Slow Motion (also called as slow-mo or slo-mo) is an effect in film making whereby time appears to retard or diminish. It was invented by Austrian priest August Musger in the early 20th century. Typically, this style is accomplished when each film frame is captured at a rate much faster than it will be played back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly. The effect of slow-motion is produced upon projection. This technique makes it easier for the viewer to distinguish the phases of the phenomenon and processes observed on the screen. 

Slow Motion photography usually perpetrated with professional or amateur motion; picture equipment with an expanding rate of filming speeds. Previously, the effect had only been applied more in films, commercials, and televisions; but with major advancements in phone technology, one can easily shoot slow motion with their smartphones. In a nutshell, a Slow-mo camera is basically a camera that shoots images of an object, much faster than they will be played back. Slow Motion is ubiquitous in modern film making. It is used by a diverse range of directors to achieve manifold effects. Slow-motion can also be used for artistic effects to create a romantic or thriller aura or to emphasize strain in a moment. 


Slow-motion photography was invented by August Musger in the early 20th century. The first-ever slow-mo photograph was a horse galloping in 1878. This was a precursor to film, but it wasn’t a motion picture. Film history these days is spotty because it was a medium in its infancy and it wasn’t regarded as art, so speaking about who was the first to use slow motion in a film is a difficult task.

Eadweard Muybridge, Sequence of a Horse Jumping 


As our concern, everything happens at a set time and henceforth nowadays photography is considered as an art form as rational as any other art. There are even multiple museums and galleries exhibiting photographic work.

However, when photography was first invented; photographers were at one’s wit’s end and were facing hard times as being considered artists. Slow photography is a term describing a tendency in contemporary photography and arts.


There are 2 ways within which flicks are often achieved in trendy motion-picture photography. Each involves a camera and a projector. A projector refers to a classical projector in a very cinema, however identical basic rules apply to a tv screen and the other device that displays consecutive pictures at a continuing frame rate


Overcranking makes footage look sander additionally to slower, thus it tends to present the topic an additional dramatic, epic, or large feel. In visual effects, normal-size explosions are typically shot at higher frame-rates so they will be added to massive effects shots at the quality speed and provide the sensation of a far larger explosion. 

For beauty shots with lots of movement, like aerials, a pleasant over-cranked shot can add a peaceful or epic ambiance. There’s additionally the classic use of over-cranking merely to bog downtime in a very short way so as to convey importance, add suspense, offer time for the audience to examine the frame, or mirror a character’s condition. Well, for over-cranking you’ll want a camera capable of shooting at a frame rate over your master frame rate. 

If you’re mastering at twenty-four FPS and have a camera capable of up to a hundred and twenty FPS you may select thirty FPS for a really slight result to swish things out, forty-eight FPS for half-speed, sixty FPS for a reasonably common slow-motion feel, ninety FPS for a really slow feel, or a hundred and twenty FPS for a super-slow-motion look. 

Shooting in 240 FPS and on the far side is taken into account extreme slow-motion and is a smaller amount common, however, it will yield some really outstanding representational process with the proper subject.

    “Over Cranking”- Photo Courtesy- Wikipedia



The second sort of motion picture is achieved throughout post-production. This is often called a time-stretching or digital motion picture. This kind of motion picture is achieved by inserting new frames in-between frames that have really been photographed. 

The result is analogous to over-cranking because the actual motion happens over an extended time. Since the required frames were never photographed, new frames should be invented. typically the new frames square measure merely repeats of the preceding frames, however, they’re created by interpolating between frames typically. (Often this motion interpolation is, effectively, a brief dissolve between still frames).

Several sophisticated algorithms exist which will track motion between frames and generate intermediate frames inside that scene. it’s the same as half-speed and isn’t true slow-motion, however, simply longer shows every frame.


 “Time Stretching”- Photo Courtesy-Wikipedia



There are two methods of storing slow-motion videos or high frame rate videos into the video file


The real-time methodology treats the video as a standard video while encrypting it. The output video file contains a similar frame rate just like the image sensing element output framerate. The period of the video within the computer file additionally matches the real-life recording period. Output video also contains associate degree audio track, like usual videos.

This technique is employed by all GoPro cameras, Sony RX10/RX100 series cameras (except within the time-limited “super-slow-motion” High Frame Rate (HFR) mode), Apple iPhones with the high frame rate (slow motion) video practicality (starting with the iPhone 5s in late 2013), and each Samsung Galaxy flagship phone since 2015 (Galaxy S6) for videos with 120fps or higher.

