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Reflection photography is one of the most fascinating and impressive types of skills a photographer must-have. Some of the most impressive landscapes have provided some of the most fascinating reflections. Iconic reflections can be easily created with the help of snow-capped mountains, rivers, and the beautiful natural environment surrounding us. 

Photographers have created reflection photography with the help of street architecture as well as water droplets found on streets. Surprisingly, it has a lot to understand. And it can be one of the most fascinating kinds of photography skills if mastered correctly. 

A decent type of comprehension, a better perspective of angles, and artistic creativity can definitely create one of the most challenging photography types called reflection photography. 

Most importantly, and undoubtedly, it is one of the most challenging and special types of photography skills. It definitely requires some extra perspectives. 

Furthermore,  capturing a reflection while capturing photos is one of the most difficult skills to be trained for. Capturing reflections while taking a picture, involves you looking at various angles and perspectives of the available scenery or environment. However, mostly, every photographer always looks for the environmental aspects before starting any possible shoot. 

Let Us Have A Reflective Look At Different Perspectives

Image Courtesy: Chiiz

Let us now understand how we can capture mesmerizing reflection photographs. Mixing up certain perspectives while capturing regular and traditional scenes can be the best option. It is helpful while taking into consideration a reflection photo. Taking your shots upside down can definitely provide you a better viewpoint of the current world. Most importantly, you should always aim to make sure that your viewers are having a different perspective and viewing points while looking at your pictures. 

Furthermore, capturing the perfect shot requires a great amount of patience and time. Most importantly, your hard work and patience will definitely provide you with extremely rewarding end results. You can even use a reflection photograph to capture an image with another image. In-short using the reflection photograph as a particular frame. However, a lot of photographers use reflection photographs keeping in mind to add certain aspects such as death and interest. 

Capturing reflection photographs with an image for another image is definitely one of the most clever and artistic things a photographer can pursue. Capturing and mesmerizing for reflection photographs can be tricky. Reflection can definitely be used for the advantage of a photographer. That is during capturing the reflection of lakes, rivers, trees, buildings, and the possible surrounding environment.

Most importantly, we’ll provide you some better ideas to create mesmerizing reflection photographs. We have put together certain inspirational ideas in our blog to capture such mesmerizing scenes. 

A Splash Of Water Reflects Everything

Image Courtesy: Chiiz

Have you ever wondered how stunning an effect a splash of water lying on the ground can provide? A Stunning and mesmerizing effect of watercolor can definitely be seen with such water splashes lying on the ground. 

Whenever rain splashes a city,  water droplets and splashes of water are filled everywhere.  Have you ever tried to avoid such water splashes while walking on a road? Moreover, people tend to avoid such water splashes. However, for such beautiful capture, this is definitely a mesmerizing example of reflection photographs. 

The above image can be a great example. It showcases how simply and effectively a water splash can reflect the entire part correctly. Surely, a particular water splash can definitely work as a simple and most effective way of reflecting a particular image. 

While planning to capture reflection photography, ensure that the splashes of water should always be calm and steady. If the water is not calm and steady you cannot get a proper reflection while capturing the scene. 

Most importantly, just with a few additions of the right compositions and filters. It can definitely create great and mesmerizing reflection photographs. You just have to keep in mind the perfect mood and the atmosphere. So the next time you see a water splash or a wet damp puddle definitely look for the opportunity of capturing a mesmerizing reflection photograph. 

Glasses Skyscrapers Are The Perfect Props For Reflection Photography

Image Courtesy: Chiiz

Architectural photography is definitely a vast and great field of photography. However, skyscrapers like this are definitely one of the most important sources of capturing reflective photos. Most photographers are already fans of architectural photography.  So if you love capturing architectural photography this section is definitely for you. 

Combining architectural photography with reflection photography can definitely be a great combination and the most stunning one. Unquestionably, cities and industrial areas are filled with skyscrapers equipped with reflective surfaces and glasses. 

Taking the advantages of such skyscrapers and glasses can definitely help you to create some mesmerizing reflection photographs. 

Certainly, while focusing on reflective surfaces, even without capturing a full symmetrical image. You can create a great mesmerizing reflection photograph. So, who says that you always have to capture full symmetrical images? Instead, you can divert your focus in capturing a perfect reflection photograph focusing on the reflective surfaces. 

With the help of modern styles and abstracts, a sense of mystery can definitely be created. That is with the help of shadows occurring by the skyscrapers. 

Landscapes Add A Great Dimension To Your Photographs

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It has a perfect aspect of showcasing landscape from a glorious perspective. Adding depth and dimension to all your captured images can be a great way of doing it with the help of mirrors.  However, most of photographers already know the fact that mirrors always provide a short amount of glare while capturing.

In addition to this, using a flash while capturing a photo against the mirror will definitely provide you a minor amount of glare.  Surprisingly you also have to take care that you do not catch yourself while capturing the photo in the mirror itself, genuinely distracting the overall created effects and the possible result.

