Smartphone Photography Workshop by Shweta Malhotra

As photographers, we are always capturing moments we encounter in our everyday loves, particularly through the lenses of our cameras.  With the rise of apps like Instagram, we see that everyone loves to document their lives on the go. That’s where our smartphones come in super handy.  We use our smartphone cameras almost daily, capturing travel moments we ordinarily wouldn’t…

Astrophotography Workshop- Sky Photo Trip

Humankind has always been curious about the mysteries of the Universe and of what lies beyond. The need to see and capture the night sky with its resplendent elements has given rise to astrophotography.  Chiiz hosted an astrophotography workshop in the quaint hills of Majkhali. This astrophotography workshop called ‘Sky Photo Trip’ was exactly that- a trip to the night…

Sure-Shot Ways to Perfect the Exposure Triangle

Beginners in photography might have heard the term ‘exposure triangle’ more times than they can count and rightly so. While it may sound like a complex mathematical formula, it is much easier and simpler to work with. It is a concept that most photographers struggle with. However, photographers who have mastered the exposure triangle find half of their work done…

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