Hey! Photo-lovers! It must have been too boring for you all. As there aren’t any bird’s chirping on your window or a greenery view from your location. It must be sad for those who don’t own a backyard or any garden beside their home. Well! Nobody can actually predict when this lockdown ends its journey. So, we could freshen up with our early morning walks and jogging. Never mind! I have a better solution for you all, guess what? A photography book. Have you ever thought of giving a try to this attribute? You might have given this a shot but gave up easily because of boredom.

“Photography stepping forward with knowledge” Source-


Reading a book gives an individual, different and silent relaxation. Yeah! Being a learner, it might not be tough to grasp the pages fast while reading. But when you start and you slowly proceed, with the contents on every page. This is what you ought to be enjoying. Even if you fall asleep in the middle of a chapter, you will feel a calm and silent atmosphere around you. You will feel yourself in the other world which is so peaceful, calm, and quiet.

I believe that not everyone can be a reader, in this generation, we love to swipe on phones instead of reading. But let me tell you my story, I wasn’t always a content writer, I had started reading like a year back and I have dozens of books stored. I have completed reading 6 fiction novels. I can tell you that you can open Netflix and chill but the great thing about reading a book is that you know more than other people, you see more than the room has to offer. 

The biggest pros to a photography book are that you have pictures and the con is that the books are a bit more expensive than your usual magazines. Books give you the more brutal truth of the photography industry with people sharing their experiences. The trends, the gears, the lenses, the history, and more! So here I introduce the must-read photography books during lockdown! 




THAT RED COLOUR THOUGH! That’s not a sign for a NO to the book. So hold on to that coffee because I am about to tell you what that red book is about! Since with photography, you are entering into a new journey by reading photography books. Here, I present the first book which is based on the American Road Trip photography. David Campany is the author, editor, and photographer of this book. It was published by Aperture Foundation in 2014. 

There are 10-12 photographers showcasing their individual road trips in America. This is the first book which shows that photography can be done on road trips. When this book was published, Road Trip photography became a genre in the Photography Industry.  

This book shows the amazing pop culture of American people with a variety in every photograph. The content is basically about how they took the photograph, which camera is used, their experience, how to find the variety in photographs, etc. 

“The first chapter” by Robert Frank

It is categorized into years, it starts from 1955 to 1956 by Robert Frank’s Photography. Let me give you a brief about this, Robert frank was a fashion photographer in Harper’s Bazaar magazine which was directed by Alexey Brodowitch. For many of you who don’t know about Harper’s Bazaar magazine, it was the beginning of the fashion photography era, and yes it was the competitor of Vogue magazine. 


Moving forward, Frank planned a trip with Evan with the automobile association. The trip was 8 months taking photographs from Newyork to San Francisco. Sometimes, he visited with his family, friends, and sometimes alone. He finally made a portfolio of 33 photographs and published it. The photographs were categorized into different themes like religion, caste, racial tensions, popular culture, and automobiles. The best thing you learn from these photographers is that each and everyone shares their experience. 

Play along with the journey”

Frank shared his view about criticism, that “The life of a photographer is about facing criticism of people about your photography”. Because your perspective is different from them. It’s bold and brutal at the time, as it shows the truth. People won’t accept your photography if it talks about some serious issues but will eventually accept it as time flies. 

You can still go with your subscribed magazine, but the issue with magazines is that it isn’t something out of the box every time. It’s just what every photographer does and they have the same knowledge you do. If you want to learn something out of the box, you have to buy these books to gain perspective and improvise on your photography. This Book is available on Amazon, it’s pretty expensive and worth the price.


“Chill scenes in the blue”

They say that a photographer always has some vivid imagination that we aren’t able to figure out. So, where does it come from? Is it inborn? Yes in almost 5% of the total population. Jaques Henri Lartigue was born with it. He was a  french photographer and painter. I believe that a person with a good imagination can always knock out their talent in photography. So the story begins! 

He lived for 92 years (1894-1986), I mean how relieving it is to live for that long period and achieve everything. Talking about the period, these photographs have lived the first world war which started on 28th July 1914 to 11th November 1918. The reason why his photographs are worth maybe millions today is that color photographs from that time were very hard to find. An exhibition is conducted in his name where thousands of people visit to see his photography. He has written dozens of books on photography. He is titled as the famous “Amateur” photographer. This book is a series of photographs he took from his childhood at the age of seven. Its rare and raw talent! He took photographs of his family, there are also a few portrait photographs of his whole family. 

“Catch the match!”

This is one of my favorite photographs in the whole book. I like how the model mimicked the magazine nail art with her makeup. I also noticed that nude nail paint was a trend long before we were even born. It’s just that all the essential fashion trends are highlighted back in our time. There’s a lot more to learn than just photography. You also learn the fashion trends, culture, struggles of people back from time, etc. 


“Maharashtra cha Killa”

If you want to see something green, something blue and something yellow! I am heading towards Aerial photography by the chief minister of Maharashtra, Udhhav Thackrey. This book has however only been published in the Marathi language. Reading Marathi language and understanding it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But when you are a citizen of Maharashtra, you should know about it. Being the second popular state of India where the spices were actually invented! Don’t you feel that you should know about all the spices which add and create this beautiful state?    

