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Some cities are born eminent. Some achieve it with time. And some cities have that eminence thrust upon them. And then there’s Delhi, that born eminent and has continued its legacy of eminence. From the 18th century up to the Modern 21st century, Delhi has always been a city owning a plethora of visual experiences to offer. Right from the glorious monuments, depicting a reminiscence of the past to new and upcoming urban sites.

Old Delhi has been the throne of ruling for several Kings from numerous wealthy dynasties. These dynasties gave their own touch and added to the list of forts, palaces, and monuments like Jantar Mantar, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar,  Red Fort, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Tughlaqabad Fort. Old Delhi holds its richness with the contrasts of history and modern civilization. 

“India Gate”- Image courtesy- Manvsglobe

A lot of these immortal monuments are in the ruins while some are lost for eternity. But the ones still standing there upright are a sight to behold. Renowned Urdu poet, Mir Taqi Mir had once mentioned about Delhi that-

 ‘The streets of Delhi are not just mere streets, but an album of a painter.

History of Old Delhi

This fortified, living, breathing piece of history has a long and astonishing history. The remains from its glorious past genuinely make it a fantastic place to explore. A truly cosmopolitan city with an unconditional charm to attract people from every race, geography & creed into its fold, it has lured people for centuries from far lands. But for Indians, it reflects the nostalgia of the bygone Golden Era when India was the only Golden Sparrow of the world, and the Mughal Empire was the most affluent Empire.

Old Delhi was originally discovered by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as Shahjahanabad in 1639. Firstly, Mughals had a taste for adding a touch of grandeur and leaving a mark in almost everything which led Emperor Shahjahan to create the splendid city of Shahjahanabad. Therefore, he desired to build a city that is more grand and opulent than the capital of the Ottoman Empire and the Iranian one. He spent a significant amount of money in the construction of the city and thus came into existence the culmination of a long-cherished dream of Emperor Shahjahan to create the world’s best city in India. 

“A Glimpse of The breathtaking Mughal Architecture portrayed in Jama Masjid”- Image courtesy- Manvsglobe

Witness The Authenticity of Purani Dilli

Old Delhi or Purani Dilli was often called as “Great Walled city” during that time since Shah Jahan protected this city by a massive wall and 14 gates in the form of these glorious fortifications, standing upright around the city- Kashmiri Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Turkman Gate, Delhi Gate, and Feroz Shah Kotla.  The city served as the Mughal capital until the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was exiled by the British in 1858. 

The lanes, aroma, and vivid structures of old Delhi still grace and whisper the stories of the Mughal Era. They reflect the shimmering moonlight on Chandni Chowk, the oldest Indian bazaar (market) in existence today which serves as the symbolic heart of the city. It is a harbor for merchants trading with gold, silver, spices, perfumes and other wholesale shops, Temples and shrines, houses of worship like Sri Digambar Jain Temple, the Sikh Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, the Suneri and Fatehpuri Mosques, the Gauri Shankar and Shri Shiv Navgrah Hindu Temples, and the Central Baptist Church, Old Town Hall,  

“Ornate jalis of Fancy houses in Chandni Chowk imprint our minds with Mughal style and imagery”- Image courtesy- MediaIndia

Khwaja Altaf Hussain “Hali”, a prominent poet of the Mughal era, put forth his feelings on this beautiful city which stand true even today:

“Do not go in the ruins of Delhi as every step priceless pearls lie beneath the dust… times have changed as they can never change again.”                       

Old Delhi Streetlife

Old Delhi Streetlife is a spectacular example of Mughal architecture, with an amalgamation of charisma and nostalgia. While walking the by-lanes of Old Delhi, you can realize that every wall and a street has a story to tell. 

Nostalgia for the past glory, the congested and maze-like alleys, hunger for the authentic street food aroma in the breeze of Chandni Chowk, enormously profligate culture, magnificent temples, shopping buzz, and everything else you could possibly imagine, is what makes it charming.

