Sometimes, during the shoot, you realize what you are shooting is not quite what you need. Do not be afraid to deviate a bit from the concept and experiment. Remember that the final picture in your camera should suit you.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

4. Be ready to take a picture any second

Most masterpieces are serendipitous. Your finger on the shutter button should always be ready to take a picture. At that moment, nothing exists except for you, the camera and the model. Concentrate.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

5. Light in Fashion Photography

Light. Light. Light. Light is everything. With the right lighting, your photograph will stand out. Remember this. Photography means-  “I write with light” and as a photographer, you must be able to write correctly with light.

photography tina

Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

6. Model

Do not trust the photo on Instagram! Often, models in real life look very different. Hence, when choosing a model, make sure you do a model test before shooting. This is done to see how it works in the frame and whether the model fits the concept of your shooting.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

7. Atmosphere

A friendly, comfortable atmosphere is the key to successful shooting. Take care to maintain a good mood for the whole team. Music, wine, jokes – everyone has their own individual recipe for success.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

8. Postproduction

Correctly processed image can “save” any frame, even if it was not very well shot. But do not overdo it. In everything, there must be a measure.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya


Read more magazines, see as much as possible the filming process of famous photographers. Study them, arrange them, and remember: “Steal like an artist”.

10. Update your portfolio and social networks all the time

Activity in the network is very important! Do not forget to share backstages and the results of work with your subscribers.


Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

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7 Tips and Tricks Every Fashion Photographer Needs

Every genre of photography requires certain skill sets to highlight and emphasize the object of interest. But when we talk about fashion photography, there are always certain rules that apply to highlight not only the person but also their outfit and accessories. Here are some noteworthy points that will get you shooting for fashion magazines in no time.

Always create a counterbalance

chiiz fashion

Photo by: Meiji Nguyen

Every image credits its composition to balance. Not too much negative space, not overcrowding. However, if at all, you are required to place your subject at unusual angles or places, you can always create a counterbalance. To maintain the rhythm required, sometimes additional objects or subjects need to be introduced to the frame.

Make your photos Vibrant

When your clothing is in block or poster colors, a great way is to have highly colorful and vibrant photographs. This demands attention and catches the eye immediately, and among several other photos, a person will subconsciously only always look at these first, and longest.

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Thom Kerr

Remove all noise

Another good idea is to eradicate any and all background noise, just the opposite of the previous trick, where we create a lot of it. Sometimes, when one wants to highlight just one particular aspect of any fashion, this trick works wonders. When a person looks at the picture, they automatically only pay attention to the model, and even more so to what they are wearing. The eye does not waste time or get disturbed by anything else.

chiiz fashion

Photo by: Tina Sokolovskaya

Use props

Using props fills up an image while becoming a part of the subject itself. Umbrella, tea/coffee cups and Books are some of the most common props. They help give the models motion and helps them to pose effortlessly. The can also be used to create or justify a background.

Photo By: Meiji Nguyen

Generate Curiosity

Make the viewer wonder what the model is looking or doing. Why are they so happy? Where are they going? Why are they turned around? Creating a curiosity point makes the viewer look longer – to try and decode the unexplained. The picture above entices you to look at the ballerina longer to simply be able to understand her form.

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Ruslan Bolgov

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Give Expressions

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Vipin Gaur

Add emotions to your images. Is the model sad? Confused? Happy? Angry? Content? Give your subjects, emotions and expressions. This removes the ‘fake’ and ‘still’ aspect of your photograph, making it look more candid and thus, real. It also shows how the outfit or ornament looks even when you are not your best, or, in your most comfortable state – not posing.

Create a story

Make your model interact with the environment. This way you can make use of the otherwise noisy background. This is a step ahead from giving emotions and creating curiosity. This actually generates a story. The above image shows two women in a rather odd engagement. This puts them in actions. The image also makes sure that nothing is added at the cost of the subject’s fashion. You see them in comfortable positions and wonder what brought them there. Your eyes slowly move to each and every aspect of the image, looking at the details and objects within it. Now you know how fashion feels in real life. How it works and acts. Such a story trumps even the most vibrant images at times. Above all these, it is most important to be able to use the materials and situation at hand to create a scenic photograph. And always remember, if all else fails, go with your instinct.

chiiz fashion

Photo By: Meiji Nguyen

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About the Author: Ruchi Kapoor is an enthusiast and an observer. She makes a note to write down about everything she finds interesting and funny. She practices as an Architect and believes that she can take the best photographs of the built environment; which she calls ‘man-made art’. She is a realist and dedicates her resources to doing instead of dreaming. This quality of hers is what makes her write about the realities of our world, instead of fiction, and this governs how she perceives others and how others perceive her.
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5 Dos and Don’ts for Models

There is always a demand for talented models, whether it is for a job or a photo shoot. There are several things that models are required to do before a photo shoot. If you’re a new and promising model, then these tips will help you in starting your modeling career.

