“Let the pink make you think”  Chiiz Gel Fashion Workshop 2019

Fashion photography is more than sets, designer clothes, props which you see from the outside. But from the inside, it’s more about the brand, details of fabric, and directing the models for their next shoot. It’s not just about sets, it’s about how you carry that set in your photograph. It’s not about the designed clothes but it’s about how the details are well portrayed. 

It’s not about the size of the prop, it’s about how well it’s handled. It is about not sticking around with one thing, once you are comfortable with it. It’s also about exploring new things, for example, new set designs, new people, new clients, etc. maintaining good relations with people plays a vital role, you should never keep a judgment about, “she is just a model or just another client” that will make all your efforts build in the trash because even if the work is polished but if the client does not like you as a person would not contact with you again. It is teamwork, you should not depend only on the model to give good poses, it should also be how your photography made it look better.


“Looking at the timezone to fashion Photography” Photo Courtesy- Adolphe Braun

Fashion photography was inspired by Adolphe Braun in 1856, wherein he photographed a series of 288 photographs of La Castiglione. La Castiglione was indeed the first fashion model! Various magazines issued Braun’s photographs. 

Where there is inspiration there are followers, Edward Steichen also followed his footsteps into the fashion world by taking photographs of women in gowns designed by  Paul Poiret. It was promoted in the 1911 issue of Art et Decoration Magazine. Talking about art, they say that photography is an art. Well for Edward Steichen it was an art, he was fifteen years old when he started drawing and painting. His artistic talent was considered by  Pio Nono College, a Catholic boys’ high school.

“Who is behind the curtain?” Photo Courtesy- Edward Steichen 

This photograph was issued in the magazines of Vanity Fair, showcasing the beautiful Gloria Swanson in 1928. 

Later History of Fashion Photography

Later Edward’s ambition turned into the next level- Photography. His first camera was a second hand Kodak box detective camera. It shows that we always need something small to start with if you have the will to do something you can always achieve it. Then, as time passed, he became a photographer for magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, etc. Later in his retirement, he was offered to be the director of the Naval Aviation Photographic Unit. 

While every new element was added into photography, there were two competing fashion magazine rivals running the race to succeed. Any guesses? Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. We all have heard about vogue being the introduction to fashion photography. But Harper’s Bazaar magazine was also in the race competing against Vogue. He clicked pictures of the middle class and higher middle-class people from Paris and Germany. Paris was a hub for fashion photography, but later in 1940 it became isolated with shutting down Vogue Paris. 

Modern History of Fashion Photography

Today, in the modern era of fashion photography, it is easy to become a fashion photographer. Back then there were no social media to promote your work. Newspapers and magazines were the only resources. Even if the competition was less it was not possible for every photographer to publish their work on these channels. Today we have social media, the cheapest communication with our audience, Editing tools to wipe out our errors, different software, designs of attire, different lights, sets, etc. but above all now we have four categories of fashion designing. 


Today, the fashion industry has grown just like the beautiful endless ruffles on a dress. There are four categories of fashion photography you need to consider and acknowledge before you enter your step into the fashion Industry.


“The blazer like a casual jacket” Photo Courtesy- Eric Hason

I hope everyone reading this article has experience of shopping online. Catalog photography is about a product like attire, accessories, bags, shoes, etc. The main agenda is that the product should be in focus. If you see the pictures on Shein, Flipkart, or amazon the models usually pose simple and showcase different profiles of their body. The models mostly stand straight and sometimes without any facial expressions.

Regarding the poses, if the attire has a side pocket, they pose dipping their hand into the pocket so that the buyers know about the depth of the garment’s pocket. The background is mostly plain light colors so that the buyer focuses only on the product. But sometimes they do add some plant or curtain to make it look real enough and not photoshopped. I don’t know about other online shopping applications but Myntra also has an extra catalog shoot added to products like handbags, complicated attire, shoes, etc. If you want to be a catalog fashion photographer, you have to target new brands who all are trying to sell their products online. 