The Congested maze-like Alleys of Chandni Chowk”- Image courtesy- Manvsglobe

After walking a little through the narrow alley, the real market gets to start with the murmur of vendors selling and attracting customers with their lucrative displayed wares. The densely populated oldest bazaar has been always in demand for over three centuries and is considered to be the ideal place for shopaholics.

Order in Seeming Chaos

The vivid culture of Old Delhi never loses its charisma, giving us a windowpane to glance into its rich history. The old mansions (Havelis), congested bazaars, picturesque shops, places brimming with people, Ride rickshaws,  temples, mosques, monuments which are chaotic yet working traffic. Capturing and understanding the daily lives of people and soul-stirring sights seems so quaint and out of the reality box in a modern metropolitan city like Delhi.  

“Hunger pangs are replenished with the authentic street food aroma in the breeze of Chandni Chowk”-Image courtesy- MediaIndia

A Photowalk just for you is an excellent way of exploring Delhi and capturing the hubbub all around. There is always something unique that you’ll discover every time you put your feet out. Every picture can cover just one or multiple aspects of the city. 

To capture the action and these raw moments in the city’s alleyways and courtyards, Chiiz had organized an Old Delhi Photowalk in association with Scott Kelby’s Photowalk and Sponsored by Stellar. Let’s proceed with this Photowalk, getting down to the depth of things, tearing the matter down to the particle level to refine every inch of the process and beat the competition through perfection. 

“The City Landmark, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib is Holy and Serene”- Image courtesy- MediaIndia

Glimpses of Scott Kelby Old Delhi Photowalk

The streets of Old Delhi or the erstwhile walled city of Shahjahanabad is a treasure trove of stories worth to be heard, seen, witnessed, and decorated. With a mission to offer engaging interactions with local cultures, Chiiz is already redefining the art of showcasing the historical and cultural excellence of India to the world. 

This Photowalk will have many stories to uncover that lie scattered in the maze-like alleys of Old Delhi with the Theme of ‘Action Pictures‘. While traveling through the chaotic maze-like by-lanes, the participants will get a Golden moment to appreciate the local food, Streetlife, and experience the rich heritage and astounding legacy of one of the oldest markets and destinations of Delhi.

“In the Bazaars of Purani Dilli’- Image courtesy- Manvsglobe

Be it the trinkets in the Meena Bazaar, or the mouth-watering delicacies of an era gone by, be it the rush of the morning commuters or the peace at the Jama Masjid, Old Delhi has a lot to capture.  This is not just a walk of monuments, but a glimpse into those aspects of a bustling metropolis which stay hidden in plain sight.  Are you ready to capture it with Chiiz?

About The Photowalk

The Chiiz had recently organized a Photo Walk on October 5th, 2020 sponsored by Stellar Data Recovery, Future Forward, Koyky and mentored by the Street Photography Expert- Sweta Malhotra. The Photowalk event was organized in collaboration with the renowned Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, and the location was Old Delhi, so this Photowalk was called Scott Kelby Photo Walk Old Delhi. 

“A Glimpse from the Old Delhi Photowalk”

Apart from photography enthusiasts and professionals, people from other walks of life who loved Photography also participated in the Photo Walk event. The Photowalk started on the streets of Old Delhi at sharp 7:30 am. The morning light is the best time to explore the city when the sunlight creates a perfect blush to capture the romance of the city through your lens and freeze that moment forever.

Everyone was advised to be strict to time as we didn’t entertain latecomers. Under the guidance of the mentor, they were able to grab the perfect moving and lively moment. The action photography photoshoot lasted for around two hours, and a half up to 10 am. 

