Smartphone Photography Workshop by Shweta Malhotra

As photographers, we are always capturing moments we encounter in our everyday loves, particularly through the lenses of our cameras.  With the rise of apps like Instagram, we see that everyone loves to document their lives on the go. That’s where our smartphones come in super handy.  We use our smartphone cameras almost daily, capturing travel moments we ordinarily wouldn’t…

Frame the Fair Photography Fair: Pushkar 2019

Every year, in the wintry months of October-November, Pushkar hosts the largest gathering of not just the cattle-rearing tribals, but also of the photographers- old and new, professional and amateurs. The annual Pushkar Fair is one vibrant affair in the otherwise dreary desert town of Pushkar. Photo by: Darshan Negi   The beautiful lake of Pushkar is located in a…

Five Gripping Photography Magazines which will take you to the World of Photography

Photography is the depiction of the world around in a thousand forms. It comes down to one word: vision. Photography magazines are the best depiction of that vision. Call it vision or imagination, it is the ability to envision a final result in your mind, and then to create it with your tools at hand. Photographers often take much longer,…

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