“Bald is Beautiful” Photo Courtesy- Alok Shah

Just like the name suggests, a photography wherein top-level brands communicate with the supermodels, television actors or any professional model to promote their product with a professional shoot. For this type of photography, you need contacts with popular brands, models, editors, publishers, etc. 

Where the background, Makeup, accessories, lights, location, and everything matters for photography. Unlike catalog photography, here expression plays a vital role, and poses cannot be straightforward. Various fashion designers like Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi Mukharjee promote their designs with a photographer specialized in this type of photography. Brands like Zara, Forever 21, Nike and H&M also vote in their products for high fashion photography.  


“Spring is about pink” Photo Courtesy- Tezza

Street fashion photography is something every beginner can start. It focuses on street style fashion photography where the model can either be aware of photography or just candid. This type of photography is taken from a distance so that the person is candid with their expressions to avoid nervousness. Basic trends and innovative attire are the hotspots of this photography. It is cheap as you just need a good camera and sunlight.


“The Purple lipstick story” Source- The Times of India

Like every other type has a certain main element to add its value. Editorial photography as a story to cover in the photographs. It is a magazine shoot focusing on mood, theme, expression, etc. It is mainly to publish the photographs and write an article about that photograph. The stories can be related to events, festivals, trending colors, attire, makeup, etc. 

Like the purple lipstick story of Aishwarya Rai Bachhan during Cannes. Wearing an exceptional color on Cannes cannot always turn out easy. She got many trollers but she still photographed herself which shows that you can burn any boundaries to turn out this exceptional makeup for your benefit. All the fashion magazines were drooling over her purple lipstick story. It’s funny how the smallest element of fashion photography turned out to be the talk of the town. To be an editorial photographer you have to come up with photographs of such fashion stories worth reading. It’s new, it’s purple and without a clue.


“White cloth flowing like smoke” Photo courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Still, handling the ups and downs of fashion photography career? Why do you think that’s happening? Is it you or the things that are lacking behind? Waiting for the answer? Well, the answer is you need to know about the Essentials of Fashion Photography Workshop. What does this mean? Stepping into the practical world, instead of daydreaming in an imaginary world. We all need a helping hand of someone or the other. 

This workshop is not just your helping hand, but a stepping stone of the future. Have you been dealing with not being able to find a good model? Or finding the tools needed for photography? Or finding a background according to the theme? Well, all these questions have only one answer, ”Essentials Of Fashion Photography Workshop”.In this workshop, you will cover all these problems, have a good experience, and a portfolio. Remember your clients, models, background, color theme, etc makes a portfolio that talks about your work without words. 

We all know something or the other about colors but what we don’t know is how to make them look perfect in that picture. What makes this workshop so special? Learn how to make a final mark in the fashion industry. 


It was held on 9th February at the pink city Jaipur from morning 11 am to the evening at 7 p.m by Shailja Bhatnagar. Only 12 photographers were allowed because limited entries for the workshop will help to pay attention to every person. You can visit her photography on her chiiz website. Camera, Tripod (Optional), and a Light source such as flash were asked to bring with themselves. The rest of the things were managed by Shailja and her team. She is not just a fashion photographer she is also an architecture photographer. You can also follow her on social media like Facebook

There are lists of things Shailja Bhatnagar and her team taught the students. Like branding your photography, marketing, team building, Led light photography, adjusting modifiers, mood boards, Colour theory, rules of posing, sensual photography, etc. You will learn how to start your career in fashion photography. I am guessing you all have questions in these points like:-  

“Red Vermilion of promise” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar


We all want to know which is that one light that will help you photograph better? How many lights are used in daylight and in the night time? how to set a background and learn the mood of the theme in sensual photography? What are the first steps to look for a career in fashion photography? Which application is used to make a mood board? How do post-production-flow works? How to edit the images? Which colors should be in the spotlight to make it more eye-appealing? How will mood boards help you increase your clients? Rules of posing to direct your model?  How to start creating a portfolio? 