“Participants assembled in front of Jama Masjid”

Photowalk Photowalk Contest By Stellar

The Chiiz had informed the participants about the Scott Kelby Competition via Social Media, Events Websites, and offline marketing. Participants had to register and upload their work on Scott Kelby  Worldwide Photowalk’s website to be eligible to participate in the contests as mentioned earlier and to win the prizes. The Photo Walk was free of cost. Only the registered candidates for this Photo Walk were allowed to submit only one photograph or video on the Scott Kelby’s Worldwide PhotoWalk website for the competition. There were two types of contests: a photo contest and a video contest.


Participants had to submit their best photo (one submission only) taken during the walk to their walk leader. The leader had to review all entries and pick 1 winner to submit to the main photo contest. These winners were given the title of “individual walk winners.” Further Scott Kelby reviewed all the individual walk winner’s photos and had to pick 1 Grand Prize Winner of the Walker Photo Contest and 10 Finalists.


All participants had to submit a short video of duration of 5 minutes or less, taken during their Photowalk to enter into the contest. Only 1 winner bagged the Grand Prize and Only one video submission per person was allowed. The top three photographs from each team were honored with goodies of up to Rs. 10,000. 

“A poster from Chiiz

Prizes for Grand Prize Winner

The Grand Prize was awarded to One Talented Winner only with the prizes like-

  • Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera with RF 24-105mm F/4L is USM Lens and PIXMA PRO-10
  • Adobe All Apps Membership
  • Max Platypod, Ultra Platypod, and Multi Accessory Kit
  • $100 Rocky Nook gift card,
  • $250 B&H Gift Card
  •  $500 Westcott Gift Card
  • Think Tank – Airport Advantage XT (Graphite)
  •  Aurora HDR 2019 & Luminar 3

“All the exciting goodies piled up!”

Prizes for Top Finalists

The Ten Talented Winners from each group were awarded gifts like-

  • $50 B&H Gift Card
  • Adobe Photography Plan Membership
  • Max Platypod
  • $25 Rocky Nook gift card
  • Aurora HDR 2019
  • $100 Westcott Gift Card
  • Think Tank – Photocross 13 sling (Graphite)

“Certificate of Participation from Stellar”

After the announcement of this fantastic opportunity to showcase the photography skills, Stellar gifted all the participants a one-month free license of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software (it recovers lost or deleted photos and videos and also repairs the corrupt ones) along with the Certificate of participation. Before the distribution of this software license, Stellar’s representative at the Photo Walk gave a brief speech on the risks of losing photos from cameras and preventive measures to avoid data loss. 

Also, the participants were told to upload their work to to become a part of a vast community of photographers, models, and photography enthusiasts! Join us in an experiential walk of like-minded folks, as we take you through the quaint narrow alleys and unnoticed heritage buildings.

About The Mentor

“Our mentor- Shweta Malhotra

Shweta Malhotra is a self-taught visual artist and photographer based out of New Delhi. One can find the eternal meaning of all the highs and lows of one’s life into a depth of emotions from her paintings. She loves to paint the semi-abstract beauty with vibrant hues on canvas and is extremely passionate about concocting spine- chilling short stories through her series of Photography. 

For her, art is like exploring the thrill when seated on a roller coaster. Ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns, every moment of uncertainty!. Her paintings are inspired by her surroundings, what she beholds, and what she captures while doing street photography. According to her, streets have a mysticism of the decades of stories imbibed in their aura of dust and walls. Her love for traveling has made her explore different parts of India.

“A glimpse from Shweta Malhotra’s Paintings” Image courtesy- ShwetaMalhotraArt

Shweta, who finds all her therapies and remedies in paintings, allows her mind and creativity to dwell on the canvas before starting off with any new artwork. In this manner, her work stays varied and fresh. She does not necessarily stick with a particular style and replicate it over and over for a long time. 

She has participated in many competitions, conducted several workshops and photo walks, and has received many awards owing to her contribution to the Mobile Photography workshop and Exhibition by World Photographers Club. Her clicks have been showcased in various reputed institutions like the Art Gallery of the Department of Uttar Pradesh Tourism. Apart from being a self-taught photographer and artist, she loves baking!

