Over recent years everything has changed and so do the field of photography. From taking a simple picture in black and white to capturing colored photos, the Photography world has developed. 

Glimpse Into Fine Art

Fine Art Photography is a type of photography in which the image implies a vision of the Photographer as an artist. Fine art photography expresses emotions, meaning that it is hidden in his photography. Every photographer looks at the pictures from a different vision, their explanation for the same picture would be different. 

Position of Fine Art Photography

Earlier, Fine art photography was considered vulgar & irrelevant. No one was interested to look at these arts.

The proper introduction of this art came with the exhibition of The family man came into the gallery. After these people changed their view to look at Fine art photography.

From then magazines started to print about Fine art. Now every big gallery and exhibition gives priority to these arts. Fine art photography continues to offer a priceless legacy.

Guidance for Fine Art Photography

Every photographer has their own style to capture pictures therefore for beginners it would be beneficial to follow a famous photographer and know about different types of photographers.

Click more than one picture of the same moment because sometimes just one image is not enough to convey the actual feelings or vision of a moment.

The first thing which comes to everyone’s mind when someone says fine art photography is “Black and White”, but sticking to only black and white filters makes the audience tedious sometimes.

Unique Colours In Fine Art Photography

Using unique colors to your pictures adds value to your capture and makes your clicks more attractive.

On top of that using different colors changes the vision to look at that picture. Color versions are better and more powerful than black & white.

Fine Art Photography is far beyond the Black and White. Its understanding is at that level when the colors are of the same importance as Monochromes. Below is an example of the same, where an Artist got featured in Chiiz Photography Magazine Vol-38- Fine Art.

Antoine Verglas

“Let Me Eat You”

“Style of Starkers”

“Indulge in Self-Vibes”

“Hedonistic Look”

“Flower as Odorant of Vulva”

“A Quiet Moment of Gratification”

“A Defiant Complexion”


In Fine art photography, photographs tell many stories and convey a message which the photographer tries to give.  Lots of endeavors to click a picture that has some meaning in it. Everyone who carries a camera cannot be a photographer, you have to be talented enough to make your image alive.


Beginners can also start their work with a mini-project. You can use one unique subject for your project and work on it by taking fascinating pictures, It can be a good start for fine art photography.

By focusing on just one subject you can learn about the basics. The results are more consistent. First of all, plan about the subject and then collect more information about it.

Many famous photographers have also done mini-projects, let’s take the example of Christian Richter, he did a complete series on abandoned places across Europe.

Message And Photography Relation

The photographic image communicates a message faster than text. Spilling all your thoughts on a paper through photographs may create confusion in the onlooker’s minds. First, try to stabilize the relation between the message you want to convey and the photograph you clicked.

Get some basic ideas about the artwork then decide your topic and then work accordingly. Make your ideas meaningful and clear then share it with viewers.

Pick Your Own Unique Style

After getting a good idea about  Fine art photography, try to make your own unique style to earn the attention of the viewers.

Fine art photography itself means to look at the vision distinctly from others to come up with new ideas, always try to create your own content with your photography skills to develop quirky images.

A photographer with its picture tries to show their perspective to the World, they give different aspects to look at the same picture, so the picture and message behind it should be clear enough.

Hence, it is important to create a fictitious thought to be creative especially in the field of photography.


In Fine art photography, a photographer has their own perspective to see the image, your ideas might differ from other artists because you are innovating your ideas to viewers and the camera is a medium for the same.

Presenting your message with the artist’s statements is not mandatory but it helps to convey your message more clearly.

Ziqian Liu







“Hat 1”

“Hat 2”



“New Dress”

“Personal Image”


You do not need any type of degree to start this all you need is only a sensible perspective.

Nature And Photography

Nature teaches us many things and nature speaks a different language which is brought forward by photographers and made us understood.

Nature has always been highlighted in the field of photography. It would not be wrong to say that beginners can begin their work in this field. You can show the beauty of nature through your photography skills.

nature photography puts a strong emphasis on creating an image more aesthetic. Most of the magazines or galleries comprise this type of photography.


Explore as much as you can to find a new and unique subject. Exploring also helps to increase your experiences and will let you know about new things which you may haven’t heard about.

In photography you cannot compromise with the moment which you want to capture,  exploring gives you an opportunity to get creative ideas. When you are working with Fine art photography, It is important to reach the depth of view to bring out a good message from the captured picture.

