Hello Readers !! How you all are doing in your artistic life. I hope you all are doing an enormous job on the path of success. If not, then, Let me propose to you a plan to make your path of success a really successful triumph in the field of Food Styling Photography. Come to us, learn, get experience and have a lot of amazing memories for your passionate art. About Photography, I don’t think I have to tell you what it means and how it works. Photography is an art to showcase something that does not need an article, a language or a particular age group to understand. You just need an imaginative brain with eyes to understand a photograph. Photography is the only language in the whole world that does not need any dimension to understand, that only needs a fire in the heart to showcase everything in a PHOTOGRAPH. 

This was all about Photography, but when it comes to Food Styling Photography, you need not to have a passion for Photography only, rather Food, Lighting, and Experimental Photography too. An old saying “The path of a man’s heart passes through his appetite”. Well, I know it sounds misogynistic.The readers are here to be an artist and an art is incomplete without being one sided. But Okay, I can reinvent this Idiom as “The path of a person’s heart passes through her/his appetite”. So, If you are a woman who wants to arouse her husband or vice versa, If you are a restaurant owner, If you are a chef or If you are a passionate lover of Photography. Let me confirm you that you are at the right venue. You are reading a right blog and you will be attending the right workshop i.e., Food Styling Photography.

Food Styling Photography is not just about clicking photographs of food with the right posture, in the right lighting, from the right orientation with the right gadget. It’s all about increasing appetite and not slightly but in a huge amount. There must be saliva spots after the Food Styling Photography Workshop. There must be a lot of experience about basics and professionality of Food Styling Photography. And there must be zero question about Food Photography when you will be leaving from the workshop.

Along with your passion, curiosity and photophilic attitude, gear up your camera and accessories and let your camera shine with an awesome food styler Farhana Hameed and Vijay Chawla as our mentor and with a professional photographer Shailja Bhatnagar. In the end, you will come to know about the basics of Food styling and Photography, lighting and techniques to have mesmerizingly attractive photographs and of course a chance to have a bite, if lucky enough to join us at time.

Do you know why we even do Food Photography? As food is already selling everywhere, there is no need to sell photos for food as we all are human beings and we all need food for our survival. So, it is a basic thing that we all have and no need to promote it. Wow ! What logic I have made? But the question is that Why we do Food Photography if Food is evergreen. We do it to promote our business, to promote art to local people, to promote a professional chef. As we all know, only a photograph can define how happy a family is. Whenever we apply for a job in a company, we all go through their Website, “About Us” part, Photographs, Infrastructure and this is the only way to get any idea about the company. But for a new Restaurant, Hotels and Restaurants, Chef’s, we all need to know what they make and an article or website is not enough for a chef and restaurants capability. We need to show it as a Photograph. What they make, How they make, Behind The Scenes, Preprocessing of Food, Garnishing of Food. We can have a lot of Photographs to tell others about the Chef and Restaurants. That is why we do Food Photography.

So, If you have any interest in promoting Food Styling art to local people or Professionals too, or If you yourself have a passion to eat and showing it to everyone else. Then, you must go for a Food Styling Photography Workshop.

I think we have enough of the introduction about Food Styling Photography Workshop. Now, Let us have a look at the Historical part of Foodie Art.

Food photography from 90’s to Now

Nowadays, we all are fascinated about food photography just because of instagram feeds all over here and there, but it’s history started from 1839 by William Henry Fox Talbot, who took the first photograph of a still life containing baskets of peaches and a pineapple. All of you must have seen some photographs in your art book when you were in 6th standard. The same was done by William Henry Fox Talbot. Well, 1839 was the first time that we talked about food. But, before that painters have used food as the depictive objects that was playing just a garnishing part in the background of any subject. First time in 1927, Edward Steichen separated Food Photography from painterly tradition. But, now, in the 20th century, we have evolved to the specific version of Food Photography that includes not only food but the utensil in which food is resting, the cloth on which the utensil is sitting and then, the background.

Just because of this modern transformation, we all can unite to have an amazing experience of Food Styling Photography and by uniting, we all will be able to produce something awful that will give all the participants of Chiiz Food Styling Photography workshop a lifetime memory of learning. Food photography is not restricted to sell photographs in some magazines, rather this kind of art is readily promoted from hotels and restaurants to blogs, mentoring and tutoring professional skills to hotel management students, Food Stylers and Fine Art Photographers too.

