Sports Photography is one of the many genres of photography that requires a lot of discipline and patience to get that one perfect capture. Chiiz had organized the Sports Photography Contest and had even published the best images in the Chiiz Magazine: Vol. 18: Sports Photography Special. The Photography Contest was open even after the publication of the magazine with the aim to provide a platform to sports photographers from around the globe to enter the contest. Our Judge, Russel Ord, had a hard time evaluating the images on various parameters. Here are the winners and the top 10 images:

Winner: Anupam Roy Chowdhury

Chiiz Sports Photography Winner


1st Runner-up: Appasaheb Chaogule

Chiiz Sports Photography: 2nd position

2nd Runner-up: Md Rafayat Haque Khan

Chiiz Sports Photography Contest 3rd place

4th Position: Sadiqur Rahman

Chiiz Sports Photography Contest 4th

5th Position: Sandi BertonceljChiiz 5


6th Position: Giovanni Volpe


7th Position: Camilo Diaz


8th Position: Sarasij Dasgupta


9th Position: Zaheer Abbas


10th Position: Swe Tun

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If you missed out on participating in Chiiz Sports Photography Contest, there are more photography contests running on Participate now and win amazing prizes along with a chance to get published in Chiiz Magazine!


To see more of Sports Photography, go to

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