Pushkar Mela, commonly known as the camel fair is held for a period of five to seven days in the town of Pushkar. According to Hindu scriptures, Pushkar is one of the holiest lakes and is situated approximately eleven kilometers from Ajmer in Rajasthan. The fair is usually celebrated during October- November on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. This annual mela is one of the biggest gatherings of Rajasthan that draws numerous tourists and travelers from all around the world. Here are some of the reasons that make the fair world famous and a must-visit for all those who have not yet been to this fair.

  • Pushkar – One of the largest livestock trading fair in the world 

In this colorful extravaganza, not only do travelers and tourists but also herders and nomads come together in large numbers for selling and buying the livestock. It is the domesticated animal market for the trading of all kinds of livestock and is the largest camel trading fair in the world. It is once in a lifetime experience to see and capture in your camera, thousands of cattle and camels together all adorned in vibrant colors at the same place.

Pic Credits: Haresh Patel


  • Collection of some congenial handicrafts and souvenirs for shopaholics 

You can purchase enormous colorful souvenirs and handicrafts from the fair. A number of makeshift stalls are set up in the fair which sells items that will definitely catch your eyes.

Pic Credits: Partha Pratim Saha

  • Hot air balloon-ing 

Indulge in the hot air balloon ride in Pushkar and get a full and wide view of the fair from one of those balloons. Vibrant colors of the balloons and watching the buzzing activities from above will give your eyes an amazing panoramic view. Along with this, you can also try some other astonishing activities like horse riding, bike riding among others.

Pic Credits: Mukesh Kumar


  • Desert camping 

One of the best things to enjoy in the Pushkar Mela is the camping experience. Staying together, singing and group dancing with other people will give you an everlasting experience in your hearts and will leave you with some lovely memories.

Pic Credits: Saransh Pithauria

  • Camel cart ride at Pushkar

Camel cart ride is like an add-on for the enjoyment. Do go for a gaily decorated camel cart ride in the fair.


Pic Credits: Pranab Basak


  • The uncommon and peculiar competitions 

There are some unusual competitions that take place in the Pushkar Mela such as ‘turban tying competition’, ‘matki phod competition’, and  ‘longest mustache competition’, etc. These events enhance the entire experience of the fair, simultaneously gifting amazing opportunities to the photographers to capture.

Pic Credits: Partha Pratim Saha


  • Delicious Rajasthani cuisine 

It’s a great opportunity for the foodies to satisfy and please their taste buds with all sorts of Rajasthani cuisine along with enjoying all other activities. Kachori, Churma, and many other Rajasthani dishes are a must try at the fair.

Pic Credits: Jastej Reen


  • Vibrant culture 

Pic Credits: Chandan Dey

Rajasthan is full of pleasurable activities and the culture is undoubtedly the highlight of the Pushkar Mela. You get to witness the beauty and originality of Rajasthan. Apart from this, it all satisfies your inner wanderlust and the traveler inside you.

Photographers from all around the world give a lot of preference to this fair and come to the Pushkar Mela on a large scale. So much so, that it has become a pilgrimage of sorts to photographers.



Written By : Urvi Bareja

writer: Urvi BarejaUrvi Bareja is always fascinated by literature and photography. In her spare time, she enjoys eating good food and watching web series.


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