Earlier this year, a prestigious business management centre in India conducted an independent market research on ‘Emerging Trends in Adventure Tourism Industry in India’, among the key findings Treks ‘n Rapids was adjudged India’s Number One Adventure Holidays Company. Treks ‘n Rapids was also voted as the Most Trusted Adventure Tourism and Experiential Learning Brand in India, with the highest brand recall. The other key findings of the research were that White Water Rafting came out as the most preferred adventure sport followed by Rock Climbing.

The research was conducted by a team at International Management Institute, New Delhi on a sample base of 357 respondents in the age group of 22 – 28 years, comprising of graduate and postgraduate youth from across India. Various other leading adventure tourism and leisure holiday companies from across India were covered while conducting this market research.

Treks ‘n Rapids, founded by the alumni of Harvard Business School and Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS, Mumbai) in 2002 is India’s first 360 degree adventure sports and active holiday brand. The company has been voted Number One Adventure Tourism Company in India on 9 occasions, since its inception, in separate independent market researches conducted by institutions of high repute and credibility. It is also the only Indian brand in the tourism industry to be showcased as a case study in business management by the Harvard Business Review publication.

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The company provides virtually every imaginable service and product related to adventure travel including river rafting on all major rivers of India, trekking expeditions across the Himalayas and Sahyadris, wildlife safaris and birding, aero sports, camping at various exotic locations in India, scuba diving courses, adventure camps for school children, corporate experiential learning programs, astrophotography and bird photography workshops, and an extensive range of international adventure gear. Treks ‘n Rapids operates from New Delhi, Rishikesh and Mumbai in India with plans to expand to other cities.


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