The room was full of hot pink and watermelon cute lighting. Roof had some flashes of blue colour that were giving tremendous effect to the room. The bedsheet was of rosewood with a cute bunny designed at the centre. The red coloured shiny fluid was on the study table. No, it was not filled in the glass but spilt over the top of the table. Some droplets were on the white floor mat with stains of red coloured fluid leftover that was dense and deep in composition but looking very precarious. It was looking that much formidable because it was looking like an artist had made a painting with a bunch of colours i.e., white background, red coloured fluid that is circumscribed by yellow coloured fluid. The red coloured shiny fluid had very tiny thick spherical globules of haemoglobin. Yeah! The red coloured fluid was Blood. There were some pieces of flesh all over the study table of Sana. Lightning in the room was so elegant and appealing but the smell in the room was excruciating. Yellow fluid was all over the edges of the study table and it contained some thick stinky spherical former digestible matter. It was pinky all over the room, light pink with some flashes of blue on the roof. The yellow coloured fluid was the vomiting of Sana that she did last night at 01:35 a.m. 

“Ohhhh! God, this is so confusing Shivam”. Yeah, I know you all must be saying the former sentence but it is not a joke, neither a funny story. It is a story of Lung and Bronchus disease. A short and easily understandable definition for this disease would be “An Uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the body.” It is as much a painful disease to a patient as to his/her correspondents. The loved ones of this disease felt the same tremendous amount of loneliness and pain as the patient felt itself.

The most beautiful depiction of this disease on normal people is shown in “The Fault In Our Stars” movie. Ansel Elgort (Osteosarcoma Patient) has beautifully shown us about life and how to accept it’s challenges and Shailene Woodley (Metastatic Thyroid Patient) as a depressive person who got influenced by Ansel’s positive and inspirational character.

So, this disease is not a thing that can be easily destroyed, even though it easily destroys the whole family and their loved ones. During the treatment of the same, the patient always goes through a regular scenario of a lot of therapy sessions, that is so painful and has staggering side effects. The side effects include hair loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, bowel issues such as constipation or diarrhoea, mouth sores, skin and nail problems etcétera. So, here the discussion is all about hair loss side effects. Baldness is the major side effect of this dreadful disease. But for a woman, being bald is very disappointing because It is a misnomer that hairs are one of the most judgemental things for a woman. A woman is always being judged by the length of her hair. But for patients with some diseases, being hair full is a very tough task. Even, why do we all give importance to the hair of a woman more than her character and her inner beauty? A woman must always remain a woman either with hair or without it. Hair is nothing, just a part of our body to protect us from heat and radiation from the sun. Hairs are just fallible parts of our body, made of keratin pigment that gives black colour to our hairs. Hair has nothing to do with our character, inner beauty and spirituality. Even, why only for women? Why not for a man? A man also seeks as much attention from others as a woman does for her hair. A man is not different in seeking this attractiveness from others even after hair loss.

Just think how it will look like if a mother will give birth to a child who has hairs on his/her head. A bald child is always beautiful. It is a natural thing to be born like a bald child. For a child, it is the most amazing thing to be born bald. Not only amazing, even it is the most natural thing too.

Bald is always beautiful. This mentality of ours that hairs are so amazing and hairs give a different attractive look to a guy or a lady shows how backwards we are even after being the most evolved animal on this planet. But this behaviour of ours that judges a woman on the basis of the length of her hair is pulling us back to low cc. The human capacity of the brain is literally decreasing from neanderthals to homo sapiens. We are degrading our capability just because of our thinking capacity. Neanderthals were far much better than us. They did never judge other genders on the basis of their length of hair. Just think how stupid it is to think that way. 

Well, this whole was just the introduction of Bald is Beautiful, but the whole campaign was started by Megan Fletcher. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma when she decided to shave off her head right before the surgery for her treatment. How brave she was na? She did this because she did not want to be negative just before her surgery, she did not want to be sad before her surgery. She wants to be positive before her surgery. She was feeling so brave that is the reason that she does not want the illness to make her feel like she is having some problem or something is missing, that’s why she did shave her head before therapy even, there was a chance that she will never lose her hairs. And that was the most amazing decision by a lady. After her surgery, she thought to make her terrible disease a valuable and acceptable asset to this society. So, In conjunction with the Tele and Dundee Fundraiser Charlie Kean, Megan campaigned to raise 20,000 Euro for Dundee families who have children suffering from the same. And that was lovely by chance time, when Marilyn Forbes, who lives in St. Mary’s, an experienced mass tort and products liability lawyer entered into the stage by making Bald is Beautiful a campaign by giving her words “If people support me with as much money as they can I will have my hair shaved off before the end of the month and the Tele can come and watch”, these were her most provoked words. According to Marilyn, Megan is the bravest girl of her age as she decided to take a step towards spreading enthusiasm to her age. This makes us believe that maybe we cannot defeat some dreadful diseases at a biological level but yeah! We will not let those diseases defeat us at our happiness level.