There are a million “How?”, “which?’, and “what?” but the question here is “Who will help you find it?” The answer is Shailja Bhatnagar. I will narrate her workshop story to reach your every answer. This blog is a package deal to your knowledge about fashion photography. Name it and you have the answers. I have not only mentioned what the tips are but I have also mentioned how to evaluate those tips. 

About the Mentor

A professional photographer who converted her hobby into a career. Relatable isn’t it? But you all are one stage one she already reached her goal and now she is raising her bar. She started photography as a teenager, finished with academic study in Jamia Millia Islamia University, and in Triveni Kala Sangam, both are situated in New Delhi. She completed her degree in arts and specialized in photography in light and life academy. 

Light and Life Academy is a well-known school of photography situated in Ooty, Tamilnadu. The school helped her become the person she is now, what exactly? A  knowledgeable photographer with decades of experience, software skills, has a good relationship with clients and models, professional camera, every equipment of camera, and much more! She is specialized in fashion, fine arts, architecture, food and beverages, corporate, industrial, and product photography. 




“What do you mean?” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Look at this model, what do you see? Why does this photo seem appealing to your eyes? Because her expressions are in line with her nose, her eyelids are a little closed from down, her lips are soft, relaxed and a little open, her hand is waving a relaxed posture and every feature on her face is perfectly visible. How do you think this is possible? Because for every picture you say, CHEESE! Make sure it looks like a CHIIZ(thing)


“Women in limited edition Quant dress” Photo Courtesy- John French

What is the difference between the two photographs? Why is the first one more eye-catchy than the other? Because in the first picture all the parts of the body are visible and comfortable. In the second picture, the hands are behind the model, which creates a little distraction to the eyes, because her expression is all comfortable but her posture is rigid and it looks like you are hiding something, there are abstract cases when you pose something like this, it might work but not always. So, these are a few mistakes you need to avoid while clicking a picture.  


“Comfortable or uncomfortable?”

Let’s start analyzing the pictures, what you would like in that situation of a particular theme. Like the above picture, what do you see? Did you see the difference? Still, analyzing? Well, the times up! Both the pictures are showcasing comfort and advertising the clothes but we really don’t see the comfort in the second picture, as you see it in the first picture. 

In the second picture, there are too many bent hands and legs. It makes the picture look uncomfortable. But when you see the first picture, I mean it looks perfect! It makes me wanna buy their sweatshirts! Both the models are posing but with the KISS rule. Which is? Keep it simple! They haven’t added anything extra, and that was the theme, “lazy day” sometimes you have to be the theme to get this shot.

“Kill em with kindness” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Maybe sometimes photos just turn out beautiful when it’s a candid shot, introducing the second ingredient. For candid shots, the model should free herself with imposing rules on her body.  


“Can you hear me roar?” Photo courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

“Everything is blue…his hair, his clothes, his jeans..” Not a big fan of Hasley? Well, the songs say everything looks just like one color, but I know that’s not how fashion photography works in terms of colors excluding some abstract photographs. 

What I am trying to tell you is to make sure your photographs have colors, in the attire, background, eyes, setup, etc. People use colors to build their social media profiles like green, blue, and yellow are more likely to carry someone’s attention. Learning photoshop will help you learn about color balance and color brightness which will help the important colors to glow better and look eye-catching. 

Have you watched Sex and the city series? Because most stylish and best senses of colors are used in their attire, bags, shoes, hair, Everything!  it’s just contrast and yet it looks so amazing. Look at the red popping like a yellow in the blue, look at the classy and sassy golden dress, different hairstyles from blond to black, look at the white waistcoat on pink! It’s just so different and rare that you need to watch this movie, I am sure it will give you a lot of ideas about the attire, makeup, hair, etc.


“Sleeping into the lights”

As I mentioned before about the editing tools used for color correction, I will elaborate my point now, that color correction is used in photoshop to make it look better as you see in the above picture the left is before and the right is after. 

First, you have to make a duplicate image on the photoshop, then click right on the duplicate image, then convert it to a smart object, click on the filter and choose, “Camera Raw filter”. That’s how this image was edited. You can adjust the temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, etc. For more info you can watch the youtube videos of color correction, it will help you get along with every process step by step. 