Yes, I am a proud Indian! We have the best culture, greenery, heritage places across the world. I am sure you have read about forts in Maharashtra in your history books, but now is the time to know about them in detail. Mostly in photography books, the content is serious and on point. But this book is also reviewed for good humor. Research shows that adding humor to the sentences will help you to be hooked for a long time. It will also be interesting to read about forts in Maharashtra as our history of Shivaji Maharaj is well connected to it. The view is a capture from a helicopter, so put your helmets on! Seat belts tight! Eyes wide open to see the beauty in Aerial photography of Maharashtra! 

The book is available online on the BookGanga website and the price is cheaper than any other photography book.


“Missing nature in quarantine?”

Since not everyone can read Marathi, I have another book lined to fill the void for nature photography in your bucket list. This book is just not humorous but it’s about the science behind the trees and humans. The book covers the view of pines in Spain’s Tamada forest, Birch groves of Germany’s Elbe Valley, first of the American West, etc which is captured by Roo Lewis. The book conveys the amazing experience of humans with trees, the science of species of trees, and the history behind these trees.

Why are you talking so much about trees and blah, blah, blah, Janhavi? Because that’s something I haven’t seen for so long in this quarantine. June is coming and so is the exciting rainy season. Imagine yourself sitting across the window, with a cup of coffee and reading a book on nature. This will be so cozy and a complete package of what you need right now. If we cannot move outside we can at least have a glimpse of it at our own place.

“There’s beauty in crooked things”

Make your wishlist of travel into a wishlist to see before all this time is gone! Because when quarantine will be over, you will have your hands full with work. 

Things won’t be normal as you see it! Do something which utilizes your time in a better way. Maybe this book will give you the inspiration to write about your own travel photography story. This book is available on kindle and you can also buy the second-hand hard copy from Amazon at the same price as an ebook. 


This book is known as the bible of photography! If you must have noticed, I have showcased the front and back of the book. Now you must be thinking why Janhavi is showing us how it looks from outside? What it has to do with the cover page? The cover page is creative itself! The first image (the display cover), has a sunrise in the right end, then mountains beside it, then the bird in the middle and trees following down the birds. In the second image, the spiral-like structure defines the time. 

Talking about time this book was published in 1952 by Henri Carter- Bresson. He was a photojournalist. The book is divided into two parts i.e., Chronological and Geographical Photography of west in 1932-1937 and east 1947-1950. There are 160 pages out of which 127 pages are covered with his photographs. The pictures are black and white and the book is about 37*27 centimeters long. It weighs 2.5 kgs! Which is almost the weight of the smallest size of a dumble? Isn’t it!  Hence it is the bible for a reason. 


Jokes apart, the book also talks about some serious issues back in time which were titled such as, “Images of the run” the vendors were asked for a license to sell their stock. The beggars sitting a row for food. When we talk about serious issues, we also face criticism of the book. Because you know a true journalist always posts something controversial. It reminds me of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies like Padmavaat. You have seen the struggle of releasing it.

In the 90s there was more struggle of getting your books published and taken seriously. I think this book will not only help you gain perspective but it will open your eyes to a new career in photography which is photojournalism. You can start writing the stories of survival in quarantine! 

“Romance on the right lane”

This book is based on every type of photography but if you are looking mainly into street photography this is definitely your go-to book! The book is currently not available on Amazon but you can buy it after the COVID-19 situation improves. 


How can I forget the most attractive type of photography? Fashion Photography! Obviously, where there is fashion, there is vogue! I personally recommend this book to all fashion photographers. Because this book is the fantasy of fashion fairy tales including the glamour of the society. 

Why do you need to read books? Because you need to be aware of what is the theme of fashion photography. You cannot just bump into it without knowledge. Well, knowledge is reading books on the topics you are interested in. Why do you think you are studying? giving exams? In whichever fields you reside in? Because you need to be answerable to the world. And choosing fashion photography as a career choice involves a lot of reading. 

“Let the flares describe my look”

This book is photographed by famous photographers like Corinne Day, Mario Testino, David Bailey, etc. The gowns are designed by well-known fashion hubs like Channel, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and more! With the renowned fashion designers like Twiggy, Scarlett Johansson, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, etc. The book has a series of Gowns designed before the 20th century. 

The book was published in 2014. It includes the experiences and struggles at that period. The makeup, costumes, spotlights, photographers, publishers, etc. Everything is specifically mentioned including the timeline, theme, photographer’s name, and designer’s name. This book indeed has a touch of classical, fantasy, drama, decorative, and modern genre. I am not going to elaborate more on why you need to read this book because if you want to reach a level ahead of every fashion photographer, then you really need to read more books like these on fashion photography. 

About the Author:

Janhavi Sawant is 21 years old and has completed her bachelor’s in BMS marketing. Currently, she is a Chiiz content writer intern. She is known for her imagination and creative writing skills. Janhavi wants to be a Graphics designer someday, for that to happen she is currently working on her content creation and learning different software. She has few hobbies like playing guitar, painting, and trying new recipes which play a major part in her strengths of being patient, creative, and organized.




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