Vision as Art

Food photography is not candy. It is one of the hardest kinds of photography when it comes to show a still object as an art. How will you prove that your photograph is an art and it will surely proliferate the avocado toast? I know you must be thinking “Huh!! Hard, hard my foot”. Well, the answer for this attitude is not every still object is easy to click by the camera. Just clicking a photograph isn’t enough if it is not fulfilling its criterion of satisfying a human emotion. In this kind of photography, one tiny pinch of red chilly at the wrong place can destroy the whole essence of human saliva. So, “What To Click” is important but with that, you need to know very sincerely “What Not To Click” too. The “What Not To Click” information is very important for the beginners in the field of Food Photography, who want to make their Photograph an Award Winning Photograph. Apart from this, posture, orientation, inclination and lightning plays an enormous role with the Post-processing skills.

Food Styling Photography workshop will be going to give you the main essence of hot and cracked food with hot streams visible in the air, sweet and attractive smell blowing through your nasal passages and forces your appetite to ask for something real, more than a photograph 😉

“Aaahhhhh!! That much technical information. Offfoo Shivam, Please tell something interesting yaar. We will be available in Chiiz Food Styling Photography Workshop surely, but for now, Please grant us some interesting facts.” I know you all will be telling me this all blah blah blah. So, Okay, I am going to tell you a secret casually but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME :-). What do you think the optimum frequency of hot chilli potato plate to have award winning shots? Or What do you think is the limit of time in which the droplets of humidity will evaporate again over the cold glass of cold-drink? The answer is Just starting 5-10 minutes are best for a shot but after that the award winning chance will plot a negative exponential graph. So, What do you think? Did I ask you this question without even knowing the solution of these flaws? Well the answer is Aankhon ka dhoka aur Haath ki safaai (Illusion). Most people use mashed potatoes with lard, powdered sugar and food color to make an ice-cream. Oh no buddy, Don’t think that Amul was selling you these potatoes but yeah if there is any brand like Alum, then, you must be careful :-). Sometimes, we use motor oil to make meat shiny. Now, it’s enough, We will be telling you more Tips and Tricks and a lot more techniques in the workshop by CHIIZ. Believe it or not, it will be the best ever workshop for an artist, a curious guy and a die hard fan of Photography.

Iteration for Food Photography Workshop

The studio is closer to the “Cook and Bake Academy” of Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. It is the most advantageous part of the workshop. I know how lazy you Food Photographers are :-). You people love your camera and equipment that much that you all do not want to invest your energy in any other thing except your imaginative visual skills.. Well, it’s another fact that lazy ones are the creative ones. Anyway, Let’s have a brief look at the iteration of One Day Food Styling Photography Workshop;-

Warm Up Session – Interactive session among each other so that the whole day would not be a burden, rather feels like a family gathering in a science museum 🙂

Session 1– Introduction of “Basics of Food Styling and Photography” (Starts strictly from 11:00 am)

Session 2- Concept of Lighting, Food styling, Camera Settings.

Session 3- FAQs Session

What are you looking down? It’s enough buddy. It is looking like just 3 sessions but It takes 8 hours including your happy lunch time. Don’t worry you don’t have to control your appetite for this specific Workshop. Now, my lovely keen readers, Grant me some time to tell you some Boons and Banes of the Food Styling Photography Workshop.

Boons of Joining the Food Photography Workshop

  1. Learning of Food Photography basics.
  2. Learning is not enough, Manipulation is as much important as learning.
  3. Lighting (Most important concept of Photography)
  4. Food Styling
  5. Marketing Guidance
  6. Composition
  7. Framing
  8. Post Processing
  9. Get a chance to communicate with mentors.
  10. If lucky enough, you can have a taste of food, not manipulated one 😉
Banes of Joining the Food Photography Workshop
  1. Best things come in life just once.
  2. Maybe your mentor cannot get enough of you.
  3. Lose a chance to have a tasty and branded food
  4. Camera will be angry at you for not unpacking it from the rust of the bag.
  5. And last but not the least, Lose a chance of getting one and only one experience as much profitable in whole ( Price, Experience and Guidance)

Quick Tip

You know many people call Chiiz, asking us for discounts. They ask us whether we have early-bird discounts, Christmas discounts, Holi discounts and so on. When we tell them we don’t have these discounts, they ask us, “But other organizations have discounts. In fact their prices are lower than yours.”

And my answer to them is always a statement that latkes them aback

“Other organization’s prices are lower because they don’t have a choice. Chiiz is one of the leading organizations in India. Anyone who has to compete with Chiiz has to price themselves lower”


So, Dear Photographers, Grant me permission to take a break from you all. But, yeah Don’t forget to come and have a chance to meet our prestigious mentor and photographer.

So, Come, Learn, Eat, Enjoy and Be Passionate about Most Photographer’s love at first sight- “PHOTOGRAPY”. Yeah, you Neanderthal, I didn’t misspell the photography by mistake, you have to come to the workshop to tell me that my spelling has errors. No, You cannot email me or WhatsApp me, because I hate social media, except Blogging 🙂 Will, wait for you.

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