“When moon sprinkles on you” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Can you see the purple color highlighted in the picture? That’s where the color correction is used. The raw picture was taken down by the post-production team which helped the picture to glow better. The students learned that raw things might not work if you have to be a professional photographer. Shailja and her team thought the tricks and tools needed to be considered while editing the picture. Like when you have to make the temperature low and high. How much clarity does the picture need? At what level the highlights should be blended? etc. How can you find out? Watch and learn.


“Let the reflection follow you” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

What is a post-production workflow? The things you need to consider while clicking and after clicking the photographs. The workshop has covered your issues with lights, 12 types set up for lights, as the lights play differently in every setup, it’s the most any workshop can cover. 

“Made for the sunny days” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar


Well, lights are the first editing tool of every photographer, it’s just not mentioned because it’s candid editing. So shall we start with our first character? How should I name it? “Lights, camera action!” Let’s get talking! So there are different kinds of lights like single-source light, volume lights, multi-source lights, etc all these lights are used commonly in a setup, advertisements, or dark places. 

The most common is how to use LED lights? It is mostly used by beginners. Led lights can be effective in night photography, it builds your photograph in a better way as it gives natural highlights to the picture. The question is how do you handle the frequency of these lights? Shailja covered the rules and regulations to use the lights.

“Always look at the bright side” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar


Why do you need to learn about lights? Because it helps your eyes pop up with colors in night photography. There’s one more type of lights used by most popular influencers on TikTok across the world, it’s the Halo Light. Still don’t get it? The ring figure lights are called Halo lights.

“Midnight bliss” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

What if there was one light in a lifetime to make your photography work? Well, wishes come true, its Studio lights. With the help of modifiers, we can adjust the lights according to the mood of the theme, you can also use it for reflective light. It gives a smooth, soft, and tempting image as we wished. The model looks more relaxed and her postures look more attractive. 

“Keep them guessing” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar


If you cannot afford all these things, there’s always an option open for editing. As it acts as the final touch up for your photos. Sure thing that lights help most in the editing but what if you are asked to make an advertisement brochure? Magazine cover page? Without editing, things might get rough for you because you might need some colors dark and some pale in the pictures. 

If you are looking for creative jobs in fashion photography editing is a must because natural lights may or may not work for you. What’s the problem with editing is that your judgments should be right about the edits because if it goes wrong you have to redo it. It’s time-consuming and that’s the reason lights play a vital role because if your brightness level is well captured half of the work is done then and there.


“Fashion shades of Autumn season” Photo courtesy- Janhavi Sawant

When you read different photography magazines, you get innovative ideas for your mood boards. What is a mood board? It’s typically a set of photographs (like 6-10)used to define a whole theme. It is always good to keep it simple by adding fewer pictures, it looks classy and like a mood board, more pictures might just take away the spotlight of the theme. 

What do you see in the above mood board? Most colors popping out are pale orange, light blue, turquoise, and pink hence it is all that Autumn theme is about but in fashion photography. There’s also a variety in every picture, which is an important note while making a mood board. Also, variety doesn’t mean that the pictures turn poles apart from each other. 


This mood board is created by the Canva application. First, you have to adjust the size of the mood board from the custom dimensions option as 1640*846 px. You have to take pictures that have common colors like in this mood board the common color is pale orange. Which is an autumn season color? You can upload your pictures on canvas and set them accordingly to make sure that you don’t use pictures that have more than 5 colors if you are making it for a particular theme. 

If you are a writer or just a casual blogger of your photography you can use mood boards for your blogs. It will make users click on your blog as your photographs gave them the idea about your blog. Mood boards are also used in making the display image of brochures for the advertising industry. It can act as a bonus to make the clients happy especially in Editorial Fashion Photography. You can also use different font styles while mentioning the name of the theme, it helps to catch the viewer’s attention. 


“She got a supermodel of the year”, do you watch India’s next supermodel? Shailja Bhatnagar introduced her students to professional models. How does it help? So who do you think is gonna win the race, an experienced model, or just a random Instagram influencer in your contact list?