Who All Walked In For The Photowalk

If you are someone behind the lens who loves capturing bits of daily life, then this photo walk in the alleys of Chandni Chowk is the perfect way to showcase your skills. It is the Ideal photographic opportunity to shoot the blend of Modernity with a subtle touch of history. This photo walk is meant for photography enthusiasts with all levels of expertise. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for a Career or aspirations in Street Photography,  whether you are a studio photographer, innovative artist, Instagraphers, Portrait Lovers, Amateurs and Novice, Travelers, Explorers or Bloggers, this Photowalk was open to everyone. 

A Glimpse from the Workshop”

This Photowalk was additionally open to photography specialists, fledgling, a novice who might want to investigate and try different things with the alternate points of view of Photography. It was not only meant for meeting other camera enthusiasts with similar taste and mindset, but also for honing your skills as a photographer, learning new ideas, and experiencing different places through your camera’s viewfinder. 

About The Venue

“I have several  histories to speak- The Venue- Jama Masjid”

Jama in Urdu means “congregation”, so we can decipher that Jama Masjid is a congregational Mosque, and in every sense, it faithfully justifies the highest point of Mughal Architecture. Located in Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 18th century at the cost of one million rupees. 

The mosque is laid on a red sandstone porch as the foundation, which is about 30 feet from ground level. It is surrounded by three gates, has four towers, and two 40m high minarets with strips of red sandstone and white marble.  The courtyard can accommodate around 25,000 people. The floor is covered with white and black ornamented marble to give it a look of a  Muslim prayer mat. 

How to Reach The Venue 


  • Yellow Line: Chawri Bazaar (Exit from Red Fort exit, walk or take a rickshaw to Jama Masjid, Gate 2)
  • Violet Line: Jama Masjid Metro Station ( 5 minutes walk, Exit Station onto Jama Masjid Road, turn left onto Jama Masjid Road and head northwest onto Netaji Subhash Marg towards Jama Masjid Road, you will have arrived at Gate no. 2.


The two closest car parks to Gate 2 of Jama Masjid are-

  •  North MCD Car Park (6-minute walk) 
  • The Chandni Chowk Car Park(8-minute walk) 

“The Entrance to Jama Masjid”- Image courtesy- Manvsglobe

Why Choosing Old Delhi Was A Boon

Whether you want to shoot landscapes or urban life or the remaining vestiges of the past, Delhi has enough to offer something for everyone. It is the best place to see an amalgamation of different cultures and capture moments when people from different religions and cultures interact on an everyday basis.

You swear by wanderlust in your veins and are most likely to be found hanging around with your DSLR taking a hundred shots that may seem pretty alike to a layman, you would know what a satiating photo-walk really means. Ask a photographer what makes his day and prompt comes the reply, “Color painted lanes, fascinating graffiti walls, myriad of electric wires with age-old houses in the backdrop and cultural gullies.” 

“In the Bazaars of Chandni Chowk”- Image courtesy- Mona Singh

What To Capture

Capture the living fabric of Old Delhi where each alley has a unique scene to present. The bazaars of Old Delhi present endless eccentric elements to the picture creating a unique perspective, whether it’s Dariba Kalan that comes alive with the voices of charming ladies interacting with vendors for jewels, the glittering, shimmering alleys of Kinari Bazaar or the vibrant array of aromatic spices at Khari Baoli(Asia’s largest wholesale spice market). Shah Jahan’s city has all the right ingredients to send you off on a snapping frenzy! 

Beautiful jharokhas [windows], Chatteris [umbrellas], small decorative balconies, fluted columns, well-designed Chabutras [terraces], traditional Baithaks [drawing rooms] and marble floors were iconic features of the Mughal architectural style which are worth capturing. Today, entrance archways, doors, and balconies, from where women once peeked out to see the street, remain in a deteriorated state. Old intricate facades and doors have been piled with stock and have become makeshift godowns.”