Make a Portfolio

One cannot stress more on how important a portfolio is for a model. It is the first thing any client asks for. Keep uploading unique shots on your portfolio as you keep doing various shoots. Your portfolio should reflect your versatility in the way you express yourself as a model.

Click here to make a digital portfolio.

Practice Poses in Advance









A model should be prepared for the shoot and have some poses ready well in advance. Get your friends or relatives to take pictures. This will help you in creating more poses and you will also get valuable feedback. You can also practice in front of a mirror. You can search for poses online or in magazines and follow the lead of successful models. It will take a lot of time and patience to be perfect, but in the end, practice will make you perfect.


Talk to your photographer

Before starting, talk to your photographer. This will help you in knowing what they want a little better and it helps in building trust between the photographer and a model. Do not hesitate in giving your own suggestions to the photographer.

Photo by Greg Gelsinger

Take good care of yourself

This might sound shallow and superficial, but as a model, you should take good care of your appearance. Make sure your skin is clear and moisturized. If you are wearing makeup, make sure that it is done right. Take care of your diet. Make sure you have a healthy diet so that your skin can glow and have a natural shine.


Do not have a heavy meal before a shoot

Just make yourself comfortable and get in a  relaxed mood. You can use some tempo music to get in a calm and cool mood. Try not to go for drinks or for a heavy meal before the shoot as this will make you groggy. While confidence is the main accessory for your shoot, this little tip will help you feel great about yourself during the shoot.

Photo by Brenda Godinez

Focus on the type of modeling you want to do

While it is good to explore your options before you settle for one genre, it is better to have a clear idea of where you want to go. This way,  you can start preparing your body for the type of assignments you want. This will also help you in networking in the industry you want to establish yourself into.

While all these are important tips, the most important quality you can have in this field is confidence. As you gear up to be the next top model, remember to wear confidence as your first accessory!



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Lumix Fashion Photography Workshop by Abhishek Singh

The morning of April 14, 2019 saw a large turnout of photographers at NewDelhi. The reason for this turnout was none other than Travel & Lifestyle photographer and Panasonic Lumix Luminary and Ambassador, Abhishek Singh. This Fashion Photography Workshop was conducted by Abhishek Singh in collaboration with Chiiz and Panasonic Lumix.

Why Fashion Photography?

With the increasing craze for fashion, brands and businesses are in need of good fashion photographers. Now, these photographers should not just be good photographers but should also be able to come up with creative ideas that sell. The aim of this workshop was not only to train photographers for a fashion shoot but also to think creatively. The end goal was to teach photographers to pitch those ideas and make photography a lucrative profession along with a creative one.

The Fashion Photography Shoot

The Fashion Photography Shoot

Importance of Lighting

Lighting in Fashion Photography is one of the defining factors of a good photograph. The participants were taught the different lighting practices for different effects. Flat, soft, rim, butterfly, loop, etc were all taught and practiced in the fashion photography workshop. The use of strobes and reflectors were also told to the photographers at the workshop.

Lighting in Fashion Photography

Lighting equipment by Elinchrom

Presentation by the Mentor

Abhishek Singh is as good a mentor as he is a photographer. He not only teaches the nuances of photography but also motivates us think of creative ideas that sell. Many photographers find it difficult to do well . He inspires you to do better and make a successful career out of photography. His presentation on fashion photography and a special screening of his latest fashion shoot with Panasonic Lumix  in Ladakh was all the inspiration the photographers needed.

Fahion Photography Shoot

Abhishek Singh screening his Lumix Fahion Photography Shoot in Ladakh

Model-MUA Conversation

The Fashion Photography Workshop

Talk on how to brief models and makeup artists

In a Fashion Photography Shoot, it is very important for a photographer to communicate well with the model and the Makeup Artist. If you can communicate your idea to them, half your work is finished. We had Makeup Artist Manisha Sharma and Model, Shubhda Malhotra talk to the photographers as to how to brief the models and makeup artists.

Fashion Shoot

After the talk and tutorials, it was now time to put theories into practice. The participants all photographed the model under the mentor’s guidance . They had a hands on experience with the lights, instructing the model, etc. It was a fun practice that everyone enjoyed the most.

One-on-One Session with the Mentor

This is the most important part of any workshop. While group lectures are informative, true knowledge is achieved only when all the doubts are resolved. One-on-one sessions with the mentor helps to clear any doubts which a photographer may have. It might even lead to a much enlightening discourse which happened in this workshop.

Abhishek SIngh on a one-on-one session with a participant at the workshop.


Following the words of Abigail Adams, we at Chiiz, are always working to provide the best to the photographer’s community. We have a range of photography workshops and photography tours lined up for the learning of both amateur and professional photographers. Click here to register!





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