“Desi but classy!” 

This workshop was a green card for those people who cannot find good models, basically a good face, you don’t have to guide them much for their looks, postures, expression, etc. Remember Modelling is also a career because not having good and rare faces with inbuilt features of posing is bad news. Not every time the tortoise is going to win the race against rabbits, be practical about the harsh truths of the fashion industry because as glitter and glossy it sounds, the reality is right in front of you.

Branding your portfolios is the next level! Don’t have any contacts? find it in such workshops, try fixing instead of whining about things you don’t have, make it happen. Step out of your comfort level because darling, the fashion industry is about getting in uncomfortable clothes and still feeling comfortable. I know! Brutal but if I don’t tell you the truth, why would you be on this page?


“Reality is tough” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Moodboards can help advertise your products, it doesn’t matter what you advertise, just make sure it’s the hero in the picture. Like the Livon serum advertisement always showcases hair like the real hero in the picture. Look where they have come? Getting new bees for their advertisement every year in INTM (India’s Next Top Model). At the end of the day, your photography will matter no matter where it’s published like banners, magazines, newspapers, etc everyone’s eyes should take a second look at what they saw and that’s the day you will be perfect in your work. Clients are pleased to see mood boards because they know it can attract many potential viewers for their online or paper magazine. 


Is the digital platform important for your work? Yes, sure it is because people are not gonna come to you. If you still haven’t made any page you are daydreaming already! Because social media is the only affordable option you got in your pocket. Learning a digital marketing course might help you build your editing skills. 

Like the website, logo, Photoshop, video editing, content writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, these all will be built right in their places. Make sure wherever you learn, they provide a Google certificate. We all need a team to build this vision, for starters even a team of four members could work! It could be your friends or just a group who crossed paths in the same passion. Slowly, and steadily your chain will grow and one day your name will earn its value just like Shailja Bhatnagar.


If you are really looking forward to this industry you need to build a plan first. Being unplanned about the whole thing might just break everything apart, you might face challenges you aren’t aware about. Reading through newspapers, magazines can help you get the idea of this masquerade world, do you need real faces? First, be prepared for one! And unawareness is just counted as dumb.

“Chasing the Sun” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

So let me give you some tips. First, write down all the career opportunities the fashion industry provides. Second, what’s your interest, and don’t pick one! You can pick maybe two or three if you are not sure where’s your interest. Try finding internships or work for someone professional (depending on what you choose). Third, jot down the points of what you learned, the pros and cons of that particular internship. You have to at least try 3 types of career opportunities to know where you lack in and what’s your strength on the basis of that you will have a plan for yourself. 

Fashion Shows

“Who runs the world? GIRLS” Photo Courtesy- Juilee Sawant

If you are still studying in degree college don’t waste your time, use it for internships and opportunities. You will have better memories of success than just meeting people. Maybe if not this, you don’t like rigid time schedules during college you can start with doing a free photoshoot of people in your contact list. But make sure they are the pretty ones, who at least have a sense of posing and dressing. 


If you are doing something free, never hand it to people who don’t have things you are looking for, look for someone with great fashion sense, maybe a fashion designer! new styles will also be posted and your photography skills can be promoted hand in hand with him or her. If you have a friend who studies in fashion designing school, ask them if they need a photographer without charges. As you know nobody says no to free things, it will be your entry ticket to learn photography. You might also learn what outfits are needed in a particular theme as every fashion show has a theme. 

The above picture had different themes like painting and fusion. The picture was taken from the Atharva school of fashion and arts in 2016. The cunning smile of the girl in the red suit, the impressive figure of one in Marathi fusion attire, the creative painting on kaftan with the storyline of Arjun and the bird’s eye, and lastly, the one in a purple ruffled dress with slim curves, cherry expression, and good posture have given no doubts about being the show stopper. 

“Let’s get talking” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

How to price your product?