Every video camera that’s ready to record at 60fps (e.g. Asus PadFone, a pair of Samsung Mobile starting at the Galaxy Note three (late 2013) with 1080p at 60fps, tagged, recorded its exploitation of the period of time technique.


The menial methodology saves recorded video files in an immensely stretched means, and additionally while no audio track. The frame rate within the computer file doesn’t match the initial detector output frame rate, however, the former is lower.

The real-life timespan of the recording (while holding the camera) doesn’t match the length of the video within the computer file, however, the latter is longer. The alternative is that the case for time-lapse videos, wherever the effectively saved frame rate is not for traditional videos. This means that the action visible within the video runs at slower speeds than in reality, despite the indicated playback speed of ×1. 

This encryption methodology is employed by the camera package of the subsequent devices. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000, Samsung Omnia a pair of GT-i8000, Sony FDR-AX100, Sony RX100 IV, V, VI, and VII: High Frame Rate (HFR) mode records at 240 Federal Protective Service up to one,000 Federal Protective Service for 3-7 seconds. 

This is often saved at twenty-four – sixty Federal Protective Service, i.e. from 1/4x all the way down to 1/40x speed. All Samsung Galaxy flagship devices ranging from late 2012 to 2014, 2012 Galaxy Note Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note three 2014 Galaxy S5, Galaxy K Zoom, Note four OnePlus flagship devices.



In the movies, slow motion is used to bring the attention of the viewers towards the scene (especially of fighting). It is used in industries to capture fast scenes to make it visible to the naked eyes of the viewers. It gives a wow effect to the eyes. This video will show how film industries use slow motion.


In many advertisements, slow motion is used to advertise their products. It is also used by wildlife photographers. The documentary also relies on slow-motion photography. For example fights between animals, for the movement of animal producers have to use the slo-mo effect to capture all such things more clearly. Movements of animals in slow motions are captured in this video.


Almost all outdoor sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, etc. are using slow-motion effects for making flawless decisions at international levels. 


Today in the generation of smartphones that are capable of doing anything, one more feature that is slow-mo effect is added by the companies which are used differently by different people like capturing the rainfall, archery, swimming, etc.


Slow-motion is used by a large factor in the scientific and technological fields. For example to study the details of nuclear explosions.

“Atomic Explosion” – Photo Courtesy –Atomic Heritage Foundation



Sometimes slow motion can be created with post-production software, using a technique where extra frames are interpolated in-between normal frames allowing slower playback at standard frame rates. However, just as enlarging a photo doesn’t create additional detail, slow-motion interpolation doesn’t reveal additional high-speed behavior. 

These techniques are primarily targeted at masking stuttered motion, and ultimately don’t increase temporal resolution. They also require faster shutter speeds and predictable motion for the complete effect.


It’s a bit ironic that a high-speed camera is needed to make slow-motion videos. Take a look at a budget-friendly digital video camera suited for slo-mo photography that won’t break your bank! Here is the list of top cameras which you can use for slow-motion photography:-


Though slow motion is effective in many cases, it is not good enough for every type of shoot. For some shots, you don’t perceive a difference when it slows down. For others, it’s just pointless.

So here are some tips:-


If nothing is moving in your scene, nobody will even notice that the shots are slowed down. Good subjects are things like sports, splashing of liquid, destruction, deaths, and explosions. If there‘s no real movement, slowing down will hardly make a difference. 


A lot of folks out there are using slo-mo photos just because they can and not because it adds to their story. It is very useful and effective hence it should always be used wisely. You can use slo-mo as a surprise element in your videography. 


In a movie, slo-mo is often used to show the death of important key characters to impact to the scene

Harry Potter And Half-Blood Prince (2009) – Photo Courtesy- Diy Photography



Slowing down stunts and explosions in action movies make them feel more intense. It’s a technique that is commonly used to make small fire and explosions scenes like huge raging scenes.

“Bad Boys II” – Photo Courtesy DiyPhotography



One example of a startup creating stunning visual effects as a big part of its overall marketing strategy is from Virtuoso – this company is exploding in a niche market known as cardistry and the practitioners are “cardists.” If your idea of shuffling is a Las Vegas card dealer, then watch this video to level up your knowledge. The founders are known as the “Virts” and their card artistry is unparalleled. Every year the company creates a new card deck and to introduce it, they produce a special video.

