More and more people are stepping into photography business globally. We talked to some of the experienced and professional photographers and came up with the list of 9 useful hacks for Drone Photography that will make your photographs look incredible. Let’s take a look.

Tip 1: Time and location


Picture By: Vineet Sharma

If you need to capture a beautiful mountain while the first ray of sun is about to peek out, you will definitely be ready around the mountain in the morning. Just like that, you need to plan the time and the location according to the kind of photographs you need. The simple time difference can result in miscellaneous photographic effects.

#Pro tip – Join photography pages on social media as they have a number of professionals with good knowledge about the location and the best time for clicking.

Tip 2: Camera safety

Camera safety is the most relevant thing while snapping from a plane or a drone. If you are planning to stick your camera out of the window of a moving plane or fly it over places, you should consider safety measures such as a neck strap and drone covering.

#Pro tip- Get rid of the lens hood, as it can mess up with the stabilization of lens.

Tip 3: Choosing the right lens

Unarguably, choosing the right lens is a pretty significant thing to do. The first recommendation will be the zoom lens. If you are spending money on a plane or a drone, you should probably spend some more to get a zoom lens. You will never regret spending extra bucks. The zoom lens lets you capture location better and clearer.

#Pro tip- You can always rent a different lens. Search for websites or stores that can lend you one, or simple, ask your photographer buddy.

Tip 4: Color correction


Picture By: Shishir Kumar

Applying little hacks like using white balance while clicking under the scorching sun, adjusting brightness to mid-tone and saturation & contrast boost according to your liking can give you better results.

#Pro tip- Don’t bother with additional settings if you lack the appropriate knowledge. It’ll affect your pictures negatively.

Tip 5: Adjusting altitude

Everything looks amazing when you are in the air. You want to capture every possible thing. But what if you have less time and you can’t click dozens of pictures? Adjusting altitude according to the place can help. If your altitude is low and you are looking straight, you can capture a glimpse of the background, whereas if you are looking down, your focus will only be at the object.

Tip 6: Battery preservation

It’s possible that some of the photographers might not know how different weather conditions can affect your battery differently. When you are traveling to an icy mountain or a sweltering desert, remember to store your batteries properly according to the weather.

#Pro tip- Keep woolen storage for cold weather as cold weather can drain your batteries faster than expected.

Tip 7: Eliminate prop shadows

This one goes without saying. Pictures where we can see the prop shadows look very unprofessional. Consider the location of the sun and plan accordingly. Search for more information about undesirable flicker effect in the footage.

TIP 8: Orientation of landscape and portrait


Picture By: Vishal Tomar

Everybody knows how some pictures always look better in a landscape mode or a portrait mode. People mostly use landscape or portrait mode when they need to focus on the background or the object respectively.

#Pro tip- Mix up your images with both portrait and landscape modes to see for the best ones. Do not be dependent on one kind of mode always.

Tip 9: Don’t expect anything from the weather

Weather can be a nuisance sometimes. The best way to prevent bad luck is to not expect anything from the weather. Keep ready for the worst case scenario. Pack anything necessary to cope up with the bad weather and you will be good.


#Pro tip- Always keep camera protection gear which can protect it from water, ice, fire, wind, and other detrimental things.

Safe flying

Fly safe whether you are flying a drone or flying in a plane. Always stay authorized and use safety precautions.


Written By: Nishtha Goel

Youngest explorer of the team, an amateur writer with bubbling optimism, Nishtha’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious. A bibliophile at heart, she loves to travel miles, connecting to different people, in imagination as well as in reality.





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