You know your camera grows old every time you click a picture. Not exactly old! What happens when you use the same hairdryer for years? Its potential decreases, just like cameras, but the only difference is cameras are more expensive. And you have to keep its value! Once you have some good photographs of free shoots you can move on charging per person or by time. Time could work because people wait a lot of time being unprepared for poses. 

If you are working for an advertising agency as a fashion photographer you might have many clients for product photography. What do you see in the above picture? Makeup is the hero, isn’t it? Purple lipstick? Looks familiar? When did it start? When AIshwariya rai showed up with purple lipstick on Cannes. 


“Can you feel the SPACE?” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Being comfortable in your skin is what every teenager deals with every day. Who doesn’t deal is the model who chooses to click sensual photographs. They are also known as Boudoir Photography. It’s mostly capturing the Intimacy in a photograph in private rooms, or a closed habitat. Have you ever watched the lingerie advertisements? They capture the romance, erotic expressions, comfortable poses, etc. As you see the picture, Shailja made sure that the hand gestures are right, her legs look perfectly candid, and the hair moments are just a creative spice to the whole picture!

What is the Psychology of a sensual photographer? If you are clicking the picture in private rooms, make sure that the mattress is a little messy, the hand gestures could be more relaxed, the photograph should cover the whole posture, for example, you should never cut the legs in the photograph just because it doesn’t fit horizontally try to fit things with a slight change in angle. The model’s expression matters the most, looking into nothingness could damage the whole picture. 


“Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees, and toes…Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees, and toes…And eyes and ears and mouth and mouth and nose….Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes” This was my favorite nursery rhyme! 

We had dance steps with it. But some might have just heard it in their Zumba classes or maybe never. Such a typical catholic school girl, I know! But maybe this song will always remind you what you are looking for in a photograph right? So, shall we begin with the sequence of profile poses in a frame?  I’ll take that as a yes.

When you click a photograph they are clicked in different types of frames according to different profiles. There are six types of frames which are, headshot, head and shoulder, portrait (bust), Mid-body, ¾ body, and full length which are further categorized in different profiles. 

The following photos will be aligned in front, back, ¾  side, and side profile of each type of frame. 


We will start with headshots, headshots are mostly about a person’s head, face or shoulders. You have to know about these categories as you might be asked to make a portfolio and that’s how you display your headshot photographs. 

What’s good about headshots? It makes you focus on one thing which brightens the whole picture. Can you see the third picture? Remember her? Of course the famous Julia Roberts! Look at her face! She just looks like a cheerleader! Who brightens the whole squad.  Maybe focusing on one thing isn’t so bad, is it? 

Are you singing along with me? It’s head and shoulders now! Well in head and shoulders we capture the face and the shoulders more likely. As you can see in every picture the shoulders do have a turning point, which makes it different from the headshots. You can compare and know the difference. 

Now it’s time for portraits, portraits mean capturing the vertical image but in this theme, we have captured it till bust size. Don’t you feel that the pictures are related somehow? It looks like the guy is looking at the girl in the first picture and the other two are gossiping about it. Anyway, it’s just a coincidence. 

Direct Point

Let’s get back to the point, bust-length portrait pictures could be the most captured photographs in your camera. Might have some differences in length, those differences are the mistakes you make while capturing a photograph either it should be head and shoulder shot or a portrait (bust) or mid-body. The pictures should be edited accordingly to have a category for itself. You can start categorizing according to my following points and make an extra folder that doesn’t fit in any type then edit it to whichever fits well. 

As I mentioned earlier about mid-body photographs, it comes after portrait. A mid-body photograph is the waist size of your body. As it separates your body in two sections on that point.  Maybe if you have a hair length like the girl in the side pose, mid-body photographs are an excellent choice to click the picture. 

Elegabt Profiles

Moving forward with the ¾ side of the photograph, ¾ side is till your favorite midi dress which is, above knee length. I like the perspective from down in the third image, which shows we can remove the photograph from different angles too, not that always your camera has to stand still, dance along with it and I hope you get your moves captured in a better place. 

And last but not least a full-length photograph, capturing your whole body. I like how the one in the first and the second picture is sitting. In this type of photography, you can capture the person in any posture. Maybe all the yoga asana poses could be a good start for you. 