Well, A lot before this Bald is Beautiful campaign, a campaign started as “Brave and Beautiful” by Dabur Vatika in India in 2015. They started their campaign to celebrate women hair loss survivors after their therapies and they were also inviting them to share their own stories in their own words. It happened the same in 2012 when Jane Bingham and Beckie Sypin’s FB page that was portraying a post regarding a Bald Barbie doll to showcase the feelings of a young 4 yr old baby patient. Her exact words were “We would like to see a Beautiful and Bald Barbie made to help young girls who suffer from hair loss due to therapy treatments, alopecia or trichotillomania. Many children have some difficulty accepting their mother, sister, aunt, grandparent or friend going from a long-haired to a bald”. By this Bald Barbie logic, the main area to affect over was Children who were so small that they cannot understand the meaning of disease but very well understands the meaning of Bald. This “Being Bald” after surgery can give them scars for their whole life in their cute and tiny hearts. To remove those scars, to delete that image, this beautiful Barbie campaign has started so that Children will not feel unique and isolated from society when they will see that their Supergirl is bald and confident at the same instant. This gives them high energy and confidence. So, this awareness and acceptance of Bald Hair in support and empathy to some patients was happening all over the world since long ago. 



Now, in short, BALD is BEAUTIFUL because being bald does not mean that a lady would not be as attractive as with hairs. This theme is supposed to support the women empowerment, their share in the corporate and most importantly this theme is supposed to accept the women as they are, whether they are bald or not. Acceptance is the key to success and we all have to accept this tiny fact that being bald does not decrease a woman’s efficiency. No one can question a woman just because she does not have hairs on her head. That is why as a part of this emerging society, it is our responsibility to accept women as they are.

So, in this era of adaptation, CHIIZ is presenting a workshop on “BALD IS BEAUTIFUL” to showcase the pain of  all those women with our support and empathy to their struggle. We, hereby presented a Hi-Fashion Photography Workshop with the theme as “Bald is Beautiful”. By supporting and conducting a workshop like this, we are hereby spreading this message to all that “ Acceptance of Bald is not an option, it is a mandatory step to make this society blossom”.

For that, we conducted a workshop. 

Our team was discussing a social initiative. We were talking about how to use our next Photography Workshop with our contribution to create this acceptance in our society. We know we are a well and fast-growing economy but as a part of this society and as an artistic organization, it is our responsibility to have this much creative vision. So, that is the reason that our team decided to highlight a campaign with a Photography Workshop. The best way to showcase this acceptance to women through photography is by Fashion Photography Workshop. While our creative team decided that it should not be just a Fashion Photography Workshop, it must be a Hi-Fashion Photography Workshop because this Bald is Beautiful theme can be connected to people only through Hi-Fashion. Hi-Fashion is the only way to show more drama and scene into the photographs to show that being bald, a woman can be as much beautiful as a woman with thin and shiny hairs. Being a Photography Organization, the least we can do is to show acceptance through our workshop, through connecting to a group of people, discussing with them and then, let their Photographs speak more than the just eigenbloging through words.


So, We, CHIIZ Creations Pvt. Ltd., presented hereby a Hi-Fashion Photography Workshop with Madhuri Itagi as our Workshop Mentor and Alok Sha as Makeup Artist.

About Madhuri Itagi, She is an actress turned Fashion Photographer. She believes that beauty is a form of art and can be found in the most unconventional faces and places around the world. As a model and an actress, She has had various opportunities to work with some of the most creative minds. This journey of a model and an actress has not just allowed her to perform in front of the camera but also made her realize how much she enjoyed being behind the camera. She started her journey into the world of Photography after learning from Ace Photographer Mr Jayesh Sheth.

“Today, I am here to create an image that conceals a moment and conveys a story without using words”, these are her words in her own language medium.

About International Makeup Artist, Alok Sha. He bought up from Eastern India. He worked extensively in the fashion industry, top advertising brands, movies, high profile fashion advertising companies and highly sought-after makeup artists in the business for over 10 years. He runs a makeup training centre where he ensures the course is delivered to a very high standard such that students may move into lucrative careers in the fashion and wedding industry.


The Hi-Fashion Photography Workshop themed as “Bald is Beautiful” was held on 15 DEC’2019 in Bengaluru with Madhuri Itagi as our Mentor and Alok Sha as Makeup Artist. The workshop was so much fun and interactive. The participants were so engaged with the theme because it was a new experience for them to photograph a bald model. The whole scene was so artistic. It was a very sensitive topic. Not only Photography and Model was our priority, even the sensitivity towards the theme, it’s vulnerability, it’s value and it’s acceptance were some of the hardest achievements so far. The model was wearing a Bald cap though but it does not decrease the showcasing of respect to the bald people who have to go through this hard struggle of losing hairs. 



The participants were of course very well known to the theme Hi-Fashion Photography Workshop during the time of paying the fee but that does not mean that the candidates must feel comfortable in front of a Bald Model. For that, we first provide an Interaction class between our Mentor and valuable candidates in which our mentor teaches them the value of “Need of Acceptance of Being Bald” , the empathy and support these people need from us and how we can contribute to society as an artist and photographer. This exact Photography Workshop was unique in its way of implementation because unlike other workshops, here the major part involved was the societal sensitivity, support and acceptance. Photography as an art was a very valuable contribution to make this campaign successful but a model and her makeup artist and the equipments were also playing an important role. 

In the end, we had an FAQ session that was about discussing the experience during the session and how we contribute an important part to this societal taboo.

Dear Readers, I know you all must have some queries in your brain about society, about Hi-Fashion Photography Workshop, How we did it? What was the exact equipment we needed?

Well, my suggestion to all of you to know answers to these questions would be KEEP CONNECTED. I would suggest you to keep connected to us, we will surely update you with our forthcoming workshop regarding Hi-Fashion Photography or Sensual Photography or any specific new trend. Just be sure you are well connected to us regularly.

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