“A walk through the Spice market” – Image courtesy- Manvsglobe

Equipment To Carry In Photowalk

Besides your camera,  carry your basic photography gear. Your camera can range from an iPhone to a point-and-shoot or a DSLR. But since you will be moving around a great distance, don’t carry excessively. For lenses, take just a few with you. Utilizing a tripod is significant for plenty of photographers, yet for a Photowalk, it probably won’t be a smart thought as hauling it around can wear you out.

If you truly need something that can in one way or another assistance with the strength of your camera, carry a monopod.  In conclusion, ensure that you have enough stockpiling for all the photographs that you will be taking. Also carry an additional battery, spare memory card, Business Cards (who knows if someone might like your work). 

What To Learn From The Photowalk

1. Telling Stories with Photowalks

A picture is worth a thousand words” – or so the saying goes. Ask yourself: What is storytelling? Why do people tell stories? How do people tell stories? What method of storytelling do they use if he or she wants the audience to do or feel something? What story does this series of photos convey?

Does the picture tell one story or more than one? How would this story be different if they only used words and no photographs? 

Also, think about context – what’s going on around your subject? What’s in the background? Is it even relevant to the main story? What do the other elements of the photo say about your subject and what’s going on in their lives?  If you could answer these questions, you can quickly concoct a beautiful story out of it.

“I can see Dreams in this picture”

2. Understanding Action Photography

Action photography is the genre of Photography to capture objects in motion and convey emotion in pictures. Action photography is an incredibly exciting genre to shoot. The pressure lies when your subjects are running, jumping, or flying all over the place, and you might only have a split second to get “the shot”. Our world is always in motion, some things move slower than others. All of this also makes action photography a very challenging genre, as well. Here are some brief tips to capture some action shots. 

3. Capture The Peak of The Action

Focus on the moment you want to capture. What is the decisive moment that can sum up the action in a single frame? Here’s where research and knowing your subject really pays off. 

“The everyday chores”- Note the Peak of Action that is captured

4. Freeze The Action

When you’re shooting landscapes or portraits, your subject isn’t moving, and you can get away with several different camera settings to get a proper exposure. But with action photography and moving subjects, we need to prioritize shutter speed. This will ensure you aren’t getting blurring photos and will help you freeze the action.

5. Capture Emotion

Shots that lack emotion are monotonous.  Though you need to shoot dozens of images to get the one you are searching for, it only takes a single exceptional photo to make a lasting impression on a viewer.

“Everyday Life”- Image courtesy- Ashish Patel

6. Pre-Focusing

Pre-focusing means locking the focus of your camera to the scene where you want to take your shots (consider using AF to lock onto the spot, then simply switch to manual focus, so you say focused on that spot). This technique will lower the lag time between the pressing of your shutter release button and the actual taking of the image. 

7. Try Interesting Angles

We see the world from eye-level every day, so to really create unique imagery, you’re going to want to shoot from different angles. When you get low and shoot up at your subject, they appear to tower over the viewer and larger than life. 

“Let these cards decide our luck”- Image courtesy- Delhi Photo Walks

8. Shutter Lag

To determine your camera’s shutter-lag delay, first, take a test shot and observe the lag. Observe how long it takes so that you can pre-shoot to compensate for that lag. It takes a couple of seconds usually but then in action photography, keep in mind that time is gold if you want to take the best shots possible.

9. Panning

The panning technique helps in taking clearer photos of an object which is in motion than photographing it while you’re still, as it captures the subjects while matching the speed of their movement. 

10. Flash

It’s advised to use the flash when you’re closer to the subject and when the scene is dark. This tactic can help you to freeze the action and portray your subject more prominently. As the light is focused on the subject, the background will usually become blurry, resulting in a beautiful effect. 

11. Understanding Photowalks

“Happy faces all around!”