I hope you understood all the points required to be a professional photographer. So, these were the ten essential points covered by Shailja Bhatnagar. I hope you took notes and would try it someday. Cheers to future photographers! 


“Catwalk with catalog shoot” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

There are four types of fashion photography in which you can build your future. First, you have to know what you photograph the best? It can be people or products. Then you have to know your favorite genre in photography. Like in product photography you should check out new online businesses. The products can be anything but if you are specifically looking into the fashion industry. Then the products can be attire, makeup brands, shoes, handbags, etc. 

If you click the people better, then the rest of the three types excluding catalog photography can be your headstart in the fashion industry. As I said earlier street fashion photography can be the best option to start with every beginner. Then after gaining years of experience, you can join a firm for editorial photography. 


High fashion photography requires a lot of experience so it cannot be your beginning point unless you have good models, finance, and a team. Where you can check for openings? Start looking for journalists of entertainment times, they always need a photographer for opening events of movies, Filmfare, festivals, etc. Stay updated with the current events occurring in malls or hotels. 

Check the openings in a fashion designing firm, they might have events to showcase their designs like a ramp walk. Mail them and ask if they are hiring a photographer for a ramp shot. You can also target the new makeup, bags, or shoe brands that need a catalog photographer for their products. You can also open your own fashion photography business if you have financed. Because you might need a team of fashion designers, editor, registrar, personal assistant, public relations, etc. 

You can target the young fashion designers for your business, who are desperate to show their designs. It will help them sell their designs and you can build your photography.  further, I will show you how to brand and market your fashion photography. 


What is a  brand for you? Creative, something out of the box, basic use, etc. In fashion, photography branding starts with making a website or a social media page to reach out with your end-users. First, check out the list of top fashion photographers across India or the world. Second look for those photographers, whose photography is unique. Look at people who post a variety or stick to one form of photography. 

“Truth hurts” Photo Courtesy- Damon Baker

Like for example Damon Baker, if you see his Instagram account his fashion photography is dark. He photographs people in their dark faces. He has also clicked some horrifying sensual photography. I think it’s very difficult to click the dark face of people if they look so bright. His photography including his name is different. Also, most of the pictures are black and white. He has clicked pictures of famous T.V series celebrities and Instagram influencers. Like the two Sprouse twins Dylan and Cole, Ross Butler and Brandon Flynn from 13 reasons why Lili Reinhart and KJ Appa from Riverdale, etc. 


“Dress to impress” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Social media platforms can be great for marketing. For me the best platform is Instagram, it might be tough to get followers but it’s mostly for the feed. So if you have quality content Instagram is the best option. The second option is the website of your photography page. You can also do both, just add your website on your social media.

There are certain things to keep in mind before you open a fashion photography page. 


The name of the page. Most of the mistakes people make is writing your name and adding a photograph as the word of your photography page. That’s the effort you make for your photography page, then let me tell you that there are plenty of local photographers who do the same thing. So it’s your choice if you want to be considered at the same level then go ahead. Unless your name is Sabhyasachi Mukharjee the name of your page is not going to work for you. Sabyasachi is itself a unique name, so keeping it has no harm. 


Categorize your photos. If you don’t have any photos till now, head over 3 different types of places and click some pictures. Once you click the pictures categorize it into different colors. Like for example if the picture has more yellow then add it separately in different folders. Then a folder for blue’s, green’s, and so on…

“Dipping into the holy water” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

I know I am very organized. The other ways you can organize if your photographs are categorized into the types of fashion photography.


Make a list of hashtags you are going to use for your photography. Make sure you use every hashtag alternatively and not just copy-paste.


Target various caption pages and see which captions can be used for your page. 

It can be about nature, sky, people, behavior, etc. If you are already good at writing captions, you can write it for yourself. Even blogs can be a great option as people who love to read the stories behind the picture. You can check out the humans of new york page for reference. People also write two or three-word captions for photography. Example: “That purple lipstick”. Such captions act as a title to your photograph. 