Their latest video, RISE, was filmed with a Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera mounted to a cinematic robot arm, Bolt. It was an extremely challenging project because every single camera movement, angle, and the focal point had to be pre-programmed, and they had to synchronize their movements to the arm perfectly for every shot. It sounds like there is a bit more to “epic” video than meets the screen.

If you are looking for a new way to create and share content, slow motion can be a powerful way to tell your story and engage your audience. No doubt, it is eye-catching and can highlight how cool or efficient your product or service is.


  • Rent studio time where one of these specialized cameras like Phantom Flex4K is already set up. Check out Motorized Precision based in Portland, Oregon. These guys invented the innovative a high-speed camera is known as KIRA and built a 5,000 square foot studio you can rent.
  • Rent the rig and camera. is an online service that gives a variety of seriously high-end cameras on rent.


              Frequency – 1 video per week

              Youtuber – ‘Gav and Dan’

             Frequency – 3 videos per month

            Frequency – 2 videos per year

            Youtuber – ‘Darren Dyk’

            Frequency – 3 videos per year

             Frequency – 1 video per month

             Youtuber – ‘The Frenchies’




Wondershare Filmora can be used by users according to their needs. It has a variety of functions used for editing videos like slowing down, speeding up, snipping or cropping the videos, and some other advanced features like green screen faceoff and PIP. We can add the slow-motion effect in the videos through this software in two ways

  • The fastest way of adding the slow-motion effect to video is just to select the target clip in the timeline, click the Speed icon in the toolbar, and choose the aimed slow speed presets from 0.5X, 0.25X, 0.1X, 0.05X and 0.01X. The video speed is slow down as the preset becomes smaller.
  • The second way of applying the slow-motion effect is you can also right-click the video in the timeline, select Speed and Duration option from the menu, and then change the speed through the speed slider or the duration period in the Custom Speed window. This video editing app doesn’t cost any penny for its trial version.



Twixtor is one of the most used and most popular video editing applications in the market. It has some features which continuously raise the standard of video editing. Though it is a little bit expensive it ranges from $82.49 for the upgrades to $595.00 for the full version.                         


Slomovideo is an OSP(open source program), which means that it is free. A negative prospect of this software is that it seems slower than other software and applications. However, if you are not ready to spend hundreds of bucks to produce a crisp and smooth slow-motion video with expensive software, then this free video editing software is for you. Additionally, the user interface of this application is not up to the mark and it can disappoint some people who want to use this software.


Motion Perfect allows the speed and frame rate to be set and the duration of the files to be changed. It uses interpolation and morphing algorithms in the place of repeating or blending contiguous frames. The price you have to pay for this software is $49.95.



The feature Optical Flow within Apple Motion was once unknown to other developers but now many users attest to its quality. If you have Apple Final Cut Studio already, then, FCS users can use Apple Motion for free. But if you want to buy separately it costs $52.96.


We can produce high quality slow and fast motion videos through this video editing software by using the retiming effects of Optical Flow along with the automatic keyframe generation of the Beat Reactor. You have to spend $199 to use this software.


Respeedr is also an open-source video editing application. It is the only application that makes use of a frame-based motion-flow analysis, which means that it uses dynamic frame-blending. This video editing software has many time-lapse and slow-motion tools that makes the transition smooth & crisp the quality of the video. Furthermore, its graphical user interface is very easy to understand. The price of this application is $99.


It works as a post-processing tool with a very different type of tools available, Adobe After Effects can successfully create slow-motion videos. It will cost you $29.99/month when bundled in the creative cloud plan.


It is a frameserver, this application allows the editing and processing without the need for temporary files. Also, this tool depends on a script system instead of a graphical user interface. Operating this can seem challenging at first but it is very powerful. It is free of cost for use.



For either fast or slow-motion sequences, TimeWarp offered by Sony can be used. One can direct input in numerical form or manage with slider controls. This application will cost $9.94


Photography is a vast field and it has a wide range of options, slow-motion photography is one of its parts. Slow-motion is about your analytical thinking being at work. You cannot use slow-motion effects everywhere, keep it like a surprise weapon and when you needed most then use it. It plays an important part in professional video shooting. 

The crux of this article is to give little cognizance about the “Slow Motion Photography”. Now that you have read the blog I hope this helps you to understand the insights of slow-motion photography. Your comments will definitely excite us. 

Hope you have found the article interesting and helpful. Check out some more amazing blogs on Your feedback is valuable to us. So, don’t forget to share it with us. 

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