Capturing a correct reflection can be tricky sometimes, however, it can easily be created with the help of ghosting effects. A sense of hustle and bustle can definitely create a great image. Most surprising, a landscape is definitely the mother of capturing photos with fascinating reflections. 

With a little bit of perfection and accuracy, a photographer can definitely create symmetrical, artistic, and mesmerizing reflection photographs with landscapes. Keeping in mind the above ideas, water splashes, sky skyscrapers with glasses, should definitely be your first point while thinking of creating mesmerizing reflection photographs. 

Capturing A Picture Angle Can Provide Great Results

Image CourtesyChiiz

Capturing the correct angle with great reflection is one of the most essential things a photographer has to keep in mind while capturing a mesmerizing reflection photograph. We all know the fact that reflections are generated with the help of a source of light,  however, you always have to keep in mind the fact that this source of light should not be intruding in your photo. 

In addition to this, you can easily take the example from the above photo where we can see a beautiful Lotus and its petals reflecting back in the water. Moreover, with a perfect angle and a perfect incoming source of light, they have been able to capture such a great picture. While capturing reflective photography you should always keep in mind the fact that the sun should always be out of your capturing image. Or else it will take just a second to ruin your complete capture. 

Focus On The Elements

The contrast of the main element and the reflection of the entire scene will considerably be reduced due to the reflection created by the sun. There might be a possibility that your reflection might be incomplete if you do not keep these things in mind. 

That’s the reason for finding a correct and the right angle is one of the most essential and important things in order to fit all your compositions in your stunning captures. Try to adjust your position and the camera’s position keeping in mind the environmental aspects and the incoming source of light. Find the perfect angle which would reflect back and bounce the incoming rays of light. 

A special tip for capturing mesmerizing photos with fascinating reflections can be to capture stunning photos in the morning time or in the evening time when there is a little bit of mist, overcast sky, and colored clouds during the sunrise and sunset. Clearly, creating a perfect environment for capturing mesmerizing reflection photographs. 

Dusk And Dawn Are The Best examples of Reflection Photography

Image Courtesy: Chiiz

If we consider from a technical point of view, you might think that capturing reflection photographs is a very easy job. However, capturing such photos is an easy job unless the environmental and weather conditions are perfectly set for your capturing scene. However, the composition is also one of the most essential things which particularly is your base while looking out for perfect reflections.

Most importantly, as stated in the above paragraph, morning and evening time is one of the most beautiful moments to capture mesmerizing reflection photographs. With a little bit of effort in perfectly managing the angle and the filter conditions, you can create a perfect reflection photograph during dusk and dawn. Here is one special tip if you want to capture a mesmerizing reflection photograph. Make sure that you do not constrain your photos to the literal and proper rules of composition. This rule is especially true while capturing reflection photographs. 

Evidently, the more precise the geometric reflections of nature are, it can create a great piece. You can easily have a look at the above photo which completely depicts a perfect capturing angle as well as the perfect settings of the filter. Undeniably, as stated above dusk and dawn would create a great piece of reflection photograph, providing a very beautiful and sunny reflection on the streams of water. 

2 Tips To Keep In Mind While Stepping Out To Capture Reflection Photography

Image Courtesy: Chiiz

1. Look For Perfect Weather Condition

Capturing a mesmerizing reflection photograph definitely needs a day which has a still and very beautiful weather condition. Capturing mirror-like reflections can definitely be a great capture if the weather is sunny and a little bit cloudy with a quiet moving breeze to add up the effect. 

That’s the reason we would really recommend you to do proper weather research for the location of your shoot beforehand to stand in a good place. Look out for places that are having ponds or lakes with sheltered trees or hills nearby.  Most importantly, shelter trees and hills can rule out all the possibilities of unexpected wind if occurred while capturing a mesmerizing reflection photograph. 

2. As Always Preparation Is The Key To Success

As and when you decide your shooting location, it is always recommended to have a nice walk around your location in order to find out the best choices of angles, lighting effects, and viewing sights. Gathering this information can really help you not only during your first photoshoot as well as your subsequent photoshoots. 

We would also recommend you correctly and accurately check the speed of the incoming wind and its direction in order to perfectly capture the reflection.  Most importantly, as always, a little bit of preparation would definitely lead you to create a great piece of mesmerizing reflection photograph just with a few preparations beforehand.


If we start seeing things from a different perspective we can easily capture creative and good quality photos. You should always try to look at the larger perspective while capturing such glorious pieces. Your photography skills can easily be taken to the next level by completely understanding reflections in a photograph. Even if you choose reflections to be portrayed in an artistic way, this will definitely boost up your skills. 

Unique and impressive photographs creating reflection can easily be found around us. Reflections are everywhere around us. Some of the best reflecting surfaces can definitely be a pond, a lake, or the reflective glasses of a skyscraper. Lighten yourself in the hands of nature in finding a perfect landscape to capture a mesmerizing reflection photograph. Stepping out of your comfort zone can really help you in creating some of magnificent pieces of photography. 

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