Astrophotography Workshop- Sky Photo Trip

Humankind has always been curious about the mysteries of the Universe and of what lies beyond. The need to see and capture the night sky with its resplendent elements has given rise to astrophotography.  Chiiz hosted an astrophotography workshop in the quaint hills of Majkhali. This astrophotography workshop called ‘Sky Photo Trip’ was exactly that- a trip to the night…

Photographing Star Trails: Part 3

Method of Star Trail Photography Star trails are mesmerising. It is as if the spirals made of bright stars are trapping people’s eyes. You’re showing something remarkable to the world. Something that’s happening out there, in the universe, but no one can see with the naked eye: In your endeavour to shoot star trails, you are on a beautiful location,…

Photographing Star Trails: Part 2

The first part of the series ‘Photographing Star Trails’ dealt with an introduction and prerequisites of star trail photography. While the star trails photography looks amazingly easy to capture, there is a lot of planning that goes behind creating those stunning images that make everyone go “Wow!”. The travails and travels of star trail photos A surprisingly satisfying amount of…

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