If you love Photography, capturing and exploring new places with your companions may be one of your hobbies or interests. Nothing can give an edge to capturing beautiful banal photos when you’re with the ones you enjoy the company of. That is why Photowalk became a thing.

However, photowalks are organized to celebrate Photography all around the World. It’s an event that gathers a like-minded group of people sharing the same passion. It may be a small or huge group, it’s all about growing the community and interacting with them in real life. It’s all about connecting, learning, sharing, admiring, and building relationships.

Wikipedia defines Photowalk as-:

How Photowalks Are Essentials

Photowalks are essentially walking tours intended for photographers. They’re not only perfect for meeting other camera enthusiasts, but also for honing your skills as a photographer, learning new ideas, and experiencing different places through your camera’s viewfinder. The great thing about enjoying a photo walk is that it doesn’t have to be a formal, structured occasion. 

You can be by yourself or with a group of friends. You can wander streets you’re deeply familiar with or explore an area that is brand new to you. It gives you the chance to be with your trusty camera and absorb the energy surrounding you. This brimming energy can, in turn, be reflected in your clicks.  The whole point is to get you out there, exploring your surroundings, exercising your creativity, and taking pictures.

Understanding Street Photography

Wikipedia defines Street photography as-:

“Photography conducted for Art or Enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents.”

However, street photography is one of the most challenging and yet one of the most rewarding genres of photography. Documenting individuals in their ordinary condition isn’t simple – it requires persistence, effort, and in some cases, even some fortitude to have the option to approach and picture complete strangers. 

Photowalk VS Street Photography

Photowalking is sometimes compared to street photography, a type of documentary photography activity. However, a person participating in a Photowalk may practice street photography. They are not limited to other genres of Photography; they may also practice Macro Photography, Architectural Photography, Nature photography, etc. Also, street photography is usually an activity practiced as an individual photographer, whereas Photowalks involve people in a group.

Understanding Unique Perspectives

Perspective gives depth. There are numerous methods to make a scene appear more realistic. Remember, a photograph is not three-dimensional. It is only a representation of a three-dimensional world. Experimenting with perspectives will most likely bring you out of your comfort zone regarding positioning yourself and your camera.

“Perspective changes your vision”-  Image courtesy- Delhi Photo Walks

But when you begin to look at different objects, subjects, and the world in general on a totally different level, you can edge your photography skills to a whole different level. Play Around with Sharpness, Color, Contrast, angles. The goal is to train your mind and vision to behold objects differently than you normally do. 


  • Photowalk is based on a Theme always such as flowers, actions, letters, clouds, shapes, and many more. Study the Theme beforehand and stick with it. This is important since we tend to take photos of whatever appears right in front of us. The purpose behind a photo walk is to keep your presence of mind active.
  • Before you go, find as much information as you can about the locations you’ll visit during the photo walk. Learn about the location’s history, the different activities in the area, the iconic spots you’ll encounter along the route, and any other interesting things you might want to capture in your photographs. Staying prepared will never harm you.
  • Find a companion to share your passion with. Take him with you to the Photowalk. Each person has a different vision of things. Walking together with them will end you up with totally different images that you might not have expected.
  • The most ideal approach to take the most intriguing photographs is to discover a spot where you can stand and afterward look toward each direction of the spot. Discover a region that is marginally raised so it will be simple for you to take in all the entire environmental factors. A decent 360° perspective on your Photowalk area will help you capture images like never before. 
  • Your photo walks can actually give you a chance to turn them into a bigger photography project.  For example, You can do several Photowalks of shapes. Start with one shape and plan each photo walk with a different shape: circles, triangles… You will own a huge collection of photos categorized by wonderful shapes!

