Street Photography portrays the human condition in public locations but it does not have to be literally on street always but is often urban environment also. The goal is to preserve history by capturing a moment. It can be candid or posed.  Sometimes it can be called a street portrait. Now a day perhaps the most popular genre in the segments of photography is Street Photography. Street photography isn’t easy. It’s a fast moving world out there and it takes a lot of practice to be able to capture it well.

street photography

Picture By: Shubhadip Biswas

Where to start Street Photography?

Make your camera a part of YOU! Never go anywhere without the camera. You never know what situation is waiting for you so slow down and shoot.

Keep your hesitation aside!

Just take the photo, don’t think too much. Stop looking at peoples who are making you uncomfortable, focus on the shot.

Keys to success

Practice makes it Perfect! Over the time and with practice your photography will improve. You’ll not only get better at technique but also spotting the things to focus upon on the street.

Light is your best friend and your worst enemy. Try to avoid shooting into the sun and the shadows that direct sunlight can produce but in street photography breaking these ‘rules’ can lead to great shots. Try to use the sunlight and learn how to create great images in against sunlight.

street photography

Picture By: Pinkesh Bhati

Have an attitude that impresses, not depresses!

  • Talk to strangers

It is really very important that how you connect with your subjects to bring out their true self. The most important part about photographing a person is winning their trust and confidence. Being able to come up or down to one’s level to ensure a strong communication is what it takes to honestly connect with a person.

  • Perfect Moment

You are never sure of the perfect moment because you’re always looking and anticipating. You are never quite sure when the moment is right because it can either peak or disappear. So it’s your intuitive and reflexive to guess for the perfect moment!

  • Smile often

By giving a simple smile you can gain the trust of your subjects. So while taking a shot, smile and make yourself and others comfortable.

  • Ask for permission

Yes, ask permission when you are not shooting candid. Most of the time this trick helps.

street photography

Picture By: Aradhika Bhattacharya

  • Be respectful

If you are respectful to your subject then you’ll get some respectful shots as well.

  • Always say “Thank you”

Always say thank you after you finish your shoot.

  • Carry Minimum

Try to carry minimum types of equipment while you are shooting.

A good street photographer needs to remember:

1: Stop comparing yourself to other photographers

Photography is an art and you are the creator of your particular art. You have to create your own identity through this art and that will be your own signature. Develop a style on your own and fill a niche that sets you apart from the rest, which is really important, this is your main goal.

2: Do not delete your photos randomly

Do not delete your photos randomly, keep them for some time and see them again and again. Even after one year, you might find them interesting than today. Do not delete your images just because it is not sharp enough or just does not meet the rules.

3: Spend more time on shooting than social media

Shoot as much as possible. Networking is good but invests time for good effort. Read the interview, see other photographers work, build your circles but don’t always sit in front of social networks.  

street photography

Picture By: Sudipta Das

4: Study one photographer’s work every day

Try to practice it at home. Select any photographer’s works that inspire you and spend your time knowing about his advice, tips, and photographs online.

Have a look at this as well: 

5: Believe in your dreams

No matter how much difficulties you face, believe that you will overcome everything and will be able to achieve your dreams. Remember that Photography is not a competition or it is not even a rank to fight for. Make photography your friend. You will see one day this photography will never let you feel alone just will become your best friend!


6: Show your best shot

Remember when it comes to street photography, not each one of your shots is going to be good. You are going to take a lot of crappy photos in order to make the good ones. Show only your best shot, not the average one. During the course of time, you have to learn how to choose your best shot. This is a very important part which you have to learn on your own. You must share your shots with other photographers also and discuss their opinions as well.

street photography

Picture By: Vibhansh Saini

It’s not difficult to find a street, so grab on your camera, look at the petite things around and start shooting the peculiar commodities hidden in those streets.


Written By: Nishtha Goel


    “Youngest explorer of the team, an amateur writer with bubbling optimism, Nishtha’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious. A bibliophile at heart, she loves to travel miles and connect to different people, in imagination as well as in reality.”

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