Image Courtesy- Matheus Viana

Exploring lets you to beautiful spots like architecture, natural lighting. Some sites can bring out a lot of significance.

A location can help to add meaning to your Photography arts. So I will suggest exploring more and more to get an accurate picture with deeper thoughts.

Effect of Fine Art On People

As mentioned before fine art photography was first taken as vulgar and inappropriate no one likes to look at these arts. But eventually, a change took place and people started to like and appreciate fine arts, they started to show interest in this and began to buy fine art photographs.

Now the time has come when this profession is considered as the victorious one.

Fine Art Photography As Career

Although fine art photography doesn’t need any particular degree because skill can be developed in anyone. But it requires experience to be at the professional level.

Firstly try to earn experience and certificates which can help you later to work with an experienced photographer. You can also go for some training, these options can help you to become a professional photographer.

You have to create a portfolio to show your level which is upgrading and your development as an artist.

Starting the profession in Fine art photography is not easy, one needs to face many peaks and valleys ahead but you can come up all by using your skill and by your patience.

How Fine Art Photography Is Different From Other Genres

As compared to other Photography, Fine art photography is all about expressing yourself with beauty and meaning or I can say that it is unrestricted and can break the usual rules of Photography.

Fine art is different because it involves abstract subjects more than anything else and builds meaning from those subjects.

Fine art also involves creative editing and editing is the essence of photography, it creates pictures more aesthetic.

Other photography usually deals with technical skills but fine art focuses on creative ideas, emotion, and message.

Equipment for Fine Art Photography

In order to start fine art photography what you need are a creative mind, photography skills, and a handy camera. That’s because Fine art photography is different from other photography.

The best thing about Fine Art Photography is that it is the only Genre which does not have any specific equipment. One can use any lens, any camera, or smartphone, or any prop. Everything is the eye.

Advantages of Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography helps a photographer to bring out their feelings, ideas and makes you realize how creative you can be.

It expands your thinking power and lets you find beautiful and unique pictures. Fine art photography can be appreciated for beauty and they are considered art.

Viewers pay attention to the painting which gives a good meaning rather than other common paintings.

Keep Your Picture Simple

Try to keep your work simple so that observers can appreciate your work without any confusion, also try to keep your background simple for example if you are taking the image of a child try to make the other distractions blur and only focus on your subject.

Simplicity helps to bring out your work more efficiently, you would be able to find more interesting perspectives.

To Create An Unnatural Photography

Fine art photography is about bringing out your skills from a natural spot to edit it and create unnaturally, I will make this more clear by giving you an example of a black sky, purple grass, and many more editing skills.

Creating a normal picture with unnatural colors makes your photograph to be more captivating. There are many styles which you can try for this like landscape.

Fine art photography means otherworldly painting with unnatural shots or colors to make your painting more eye-catchy.

Participate In Art Contests

Participating in art contests helps you get noticed and if you win art competitions then you can add them to your portfolio.

Participation also creates confidence in you and some of the contests may give you the opportunity to take your art to galleries.

Keep Contact With Other Artists

There are many benefits to creating contact with artists. An artist can only understand what are scarcities in your art and you can correct it.

Try to collaborate with them and expose your work to get your work promoted.


Editing is the most important thing for photography before you represent your photograph to viewers. Usually, in fine art photography, black and white editing is more preferable.

Editing makes your meaning more clear and also takes your art to another level.

Mistakes Fine Art Photographers Make

Some mistakes that usually beginner photographers make are, they do not know which mode to use in-camera to make photos more realistic.

For example, you should know which area is to be highlighted and which has to be blurred, also focus on images that are a region of interest.

Filter your image by adding something new and unique which is never seen by viewers. Never try to copy any artist.


Everyone has someone who inspires them in every field, Likewise, you should also keep photographs or Photographers as a motivator.

Following your inspiration will always drive you to the right path. But remember one thing: Inspired by others doesn’t mean to copy others, striving for your own art takes out authentic art.


Now if you are ready and confident about your skills and have an idea about how to start it, then what are you waiting for,  take your camera and get ready to shoot.

Most importantly have confidence in yourself and in your skills, you may make mistakes because no one is born perfect.

The world wants to see your creativity!


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