“All that matters is inner happiness!”- Image courtesy- Sahil Swami

Tips To Keep In Mind While Attending A Photowalk

  • Participants need to carry their own power bank, extra batteries for the camera, and water bottle.
  • Before taking off, check climatic conditions. It’s your decision whether to continue with the movement if the climate is excessively hot or excessively cold. 
  • It was priorly advisable for all the participants to do a health check-up before they leave for the tour. 
  • Wear comfortable garments. Think about Photowalk as an open-air experience – so you should dress properly. Your shoes should be comfortable and solid. Wear sunglasses if the sun is high. 
  • A Photowalk will carry you closer to nature. It will likewise allow you to find scenes, discover a ton of interesting things you’ve never taken note of. In this manner, it is critical to accept wide shots as well as to take a couple of close-ups. 
  • Don’t carry any valuables and stay safe from pickpockets. The picture below will give you a fine idea regarding safety.
  • Taking photographs during a Photowalk is as arbitrary as it very well maybe. Along these lines, you ought to consistently keep your camera on so that the moment you see an interesting subject or action, you can capture it. 
  • Pay heed to your environmental factors; don’t focus all your attention on your camera. Glance around; take a gander at the movement around you. Inundate yourself in what’s going on around you. And try not to become mixed up in your viewfinder. To take great photographs, you must have a comprehension of the subjects you are attempting to click. 
  • In conclusion, uncover information about the standards and laws of where you will do your Photowalk. See whether there are rules or laws regarding the zones you can take photographs of.

Glimpses of The Photowalk

This city has mesmerized the world with its transformation, from feudal backgrounds to Modernity, with its rich, glorious past, which is the perfect contrast between Occident and the Orient. To cherish the history and evolution of Delhi let’s take a look at the lovely glimpses taken by the photographers who attended the Photowalk.

“The winning Shot”- Image courtesy- Eshan Goyal

“Second position- Who’s ready for a cup of tea?”- Image courtesy- Kashif Clicks

“Third position- Life is a Struggle just like handling this dough!”- Image courtesy- Nitin Kumar

“Just Everyday Life”- Image courtesy- Yasser Mubarak

“A Glimpse from the Photowalk”

“You actually need wings to capture some amazing shots”

“Street Photography”- Image courtesy- Ankush Tyagi

“Distribution of Goodies, Chiiz magazines, drinks, and pamphlets”

“The Final Destination”- Image courtesy- Aliasgar Bharmal


Chiiz hosted this fantastic Photo Walk with a bunch of talented photographers along with a lot of memories and mesmerizing photographs. Some photographers clicked breathtaking photographs, bagged the rewards and gift hampers and some have lifetime memories of moments they live by heart. Some enjoy the moment by the camera, and some feel it in their heart. The Chiiz will be organizing these Photowalks regularly to let the audience understand our culture and belief system. You can have a look at for upcoming events.

“The Chiiz Team at Jama Masjid, Delhi”

If you are new to photography, master it by attending various live online workshops regularly by us on our Events Website. Also, head to our Blog for more such tips and tricks about photography. You can subscribe to our digital magazine through Magzter or Issuu to delve into more organized and well-furnished photography content. And if you think you have learned a lot and you want to give it a check, then, proceed to our Contests content, participate there and win astounding prizes.

In conclusion, do share this Blog among your Photographer peers, Social media sites, groups, acquaintances, and most importantly, with the people who are struck with nostalgia after hearing Chhath Puja!. Comment below to read your favorite photography-related topics at Chiiz. Do give any suggestions for more pet photography ideas. And Yes! Don’t forget to provide the most important thing on which an artist proceeds- Your Valuable Feedback.

About the Author:

Sudeshna Dutta is currently pursuing her B.Tech in Electronics from KIIT University and believes that “A calm and composed mind brings more happiness than the pursuit of success coupled with constant restlessness.” Apart from dealing with circuits and chips, she is passionate about playing the keyboard and wants to attain professionalism in it with her talent coupled with hard work. Above all, she prefers the music of all tastes and genres with the belief that “Every piece of music has emanated from God.”
Instagram @Sudeshna Dutta

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