“Your daydream” Photo Courtesy-Shailja Bhatnagar


Check your schedule and write down the time you are mostly free. How to check this? Spend a weekend writing the time you are free in a note. Check which time is common in those seven days. Let that be your time. Also, note there are certain rules for time schedule. Make sure the time is not midnight at 2 am or something. Because users are mostly sleepy at that time they might not like your photograph. You can always go in the morning and evening from 7 pm-11 pm time. Post every day in that time schedule. 

Sixth, the feed, and stories. The feed should have a variety of pictures. You can also post a live video of your photoshoot so that people see how you actually click the photographs. Also, live video displays at the start of your stories, so there’s more possibility of engagement. 

“Sunday looks like” Photo Courtesy- Shailja Bhatnagar

Seventh. The best, of course, to deduct all the points above. Hire a digital marketing intern to run your photography page. They have the perfect skills to run your page. Like search engine optimization, social media marketing, make a website, etc. You can also learn this free digital marketing courseof 40 hours where you will learn how to make a website and basic things needed for marketing. It’s free and googles certified. 



He is a famous Indian fashion photographer in India. His photography skills are channelized on TV in India’s next top model show. Many celebrities and professional models hire him for a fashion photography shoot. Like the Kabir Singh actress, Kiara Advani captured a sensual photograph holding a leaf. He is the most experienced photographer be it any type of fashion photography catalog, editorial, street, or high fashion photography. Popular magazines like Elle, The Man, Cosmopolitan, Filmfare publish his photography as the cover page. 


“A person with different types of colours”

You have officially missed your childhood if you haven’t watched Zack and Cody. Cody as Cole Sprouse started his acting at a very young age as an actor from Zack and Cody to today’s famous conspiracy Netflix series Riverdale. What you didn’t know is Cole is also known for his photography in landscapes, fashion, and street photography. If you go through his Instagram page, his type is mainly high fashion Photography and street fashion photography. It’s funny that unlike other photographers he also has a page named Camera Duels wherein he photographs people before they photograph him in public. 


He is an American fashion photographer, age 74, who has won nominees like Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1989 and Venezia Classici Award for Best Documentary on Cinema in 2018. He has done advertisement campaigns for popular brands like Ralph Lauren. 

“Will you hang out with me?” 

He mostly deals with professional models for photography with an abstract sense of style. Like the picture above, who would have thought your imaginations about having a bigger hanger will be photographed one day. His sense of imagination is definitely something to learn from and that is the reason he is listed in the top fashion photographers. 


“The bride to be is the bride to see”

Applause for the famous Sabyasachi Mukherjee designer. Sabyasachi is an Indian wedding dress brand by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. As you know that wedding dresses means lace, designs, detailing, etc. It becomes very important that every detail is well focused on the picture. The model should look like a bride to be. Apart from this, he also clicks for Filmfare, Elle, and Cosmopolitan featuring famous fresh celebrities like Rajkumar Rao, Ayushman Khurana, Sara Ali Khan, etc. His photography will teach you how the details play an important role in fashion photography. 


Now, I am sure I have given you enough glimpse of this workshop you needed to learn before you start with something. Also, enough reasons to follow them, Shailja is not just any photographer, but a professional photographer with 10 years of experience to share.

I hope you are clear with types of photography, History of fashion photography, the top photographers to learn from, essentials needed to start fashion photography, etc. I hope you liked my blog, you can also visit our website for more blogs.

We conduct photography contests and the winner gets featured with a cash prize. We also conduct online photography workshops for different categories of photography. I wish that the essentials of fashion photography played an essential role in your photography career.

Till then keep reading, keep clicking, and keep growing! 

About the Author:

Janhavi Sawant is 21 years old and has completed her bachelor’s in BMS marketing. Currently, she is a Chiiz content writer intern. She is known for her imagination and creative writing skills. She wants to be a Graphics designer someday, for that to happen she is currently working on her content creation and learning different software. Janhavi has few hobbies like playing guitar, painting and trying new recipes which plays a major part in her strengths of being patient, creative, and organized

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